I love my George. Well it's not really a George. It's a Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Grill will removable grill plates. One of my most favorite ways to cook is on the grill. I love barbeques. Two problems right now tho. One, it's too most most days to stand outside next to the grill, and two, I can't grill with two little ones outside near the grill. See I generally cook my dinner at about 3pm, which is about 2 hours before Shea gets home from work. Why do I do this? Well mainly because Shea doesn't eat what I make for dinner until the following day at lunch. His diet currently consists of breakfast/lunch of leftovers and a bowl of cereal for supper. Now this doesn't cause me any problems if I cook inside, but when I want to bbq it makes things difficult because I don't want the girls near the hot grill, particularly Sammi she's not quiet cognitive of the word hot yet.

So I can grill to my hearts content things like burgers, steaks, pork chops, chick cutlets/breasts inside with the George. It doesn't get the smokey flavor, but that's not all that makes it bbq, considering we use a gas grill, I don't think I've ever cooked on charcoal successfully. I'll stick with Gas even tho it's not as flavorful. It's easier.

Tonights dinner consists of honey bbq'd porkchops, corn on the cob and potato salad.

Here's a good article:


Sammi with a Pebbles DoKit Kat's Hair Pulled Back

Over the past few weeks Samantha has been getting her feet under her. At first it was a slow process with barely trying to scoot across the couch. Now she's hands free walking more than 10 steps with out falling down. If she's holding your hand she can go long time until she wants to go faster then she falls. But she's tooling about now and it's so nice to see her finally walking. Soon she'll be running after her sister. Sammi has also found that climbing is fun. She climbed up into a friends small kid sized bench all by herself. She tries to climb up into our laps too. It's cute.

Not sure how long I've been dealing with broken glasses. A month at least if not more. A week or so ago we went to Walmart and bought them. I got them yesterday, can I say oh my god. They don't fall off my face. The girls hair still gets stuck in the arms and they still bat at them but at least now I can bend down with out them falling off my face.

I'm so happy. I might get a picture up of them soon, depends on if I feel like taking a picture of them or not lol.

Interested in Photoshop?

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The last few weekends have been extremely busy for us. Last weekend we had a busy Sunday. Homecoming at the church Shea grew up going to was that weekend. We went to church ate lunch then went to his folks house. At 4pm Shea's only neice had her graduation party, she's graduating Highschool. So we went there for a few hours then came home with exhausted little girls.

This weekend was her actual graduation ceremony. So we drove to Southeaster Lousiana University for her ceremony and stayed the night. Needless to say that no one got much sleep. Sammi doesn't like sleeping in strange places everytime she'd wake up, she'd scream and wake her us all up. Kitkat loved it cause she got to sleep with mommy all night, other than her sister screaming she'd probably have slept the best she has in many many moons.

Sammi didn't sleep well last night but she did sleep. Kitkat slept most of the night dispite having to actually get her to sleep last night.

We are thinking about getting Kitkat a fish tank. Shea's oldest brother has a 20 gallon fish tank and a nice chest/cabinent for it to go on. It saves us some money that's for sure. She really likes fish. And I think having her own would be good. I would have to clean it and feed them etc. But I think I'm willing to do it if she would like her fish. My biggest fear is that we will kill the fish, so I think we will go with cheap goldfish at first to make sure we can do it. I'm sure we'll have to get a few other fish like an algae eater to help with the cleaning of the tank and all, but hearty and easy to care for fish should be our first. Maybe after I've gotten better at it we can get different kinds of fish. We'll see.

Shea spoke with our neighbor at work and the topic of the net came up. He has given us his password to his secure network and told us we can use it whenever we want. So I will be around but not to any extent that most people are use to. I should be able to check my email once a day and possibly my RSS feeds as well. This is good, in two things, we get to have some net connection where I can do the necessary research for things and check emails etc AND it will let us keep in touch with my parents and let them see the girls.

I won't be back at DM or AoD or anything like that. I won't be able to help much with the sites I'm hosting, but I am here to answer those questions that need answering etc. I am sorry for that downside.

I'll be sending out some emails to some people whom I've not talked to probablly tomorrow. Kathleen has to go to the doctors in 15 mins.

