Samantha Inez Wilkerson arrived at 1:20pm CST on March 27. She weighed in at 5 pounds 7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

Labor was interesting this go around. Went it at 6:30am, started the gel at 7:30am. I was able to start walking an hour later I did one lap before I decided it was too much pain to walk. I'd been feeling contractions for about half an hour as it was. At 10:30am they started the drip, the contractions got too much and they gave me some pain killer that basically knocked into another state. I wasn't really there and when the pain was enough to override the pain killer I was in terrible pain waiting on the epidural. Shea says it was about an hour of pretty much straight contractions. My concept of time was non-existant at the time. By the time they gave me the epidural the baby was almost ready to come out. But I was relaxed now and could handle things much better. Not sure how long after the epidural that I was having to fight to not push the baby out. By the time my doctor joined us you could see the crown of her head from the door. One push and the little one was out. Yay!

Unfortunately my placenta was fragmented and he was unable to get it all out in the delivery room so they had to rush me to the OR to get it scrapped out. Thankfully I didn't need any other anesthisa as the epidural held out. He got out as much as he could be he thinks there might still be a peice inside. But my bleeding hasn't been bad so I think thinks are going to be okay.

I think I got jabbed with a billion needles those first few days. They stabbed me two or three times putting in my IV in the delievery room. Then the epidural. Then they restabbed me again to redo the IV while I was in the OR another two times. They stuck me three times to draw blood, the first time it didn't work, the second time it clotted or something and they had to redraw.

Other than that it was a decent experience. Now for the challenge of Kathleen and Samantha at home. This shall be fun.

Today's doctor appointment went well. I gained two pounds and my doctor has sent an induction date of the 27th. So next Tuesday if Sam doesn't arrive before then she will be coaxed out.

So 5 days and counting to the arrival of our second daughter and the challeneges of raising two little ones under two begins. And the dieting and exercise will start to be phased in, I hope.


  • 1/4 c. fine dry bread crumbs
  • 1 Tbs. snipped fresh basil or 3/4 tsp dried basil, crushed
  • 1/8 tsp. black pepper
  • 1/8 tsp. paprika
  • 1 Tbs. butter or margarine, melted
  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (about 1 1/4 lbs. total)
  • 2/3 c. reduced-fat milk
  • 2 Tbs all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 tsp. instant chicken bouillion granules


  1. In a small bowl stir together the bread crumbs, 2 tsp of fresh basil or 1/2 tsp. of dried basil, the pepper, and paprika. Add melted butter; toss to coat.
  2. Arrange chicken in a 2-qt. rectangular backing dish. Sprinkle chicken peices with the crumb mixture, pressing onto the chicken to coat. Bake at 400F for 20 to 25mins or until no longer pink
  3. Meanwhile, in a small saucepace stir milk, flour, bouillion granules and remaining dried herb (if using) until combined. Cook and stir until thickened and bubbly. Cook and stir for 1 min. more. Stir in remaining fresh herb (if using). Server over chicke.

Nutrition Facts per serving:
145 cal, 5g total fat (3g sat fat), 19mg chol, 399mg sodum, 20g carbo, 2g fiber, 7g pro.
Daily Values:
4% vit A, 32% vit C, 7% calcium, 8% iron
1 1/2 starch, 1/2 meat

Well Shea's on strike and our insurance runs out at the end of the month. My doctor says we'll have the little one before the end of the month. So hopefully I'll be dialated next appointment so that it'll be a bit easier. She's turned to the right position and we are all ready to go with that. I still have some work to do before she arrives but that's mostly so I don't have to do it later.

Mostly moving Kathleen's clothes to their permanent drawers so that I can use the changing table drawers for the new one. Though chances are we'll have clothes everywhere for a while.

Kathleen has decided that she wants to be a big girl and get into and onto things all by herself. It started shortly after we started letting her walk to the van by herself. We have a handcap accessible house for the most part, which means that a good share of the doors are wide enough for a wheel chair AND we've a ramp on to our front porch. So we've started helping Kathleen down the ramp by holding her hand. The first few times up or down were tramatic as she fell but she seems to have it down pretty good now. She will hold your hand if it's offered and she feels she needs the extra balance. She then has started trying to climb into the van to get into it. It doesn't work to well since it's so high, but if it was the car I'm sure she'd be into already.

