Shea's company is trying to push for a contract extension for the crafts. Basically it boils down to $1000 bonus if the extension is accepted, two $0.55 raises and no raising health care over the next two years. While this is not great for the long run it's good in the short term. Shea beleives that it will get pushed through because of the lack of foresight. While we won't mind the extra cash and the steady premium for our health care, I hope that a dollar ten pay increase over the next two years will let us survive. They vote on the first to pass it through or not. So we wait on that.

Now that I'm posting this I'm sure to jinx it, but Shea said he wasn't going to tell me about the contract extension. (I read it online before he told me lol.) But he said he was thinking about getting a puppy for me with that money. So now I've pretty much jinxed it I'm sure, but I hope we can get a puppy soon. I've a little bit of research to do on the where we get the puppy from but that shouldn't take too long, we've a pretty good idea just need to check on the process and all that.

We are thinking of it as a family Christmas present for me and the girls. I know Kathleen will absolutely love a puppy. Maybe they'll stop being the puppies and let the puppy be a puppy and play with it. I think they will both enjoy it to death.

The girls are at their Mam and Pawpaw's. I get a night to myself. And what did I do with it? I cleaned. The kitchen and their toy room. We will be fogging the house again tomorrow so their room had to be picked up so the toys don't get all yucky from the fogger. While the bug problem is less, it's still here so we figure another go at it won't hurt any. So we fog on Thanksgiving.

So I hope that I don't jinx the puppy but hopefully things will all go well.

Well our Turkey Dinner went over well, not as well as it could have. My turkey wasn't completely thawed out so I had to do the water method before throwing it in the oven. I couldn't find the potato peeler so my mashed potatoes had the skins in there too. I food process them so it's not such a big deal just something I don't care for.

The girls must not have been hungry cause they didn't touch their corn. I bought six ears just for them.

The yeast rolls were eh. They were edible, but they were flat, more like biscuits. They rose nicely the first time, maybe it's cause I spaced them too far apart they rose out instead of up, dunno. It was also kinda damp outside so I'm sure that didn't help. A do again but have to see about doing something different.

The pecan pie on the other hand was a major hit! The only thing Shea said could be better was the nuts a little softer, not sure what I can do about that but he loves it so it's all good. Nothing to change, I can make one more pie with the stuff I bought, so we'll try again to make sure it's "perfection" lol.

I was reading the article, Understanding your brain for better design - Left vs Right. I read the descriptions in order, right brain, and felt yep, that's me. Then I read the left and was confused, yep that's me too.

I took the first quiz in the article and scored 50%. I took the second quiz and I scored 51% left, 49% right. So does that 1% mean something? I have no clue.

But I guess that they both fit in their own ways. I don't like verbal instruction, though it's very helpful. When in college I never looked at my notes again, but if I didn't take them I didn't remember what was in the lecture. The physical act of writing it down helped. I find it very difficult for me to pick up completely new things and new concepts with out some sort of instruction and the doing afterwards. Reading a book with out assignments really doesn't work for me. I need hands on or I won't remember it. That's probably why I do so well with my web projects, I continually have hands on time with them.

I also consider myself a programmer more than a designer. I see the code but I know what it's suppose to look like. I do mostly design work, but I'm always thinking how will I code this. I can code a page with out first doing it in photoshop if I've a general idea of how I want to do the layout, however graphics are my down side I am continually trying to improve that aspect. I work on whatever graphics I can and try to insure I learn new techniques all the time.

I don't know if any of this makes me left or right brained, I'm not sure how it can help me really. But it was interesting. I learn as I know what works best for me. I design and code how it works best for me. I know no other way.

I've got most of the new theme up and running and I'm thinking about making it publically available with some theme options, but that's not priority. I'll deal with that a bit later I've some learning to do in the back end,it should be fun.

I still have some tweaking to do on the New Theme but here is a static preview of it. It has to be converted to wordpress. It requires javascript to function fully but at this time I think it's pretty well functioning with out javascript.

Always welcome with comments.

I have switched my feed to feedburner. You shouldn't have seen any difference. Hopefully all current subscribers aren't having any issues.

Way back when I first joined Dragonmount I created a character belovedly named Matalina. Today marks the end of an era, she is dead. Matalina has been through so many transitions and so many different things I figured now was a good time to end it, she would never have made it to Tarmon Gaidon anyway, I never intended her to.