As I had expected they wanted someone with more .net experience. I don't have that. BUT they did ask me if I was interested in an Internet Marketing job, which I'm not really. Since I said not really to that question they did ask if they could keep my resume on. Of Course. And when I get a bit more .net experience I can email them an updated resume to let them know I've got some experience. The only problem with that is actually getting real experience and not learning on my own. But we'll see maybe I can work a project I would normally do for php in .net. Only problem with that though is that I don't have a server to put the stuff up on. I can test it on my PC but that's about it. I'm hesitant to install IIS on my pc. One I don't know if it will interfere with WAMP set up I have for my own testing of php on my system for when things are offline or when I don't feel like updating a billion times to the net.

Ah well. But this ends the job search for now. We are going to try and straighten things up here, cable going off and all that stuff soon.

Friday I got a phone call for a second interview. Wednesday is the day. I wonder what this means. I don't think I have the skills they were necessarily looking for particularly in the development area. I'm not so big on internet marketing. SEO, while I know about it it's never been a major focus, I still need learning to do, but I always have learning to do. ASP.net I'm working on. I've started watching some of the tutorials I've downloaded, and I'm about 75% done with the Visual Web Developer stuff. I think a few more lessons before the project they do which is 4 lessons long. Though before they do the big project I'm considering going through my C# for a while because that's the part I don't really know. As long as the company uses the visual studio ide then I think I can manage the development part, it's the code behind all the functionality at that point I would need to learn. I know I don't know the IDE 100% but with out some type of project to do on my own I might not. I might consider watching the first part of the video and see if I can do the project alone and then watch for things I didn't do. We'll see though.

So Wednesday I get to speak with one of the presidents and Ryan again. We'll see how it goes.

We still have cable as I had to finalize one project with Heritage. And after I get my invoice back from them I will be ready to turn off cable. But the idea here is to follow up on how the interview went.

The guy called me yesterday to reschedule. Three people called in sick and he had to play catch up. So no problem we rescheduled for today.

It's a start up company since 2003. So not so new. I don't mind small, particularly if they are looking for employee's pretty much means they aren't going to go out of business in the overly near future. And I was right on their focus, they are primarily marketing and SEO. Not necessarily things I'm great at, but willing to learn. However they were looking for developers so that is what I do. My biggest strength is being able to pick up languages quickly, a fast learner. My weaknesses for them is that I don't know asp.net. Willing to learn, but I also have another weakness in graphic design. Yes I can do simple and with enough time more elaborate stuff, but it takes me alot more time and effort to do that. They did ask about the time frame of moving and stuff, and it's really dependent on if the job is worth the pain of moving now.

They will get back to me next week or the week after if they will do a follow up interview. I think it went well. The girls pretty much behaved themselves. Though I'm not sure I'm exactly what they are looking for. We'll see, the jobs been out there since Feb 22 according to monster.com. Not too long that they are desperate, but to hear back in a week, well that's promising I hope. Their ad says 30 to 50K a year based on experience. Here's to hoping.

First things first - My heart goes out to two very close friends. They have lost their first child. Natalie and Denis have waited so long for their little one and now they only have grief to show for that time spent trying. I have no words to express how deeply saddend I am. You can read for yourself at Nat's blog. Den, Nat, we love you and are here for you. We are so sorry for your loss.

And this is only the latest of our friends who have lost loved ones. Another of our friends lost his best friend. We love you Joe, and feel your pain. Shea recently lost one of his friends so he knows very much how you feel. If you need to talk you know how to find us.

And now for us - our internet is getting turned off. Volentarily we are shutting it off to afford to pay other bills and to get out of debt. This is a luxury we cannot afford any longer. Things have gotten terribly worse since Katrina and there are very few ways to get out of this hole we've dug. My parents are helping with what they can and we appreciate all the friends who bring business my way, but unfortunately I wll not be able to continue with my line of work for a while. Probably a long while. I really don't see any way we will be turning cable back on unless some miracle happens. So for now this is my last post. I hope to be able to post every so often to update you but that depends on alot of other things like getting access to free wifi or borrowing another computer.

Will miss you all and my heart goes out to all my friends who have lost those that meant the world to you. I love you, Shea loves you. Call if you need to.

I got an email this morning asking to set up a phone interview. Lol, now it's changed. But Tuesday at 10:30am my time, I will be talking with a Application Developer at Site Seeker, Inc about this job.