She's learned to climb up the front porch steps and you should see the face of accomplishment she gets when she tries. She's now successfully managed to climb on to the rocking ottoman for the rocking chair and is now trying to master climbing on to our bed. Which she needs some help with cause she can't get her foot up on the bed, we are going to get her a step stoll I think. She'll need one come potty training time too if she decides to use the big potty versus a little one her size, and brushing her teeth when I let her do it alone and she's tall enough lol.

She can get up into her own bed as it's low to the ground and I think she's figured out how to get off with out falling but she's yet to do it alone. That will be fun at bed time when she learns that and doesn't want to sleep.

She's growing up so fast and learns things so quickly when it comes to her motor skills. Verbals are harder for her I think. She jabbers away all day but she really doesn't say words, even when she wants mama or dada. Though she does know the words. I think she knows diamond, what's that and a few others like sit.

Just this weekend Shea was saying we should check on the appeal to our grant money. As we don't beleive they gave us enough based on our damages that we attained. They were in the process of redoing the grant review process and most people were going to be getting additional funds, so Shea was curious. I told him I'd call the number we were given and check.

However I never got around to it. Today in the mailbox I got a letter from the State of Missisippi with both our names on it. Figuring it was just a letter but important I opened it. On top was a check for 18K more, and a letter inside telling us what it was. It was the reviewed additional funds they were giving everyone who applied.

SWEET! And really just in the nick of time. We now have enough money to finish the house, buy some new furniture that either needs replacing or just needed in general AND help us financially with the Union contracts up in the air and a pending strike coming in the REAL near future. We will still cross our fingers to not strike but this money is so going to help us get things done in the last month. I'm so psyched now, so many less worries! Less stress so hopefully that'll ease my pains too.

With Kathleen I didn't have alot of aches and pains. And I don't recall having them this early. If I keep up at this rate I'm gonna be so releived to have this youngin out that I think all reconsidering stopping of children bearing will cease. Though I'm pretty sure we won't be having anymore reguardless. The wait is too long for Shea and I can't with in good conscious pop another out so soon lol.

For the past two nights I've been having major contractions. I'm sure they are just practice ones, but some of them hurt like anything and not even moving to a new position seems to help. They aren't regular, my water hasn't broken I have absolutely no show and haven't lost my plug I don't think. I've an appointment on March 6th, well see if all these contractions have had any results. I hope so.

But if this is going to be the case until the child is born I hope she comes early rather than late. Not sure if I can handle the back pain I had last night for a long period of time. So bad to the point that I actually had to take the prescription my OB gave me for the minor back pain. It was probably against my best interest to do if they were contractions but I couldn't bear much more, there was no more signs of it.

And the heart burn is going to kill me if the aches and pains don't. Milk gave me heart burn last night. I understand juices and sodas, but milk, there is nothing acidic about milk. Just goes to show that this little one is right on the stomach making mommy uncomfortable lol. When she drops I'll be going alot, not sure that's gonna be much better.

I'm still not looking forward to labor, even after the relatively easy one I had last time. I've still got so many fears, like dying and I just wanna see my babies and take care of them. But keep up a positive attitude I'm sure everything will be fine.

Oh yay! Last night I started itching after taking the penicillin. Allergic reaction. This is the third time of a penicillin or derivative has been suspect in something of my condition. First it was the amoxicillin before I was diagnosised with Pnemonia, so I disgrading that suspcision for the bigger cause.

Then I had a wisdom tooth do the same thing and was itchy. Didn't think much of it at the time. This time I'm itchy again with a wisdom tooth infection and penicillin.

The dentist and my OB are going to work on what they can give me to clear up the infection. Hopefully all will go well. I really don't like being the middle man. And I'm thankful they will be talking directly instead of me having to relay messages.

After the baby is born I intend to talk to my family doctor about testing for sure of a penicillin reaction because I don't like this well I think stuff.

Well today I broke down and went to the dentist. My top left wisdom tooth has been bothering me since before I got pregnant, it would come and go and then I got pregnant so I've been putting it off until after I have the baby. Well, the pain the past few days has been unbearable. Enough that even tylenol isn't working to releive the pain or any of the other pain releif measure I had been taking.

So today I went in and I'm not on penicilin and have tylenol #3 to help with the pain. Well see how well the pain killer works as I'm not sure if it's any better than what my OB/GYN perscribed for my back pain.