I have archived the end of my favorite character in a massive novel size document: Murder in the Yards. The story takes Matalina, now Cari Namere back to Tar Valon and saves her family with the ultimate sacrifice. I did not write this alone, there was many many many participants and I'd like to thank all of them for participating in this rp, it was awesome even though it was VERY long.

Fall is such a nice time of year. It's the beginning of so many things to do. First we had the Craft Fair, which we usually only go for the kettle corn, shaved ice and the inflatable bouncers for the girls. Shea picks up a new rock here and there and we might see something that the girls like, but as with most things it the food we go for.

Then it's the County Fair. This year was fun. We age some really good gumbo and then the girls went on the rides. First up was the bumblee bees that go up and down and round and round. Kathleen rode those. Then on to the ferris wheel. Kathleen rode with her Daddy. She loved it. She could see everything and tried to stand up and look over the side. I'm glad I wasn't watching.

Then we went to the merry-go-round where Daddy rode with the girls, both girls got on and Samantha didn't even scream. That was her start to the rides. We then rode the slide, Kathleen went down by herself and Samantha and I went down together. Kathleen had to scoot the rest of the way down the slide she just didn't get far enough on the flat part for her liking. Then they rode the little trucks that go round in circle. I was impressed this year, Sammi actually rode the rides.

Next on our fall activities is of course Halloween. I really hope it doesn't rain tonight as tonight is the city's Trunk or Treat. The kids get to go trick or treating on del mas (I think that's the roads name). They block it off and people set up cars and booths and the kids trick or treat from there. Quick and easy and safe way to get candy.

Tomorrow we will do some house to house, mostly going up to Mam and Pawpaw's house and maybe a few other houses in the area that want to see the girls.

After that is Thanksgiving, the Wilkerson Family Christmas and then Christmas. Fall is the start to my favorite and depressing time of year. I very much miss being home at this time of the year. But it gets better the older the girls get and the more things I can do with them. This year I hope to have them help make Christmas decoration, as I am once again going with paper decorations so that I don't lose or ruin the ones I have, besides if the girls play with them it won't be so bad. Paper chains, maybe some snowmen, and some poinsettias and some candy canes. If I get ambitious I might try to find a craft book for that. I know I had one from one of my Sister In Laws when she was giving her son's old grown out of toys away. I put it up so the girls couldn't get it and I know they found it. Now to find it again lol. It had some neat crafts in it.

Last night I made the mistake of watching Marley and Me. Excellent movie, but not something I really needed to watch, at least not this time in my life lol. I spend the last half of the movie trying to keep the girls from seeing me crying. Thankfully they were watching Monsters vs Aliens in their bedroom most of that time.

I did come to a realization of whey losing Diamond is so difficult for me though, I didn't get to say good bye. I didn't get to tell her I love her. Shea said it would have torn me up, but I'm not sure this is any better. I miss my puppy. The only other dog's passing that hit me this hard was when Gypsy left us. I was 14 years old and I literally grew up with her from the time my parents brought me home from the hosiptal till then. She was a puppy when I was a baby. It was difficult for me.

I miss all our other dogs, but these two are the hardest ones.

I want another dog just not sure when we will get one. We have alot of research and alot of money we have to save up just to get a puppy. Right now we have alot of bills to get through so it's not top of the list. So many things to do before that.

I started calling on Monday and I played the waiting game until around 5pm. The doctor took a look and the report was normal. So that looks good, but it still doesn't resolve the fact that I'm still in pain.

So in a few weeks I hope to make an appointment with my normal doctor and explain things to him and see where it goes. It still bothers me, and I'm still taking aleve, but at least it's not anything serious yet.

I'm still waiting. I called the doctor around 9:30ish this morning. Got the typical response, name, birtdate, doctor. We'll call you back.

1:00ish I called again and got the doctor's been in and out and probably hasn't taken a look yet. So, we wait. I worry that I'm taking too much Aleve because the pain gets to be too much particularly at bed time.

I will have to call again to morrow I doubt I'm gonna get a call with in the next hour or so. This is what happened last time I had a test I needed to get results. I called and called and called and took a week or more to get a call back. I just want to know what's going on.