I only hope that I can impress him even with my lack of knowledge in .net. So my fingers are crossed.

Today, two of the greatest would-be parents were denied their child. They had been trying for so long and had to go through IVF before finally being able to conceive their first child. And now they've lost that precious child. Information is still very sketchy and I pray that it's not true. My heart goes out to them. I can't stop crying now, I held and hugged my little girl who was awake still and I'm sure she thinks her mommy's crazy.

I know its of little comfort but guys We love you and we are here for you even though we are far away from you. Don't hesitate to call. We love you!

It seems I need to succumb to the devil - Microsoft that is. A good number of the web jobs I've found require you to know ASP, asp.net, c# or vB. So considering that is where I want to go I am going to start learning it myself. Thankfully I don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to buy Visual Studio as they offer an Express Edition that should do for my learning purposes. However I am considering an online course that could help me. But that's 800 bucks that I don't have to spend. Yes the benefits would be better, but the funds are highly important at this time for us, so changes of me doing that are pretty slim.

I had an awesome thought, and I know I'm being overly optimistic, but what if the company that is "interested" likes me enough to say, we'll pay you while you are in MS to learn .net. Then I would have reason to spend the money, and the time to do so. That way by the time we were capable of moving up there I wouldn't need to learn more than how the company works to do so. Two months? Do I think I could learn C# in that? If I didn't have the girls taking up a majority of my time sure. Even spending 4 hours a day on it I think I could complete it. The course host school recommends 5 hours a week and it's doable to complete in 6 months. So figuring about 4 weeks a month, that's 20 hours a month, so that would be approximately 100 hours to course completion. So if I could logically work 4 hours a day it would take me 25 days to complete. Saying I could do it only three days a week when Shea was home that comes down to 8 weeks and 2 days approximately so yeah two months give or take. Doable yes. And I'm pretty sure I can pull a few other hours out of the days that I wasn't counting on 4 hours. A few hours here a few hours there, and it's self paced. So that would be really cool... but highly unlikely I'd get that offer. So here I go to learning on my own.

Well I applied for a job Sunday or Monday I forget which, and today I got a call back.

Site-Seeker, Inc - they specialize in internet marketing, seo, website development and Web Analytics. My only short coming I see for this is that I don't know asp.net well. I know C, C++ I've been dabbling in C#. I guess it's time to start learning .net cause even as I look at jobs I see alot of .net stuff. With Visual Studio Express I can start learning, now I just need to find a server to test on - preferably a free one, at least for now.

The guy I called back said I should expect an email sometime this week if I'll be notified for an interview. So this is a good start to a semi-bad week. Hopefully they can do a phone interview first and if they like me then we can consider a real life interview.

We'll see.

Shea just asked me what I thought about him working nights. I asked him why and it basically boils down to this being the lesser of two evils. While it will take an adjustment, it might be better in the long run for him and the girls. They miss their Daddy and he would be able to spend a few more hours with the girls during the day if he did. Not alot mind you but some. Though I think I'll be taping alot of stuff for him. But if it keeps him happier then I'm all for it.

We will find out later I guess if he goes to nights or not.

Well today I noticed that the pants I bought just before Kathleen was born now are too big. I guess they've been getting "bigger" for a while now and I just noticed that they are starting to fall down when I walk. Yes! I wore these pants a good portion of the way into my first pregnancy. They were a bit big before, but now I can fit my whole hand in my pants. I'm so excited. I am now 143.5 lbs. I started out with 167 lbs, I am less than ten pounds to the maximum weight I want to maintain. I feel so happy

[pfmeter id=2]

I've had my resume up on 5 different sites for about a week and I've been contacted once by phone about someone wanting to know more about me in Merdian, MS and about 5 or 6 others asking for more information ranging from CA to Brookyln, NY. Why couldn't these things come in before we had settled down here. It's not like my resume has changed that much. But I guess it's changed enough or I wrote down the right things lol.

Just not where I want to go. *sighs*

Well it's come that time again to consider moving. Shea has given me the all okay if we move if we can swing it financially to move to New York. What this means is that one or both of us need jobs someplace near my parents until we can sell this place as we will be staying with them as we will never be able to afford rent and mortgage or two mortgages. My parents have already agreed to let us stay with them. And they had previously offered to help us move.