I love Wordpress. I like Mediawiki but it has it's downsides, most importantly is the update process. Because I don't have command line access to my server updating mediawiki is a royal pain in the butt. Basically it requires me to reinstall the wiki through the install process and then return the localsettings back to the way there were before hand. While not overly complicated it does make updating mediawiki more complicated than I like. It also provides one very big draw back for me, transferring sites must be done via a database dump and that doesn't always work so well for me when I have to reupload the sql dump. Not something that isn't a problem with other softwares but putting things into retrospec Wordpress makes it so much easier.

But Wordpress doesn't make for a good wiki by itself. Linking pages is annoying as you have to type in the url code, and if a page doesn't exist it'll just go no where. In comes the plugins. Such an awesome thing is the invention of plugins. I can modify my wordpress to make the wiki links in one easy step similar to mediawiki thanks to Wiki Page Links. I also found a plugin for foot notes (FD Footnotes) that doesn't interfer with the wiki pages.

With these two plugins I can now make wordpress a decent wiki like documentation system. The one thing that I like about mediawiki that I've yet to get on wordpress is the table of contents jumps for pages. But that really isn't something that is overly important as I can do that in code anyway. But right now I've got a good start to making my world building project public in wordpress. yay!

Well ultra sound didn't prompt the ultrasound tech to go get the doctor immediately or anything like that. That's a upside, but now I play the waiting game. No news on what's going on, why it hurts. Hopefully I'll get a report sooner rather than later and not have to wait for the dr appt in 3 weeks or so. Here's to hoping.

I think it finally clicked with Kathleen!

We still have accidents but for the past week, more often than not Kathleen goes in the potty no matter what. We still go through a ton of panties cause she tends to take then off each bathroom trip, but that's something we can work on later. It's just become habit AND she also tends to wait till the last minute and wets them a little bit. But we are doing wonderfully well with the potty and I'm so happy.

I would really like to give her a big reward for that, but what I want to do I don't want to think is all hers. I am really longing for a puppy. Not that it can't wait cause it's going to have to until we can afford to pay the bills for the beginning vet bills and the puppy fees and all. I'm thinking we'll probably get one around Christmas/Tax time, but we'll see.

We still have many conversations with Kathleen about Diamond. None seem to be overly sad. Yes, she misses her but its more along the lines of I miss Diamond, but she's up in the sky. We talk alot about the stars and Diamond. I know she'll have to deal with death sometime, someday, but at the tender of 3 I don't think is the proper time to do that.

Sammi hasn't cared one way or the other about Diamond. I don't think she really understood her not coming home, but she doesn't even mention her when she sees pictures, just says dog and barks lol. No name associated with her so I guess that's a good transition for her.

I've discussed a puppy with Kathleen and asked her if she wanted to help with the puppy, feed it and teach it to go potty outside and stuff, she seems to be for it, so we'll see. I feel for the puppy cause it's going to get overloved I'm sure.

I think we both agree that a black lab might be our next best bet, but we'll see.

I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday.

[Guys go away if you are squeamish]

It was a followup to an abnormal cell result on my last pap. I asked my doctor what so many abnormals mean and he said that it wasn't anything to worry about yet. If the abnormal cells haven't cleared up in a year (January was when the copoloscopy was done) then he'd have to freeze my cervix or something else of that nature, basically something surgical needed to be done at that point.

I won't have any results from that test for a while but while I was there I mentioned the pain in my left ovary area. He felt around and said he did feel something out of place. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday and a following about 3 weeks later. Hopefully we'll be able to go over both results then. I'm mildly concerned about the ovary problem. I'm always overly concerned about these things until I get the results. Hopefully I won't lose sleep over these things.

Whole Wheat Pizza dough


* 1 teaspoon white sugar
* 1 1/2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
* 1 tablespoon active dry yeast
* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 2 cups whole wheat flour
* 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

* add to recipe box Add to Recipe Box
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1. In a large bowl, dissolve sugar in warm water. Sprinkle yeast over the top, and let stand for about 10 minutes, until foamy.
2. Stir the olive oil and salt into the yeast mixture, then mix in the whole wheat flour and 1 cup of the all-purpose flour until dough starts to come together. Tip dough out onto a surface floured with the remaining all-purpose flour, and knead until all of the flour has been absorbed, and the ball of dough becomes smooth, about 10 minutes. Place dough in an oiled bowl, and turn to coat the surface. Cover loosely with a towel, and let stand in a warm place until doubled in size, about 1 hour.
3. When the dough is doubled, tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and divide into 2 pieces for 2 thin crust, or leave whole to make one thick crust. Form into a tight ball. Let rise for about 45 minutes, until doubled.
4. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Roll a ball of dough with a rolling pin until it will not stretch any further. Then, drape it over both of your fists, and gently pull the edges outward, while rotating the crust. When the circle has reached the desired size, place on a well oiled pizza pan. Top pizza with your favorite toppings, such as sauce, cheese, meats, or vegetables.
5. Bake for 16 to 20 minutes (depending on thickness) in the preheated oven, until the crust is crisp and golden at the edges, and cheese is melted on the top.

Blueberry Bran Muffins


* 1 1/2 cups wheat bran
* 1 cup nonfat milk
* 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
* 1 egg
* 2/3 cup brown sugar
* 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
* 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
* 1 teaspoon baking powder
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1 cup blueberries

* add to recipe box Add to Recipe Box
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What to Drink?
Hot Non-Alcoholic Coffee

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease muffin cups or use paper muffin liners. Mix together wheat bran and milk, and let stand for 10 minutes.
2. In a large bowl, mix together applesauce, egg, brown sugar, and vanilla. Beat in bran mixture. Sift together all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Stir into bran mixture until just blended. Fold in blueberries. Scoop into muffin cups.
3. Bake in preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until tops spring back when lightly tapped.

I'll let ya know how they turn out next week. I need to buy ingredients.

I've been working at a role playing site for many years (Dragonmount). I've had various different positions and various different jobs from it. But right now the biggest thing that it's missing is a role playing character database linked into their message boards.

Once upon a time Dragonmount had a message board system tailored to the idea of multiple characters. It was a custom built message board using asp. It got old quickly and the server we were on floundered under the load, so after many changes Dragonmount had some issues and abandoned the message boards.

Dragonmount doesn't have any different character logins and the chances of it happening again are pretty slim, as the format of Dragonmount has changed dramatically over the 11 years of its existence. But in the general vein that a character database linked into the message board system I've started working on a plugin for MyBB.

Unlike many of the other message board systems out there, MyBB has a plugin system. What this means in layman terms? Basically I can add function and features to the message board with out having to rewrite the core files. So you say? Well when you change core files you have to manually update when there is a patch to the system. And as all web software there is almost a gaurantee that there will be a patch you would have to do that to. With MyBB you don't have to worry about it. All the modifications are contained in new files and thus will not be overwritten unless the changes to the core files happen to add the exact same file name to the new system. So all in all I can make a pretty massive change to the message board system and not have to worry about losing or having to majorly work around them when there are security fixes and the like.

I love MyBB for this very reason. But back to the project.

Back in the day when there were different character logins at Dragonmount each post you made you had the choice to use which ever character you wanted. This is one of the main features of the plugin I am working on. In addition to this is the ability to create a character biography that is linked to the character. Thusly maintaining a character database.

This is a pretty massive project and I'm learning a lot about how to make a plugin for MyBB. Currently I have working on my local copy the Create a Character function and the Public Character Listing. There is still a massive amount of things to do. I'm currently working on trying to get the approval link on the Public Character Listing to only show up for those people who are in the right user groups. Not really an issue, just currently were I stopped before writing this post.

I could really make this an elaborate project, but this is a simplified version of my "perfect" play by post message board system. My way is not the "perfect" way for everyone it's just my vision of what I think is needed for a role playing game like this. Its not even a plugin yet, right now I'm just modifying the system manually, I'll make a plugin later after all the functions are working so I'm not troubleshooting the functionality with the plugin issues of setting up the files appropriately.

It's fun and I enjoy the time I spend on it. It's a good programming project for me and it helps me understand MyBB's underlying system.

It never ceases to amaze me the differences between the girls. I still get the "oh they look like twins" comments from strangers, when they clearly do not look like twins - Kathleen has brown hair and eyes and looks like me and Samantha has mouse brown hair and blue grey eyes and looks like her father. I know every kid is different and I'm not even talking development in this particular case, just their personalities.