While I love the weather here I miss my family terribly I will deal with the snow if I get to see my parents and the rest of the family more often. So right now we are looking for jobs, until one or both of us lands said job we will be staying her in Mississippi. So here's to hoping we can find something I really would like to move.

I'm sending my resume to New York Central and have sent two other resumes off in the past hour to companies in Rome. So we will wait and see. Today has been a busy personal day, no design work done, but that's usually how my days go anyway. One day working hard, the next day I work on something else to go back to the project I was working on.

Crawling such a wonderful and terrifying thing for a little one and a parent too.

Samantha has started officially crawling, not just scooting but crawling. She goes forward too. But she's also learning to pull up and that's where the terrifying for her comes in, she's constantly falling down now. She will actually come to you if she wants you. If she doesn't well you have to go get her.

It's very nice to see her crawling but now we have to be even more careful. The gates need to be closed or she wanders into rooms we are not. She can move to get into something she's not suppose to. Not to mention getting out of eye shot and her sister being mean to her.

But all in all it's a very good thing to see my littlest one moving around where she wants to.

Two years ago today I wrote that my father had been diagnosed with colin cancer. Well, I don't think I ever updated you beyond the initial few things going on. When my father came down last July he had been cancer free for two months or so.

It was a trying time, and he still goes to the doctor every 6 months or so for check ups, but he's cancer free, and living well. Thank you for your thoughts and prays they mean alot to me.

Oh what a wonderful day we had to day. We went to the doctor and we had a panic attack.

Kids are fine, they have either the flu or some other cold but it seems to breaking and if it's the flu there isn't anything they can really do about it.

And so the tale begins...

Mommy takes both of the girls into the bedroom to change their diapers. Kathleen's already removed hers and wants a pullup back on, that mam was nice enough to give us another package of. Yay! Mommy proceeds to change the little one on our bed. Kathleen runs into the bathroom yelling potty potty. Mommy tells Kathleen no, and the door shuts. Mommy finishes with Samantha and moves over to the door to find that lo and behold the bathroom door is LOCKED. Panic!!!!

Now where did I put that key. I know it's on my desk somewhere. Quick search can't find it. Go back in and see if Kathleen will unlock the door herself. Nope, go back to searching. Can't find it. Found another key but it didn't work. Went to the kitchen in hopes that one of the sets in the cupboard will open it, I know it's a long shot as those are the front and back door keys. I was right didn't open.

By now Kathleen's screaming. I search my desk again. Find the keys. Check our bedroom door, yep it works, check the laundry room door, yep it works, now the bathroom. CRAP! it doesn't work. Now I need to tell you that when we bought these door knobs we bought them so they would work with one key on all three doors. I had the f'ing key but it wouldn't open.

I call Shea's Mom to see if his dad is around town, figuring he'd be a good help to help me think, he wasn't but she comes here from work to help with Sam and comfort Kathleen through the door while I panic for a way in. After she got here I went and grabbed the ladder, it would allow access to the window if there wasn't a screen. I call Shea at work he wasn't handy so I had to wait for him to get there. He calls back as I'm staring in the window trying to figure a way in. He says to rip the screen, with that go ahead I get the pry bar and work on it. I finally get the screen open enough that I can put a hand it, it won't budge, as I'm sitting there notice that the latches are sticking out, I go find a latch to see which way is locked. The ones in the bedroom indicate it's not locked so I go back out and rip the screen completely apart and push up with both hands. And wham it's open.

Now the window is about 5 feet off the ground, no real way in at least not head first. I try to go in feet first but the window isn't big enough for me to turn around in with on one holding the ladder. So I try a different method. Kathleen's crying and looking up at me and I just have to get her out. Thankfully she was tall enough, I was able to grab her hands and she scaled the wall and out we went through the window. She clung to my neck like there was no tomorrow, so naked baby and me walk back into the house.

Drama over but geez my body doesn't think so. I still feel anxious I guess is the word, but she's safe, door is still locked, Shea and I will deal with it when he gets home, thank god for three bathrooms in this house!

Signed up again for Tar Valon.net again. We'll see how it goes. I need a different venue I think so we'll see. Not that I'm forsaking DM, just needing a bit of a change of scenary and a place I'm not going to go overkill on responsibilities.

Thank you very much for such a lovely portrait of my favorite character!

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