Sammi is a social butterfly, when we are with people, particularly ones she knows she goes from one lap to the next with no problem. Kathleen is shy and really only goes from kid to kid, she tolerates adults but she isn't as big into them until she's been around them for a while, an hour or two at the minimum.

I sit and i watch the girls play. Kathleen likes to build things and create things, her biggest thing right now is making tents. She likes to figure out how things work, she never really put a person in a house or even rolled a car around on the floor until she saw her sister do it. Sammi on the on the other hand loves to sit and play with her toys. She'll take a handful of them and put them in their house, or drive the cars around the floor. There isn't any pushing of buttons just pure imagination. I really love how they play, they don't play together much, they are usually fighting, but Sammi almost always has to go whereever her sister is.

It's just really cool to watch them grow.

Kathleen is drawing pictures now, not just scribling on paper. She has drawn a bunny rabbit, some fish, people and her current favorite is drawing faces - happy, sad, doesn't matter just faces. She's really starting to draw real well. It started out with just circles for eyes, now the eyes have color in them but the whole circle isn't colored in, just like a real eyes.

Sammi has started to color a bit, which is really good considering she never really had any interest before we went to New York. She's also looking like she'll be a lefty. She eats with her left hand and I'm pretty sure she's favoring her left hand in most things, she definitely eats better with her left.

In the near future I will be putting up a new theme AND switching from the feed currently here to a feedburner feed. I just wanted everyone who subscribes to know that the feeds will be changing soon. I will let you know the day before I do it. I want to put it all in at one time instead of two separate things. So I still have to finish the theme.

Okay last night was a mixture of good and bad. Sure Samantha had fallen asleep yesterday afternoon on the floor of the bedroom with her sister bugging her on and off it wasn't that great of a sleep and I don't think it was really all that long, but I generally don't time naps if they take them. So Sammi had trouble going to sleep. She took about an hour or so to get to bed, and in that process Kitten got woke up, so I then had to deal with her on getting back to sleep.

I am not quite clear that if after Kathleen went to sleep that no one else woke me up. I know I got out of bed at least once, but that was my typical I have to go potty wake up call. I'm not sure they woke up until hear me now 4:15am. Now this isn't nearly as bad as the 2-3am ones I have been getting. I have to get up to make Shea's lunch at 4 anyway. But instead of them sleeping in their room Kitten came into mine saying she didn't feel well (which she's been saying all week long with no other evidence that she is - but stomach pains are hard to tell unless it's coming out either end and it's not). Anyway we started with Kathleen, Samantha, me and ended up Kathleen me, Samantha. As they both wanted to touch and snuggle with Mommy. Which I knew would be the case but Sammi insisted that she wanted to lay down in the middle at first.

And Sammi had trouble going back to sleep after that tossing the covers all over and me already missing one as I wasn't on my side of the bed I was already chilly it wasn't a fun morning to get back to sleep. But it's 8:30 and they are still sleeping mostly, I think my typing is waking them up. It's thursday it's not such a big deal if they don't sleep well tonight. We don't encourage naps during the weekend anymore than during the week, but it's less stressful on all of us when Daddy doesn't have to wake up at 4am.

Who needs sleep? I'm really amazed at how little good sleep I can live off of. When each of the girls were babies it was expected to be awake more than not. Kitten has always been a problem when it comes to sleep. Staying dry (in pullups) and the TV have curbed most of her waking nights. Granted she will still wake up and want milk and the DVD turned back on, but that's maybe once a night unless she's not feeling well or something.

Sammi use to sleep great, now not so much. Now that she learned how to open doors, and well before that too she's not doing so well. I don't know what changed with her, but she went from sleeping great to waking several times in the middle of the night for hours on end. My assumption is that her genetic disposition for insomnia kicked in late. Problem with Sammi is she won't stay in her room and watch tv. It's much better than it was when she slept alone now that her sister is with her, but now I also have to deal with one of them waking the other up, and that generally causes major headaches in the middle of the night.

Some nights she goes to bed well and others I spend a good 3 hours putting her to bed before she'll stay and then having to do the same thing again later in the night/early morning hours.

I'm running on empty. While they are doing slightly better the last few days I'm not sure if it's progress or if it's just a lull in their current pattern. I'm hoping it's progress but with Sammi you never know. She's pushing the Mommy buttons well though ... "kiss" "hug hug hug" and the best one thus far "love you". She's yet to say it to Shea but she's said it twice now once to me and once to Grandma and Grandpa. She's also pressing her luck with the 20 min wake up calls in the middle of the night.

So I struggle for a good night sleep and hope that I'll catch up again. It makes concentrating and working very difficult. Thankfully a good supply of Dr. Pepper is found in the fridge. Which is a whole nother thing I shouldn't be doing but priorities.

testing LJ cross posting. It didn't work with the last post, check LJ ppl check my blog to see the post

I can't say how much I miss being home when family gathering holiday's roll around. My day was uneventful, I didn't even plan to barbaque. Not that my grill would work if I wanted to anyway. I haven't grilled all summer long thanks to not having the money to refill the gas tank for the grill.

I'm having a hard time with missing Diamond. I try not to let the girls see how much it hurts. I'm not worrying about doing something wrong with her, I just miss her to death. Shea doesn't want another one yet. And I understand why. We can't afford a puppy right now anyway. To many added expenses.

I have suggested fish to him but he and I both agree that it's difficult finding a place with the girls in their I must get into everything stage. I suggested a cat. My initial thought was that it would be cheaper than a dog but they too need licensing and vet visits after the initial kitten stage. The biggest thing there though is it might help with the mice population in the winter time. Dunno how they do it but every winter we get little critters in our attic and house, at least since Katrina anyway I don't recall having them before then.

I'm not sure if we'll have a pet anytime soon. Maybe once at the beginning of next year after a tax refund comes in. I did get one bit of news from Shea that in March if they strike, he plans to go to work through the strike. That was awesome news as we really couldn't afford it other wise. And it'll leave our tax refund for things that are more important like getting me a new computer, hopefully Windows 7 will be available I really don't want to have to upgrade and/or get Vista at all lol, but we'll see. I'd love to get a MAC but don't think that will happen. Besides I couldn't play WoW on it, don't think WoW installs on the MAC, much less all my design software. We'll see.

OMG, I can't believe I've not posted about this yet. This is by far one of mine and Shea's most favoritist dishes of all time. (and yes I know that's not a word :P)

I was watching Ultimate Recipe Showdown and one of the winners did a similar pasta. Five cheeses bacon mac and cheese. You can get the TGIF modified version on their menu.

Here's the basic proceedure I use.

I boil my pasta as package directions indicate. I use Ziti, Penne or Elbow Macaroni. My kids prefer the latter, my husband one of the former, but all is good.

Cut about 3/4 lb to 1 lb of bacon into bite size bits and fry them in a pan until crispy. Be cafeful with your bacon selection, the wrong one can really ruin the meal. It must say smoked and really shouldn't be low sodium as we don't add any salt to anything other than the pasta water.

When the bacon is crispy take it out of the grease and drain, but don't drain the grease from the pan we need it! I generally use all of the renderings, but that's up to you if you want to and how much liquid you intend to use. I don't measure much these days so I can't tell you how much. A typical roux is 1T of fat, 1T of flour to 1 cup of liquid depending on your consistency you want more or less liquid.

Add flour to the bacon drippings. I generally use three small handfuls of flour. Cook the flour so it's cooked and gets rid of that flour taste. Stir in the milk and/or half and half. I typically use 2% milk but any other than skim should work fine. It's about 1 quart of liquid but again I don't actually measure when I'm doing it.

Add in about 2 cups of grated cheddar cheese into the milk bacon dripping mixture. Stir together until desired consistency.

Drain the pasta and pour the cheese sauce over it.

I generally grill chicken about 3 breasts and then cut it up into small bite size pieces, throw it into the pasta and sauce and add in the bacon, mix well and heat the rest through and blends together nicely.

While this is not a low fat meal it is AWESOME! It makes even better leftovers. And this is coming from someone who does not like leftovers.

We still have issues with Kathleen, but today I am trying Samantha. We had a fit cause I didn't put a diaper on her, so the panties came off. We are now running around naked. I only hope my timer will remind me to sit her down on the potty, we'll see how well things work today. Maybe naked will work for her lol, nothing else seems to.

I hate potty training. I'm no good at it.