Next Friday I will be having the tooth yanked. Hopefully pain will then go away. I have an OB appointment on Wednesday for routine care, so then I'll just get the note and make sure my doctor doesn't have any objections. He said it would be okay about two months ago. Just no nitrous oxide, which I didn't have last time I got the tooth yanked. Hopefully all will go well.

Today has not started out all the wonderful. First after Shea had gone to work and I went to brush my teeth I found out we had no water. We had water at 6:30am cause I made Kathleen a bottle. Everything was fine. A few hours later we had none. Thankfully Shea's dad stopped by to give the baby her Valentines Day card and he checked a few things, it seemed our system was fine. We went next door and asked if they had water, nope. He then went down to the utlity company and found out that we have a broken main and that it will take probably 3 hours if not more to fix. Oh yay, no water.

So I buy water at Walmart when I go today no big deal. Just limited toilet usage *sighs* oh well. Our trip to Walmart was fine for the most part, Kathleen decided she doesn't like sitting in the seat anymore and tried to stand up. She also was playing with my phone, and guess what now it's lost. After nap time I'll try to go back there and see if anyone picked it up and turned it in. The only good thing is it is locked and you can only dial the emgerncy numbers. Provided that it actually stayed locked after Kathleen turned it off and back on.

But it looks like water might be here soon. It's making noise. And it'll be just in time for nap time and another bottle so that she isn't grumpy when I take her back to Walmart, hopefully it won't be a long trip. I really hate being with out my phone!

*added* Yay! Found my phone. Kathleen threw it in the lettuce that's why I didn't hear it hit the ground like usual. Funny thing is Shea called and found my phone at Walmart, he took off work early to go get it but I had already gotten it and he passed me as I was coming home. How funny!

Kathleen got sick, then I did and now Shea is sick. Shea says alot of guys were out of work on Thursday, so there is something going around. I'm still sick and not much I can do about it since I refuse to take anything more than tums or tylenol for my discomforts. I could take something for the stuffiness but I don't think it's really worth it.

Kathleen had a double ear infection and today is her last day on antibotics. I think her cold has mostly cleared up, tho I do still hear her every once and a while with the weezing of a stuffy head, so I dunno. But she's at least taking her meds with out a problem.

Shea's doing better after sleeping most of Friday away. Must be nice, I spent two days in bed but not sleeping, even though he was home for one of them. But then I really don't want to spend that much time away from my Baby Girl.

One good thing though which I hope I can keep up is pain releif for my back. I've found that if I use that shiatsu massaging pad we bought on Christmas Eve and the heating pad we bought when Shea's back started spazing out in combination together that I wake up pain free in the morning. So I try to do it every night but it's not really convinient when the little one goes to bed so late and Shea usually follows right after.

Another good note. Next Saturday we are getting some help to finish the walls and the floors of our house. What this means is that we have to pick up the house that we do live in which I've already started, even the utility room got cleaned. Next is our bedroom and the closet. Then we have to clean out the two rooms currently storing all our crap. Mostly kitchen stuff and stuff that goes into our bedroom until we can find a place for it. After that's done all the big stuff needs to be moved into the living room so they can tear out the remaining 4 feet of sheet rock that was water damaged, replace the insulation, put new plywood on the existing floor boards and then hang the sheet rock. I think that is all they will be doing Saturday. We'll then have to float the sheet rock, prime it and paint it and then lay the carpet down. and put in the floor molding. We have less than two months to finish and I hope we finish before hand, so I have a little time to prepare the play room and the living room for the new baby and for Kathleen. I'm very much looking forward to having a living room again. And a finished house.

These last two months (60 days) are going to be the most difficult of both of my pregnancies I think. Even including the stressing issues in the beginning of this one. Not only am I tired, but my back is killing me and muscles I didn't even know I had much less used on such a daily basis hurt like crazy. Sitting hurts, standing hurts, laying hurts.

I think alot of this pain comes from having too much weight before hand, but mostly from the added additional weight of having baby and Kathleen in my arms. I'm not blaming my aches and pains on either one, but I've a feeling these last two months are going to find me walking slowly and watching tv alot.

One good thing about sitting still and not in front of the PC is that I get to spend more time with Kathleen. Though that's hard when I do sit in front of it cause she wants Mommy lol. But it gets Mommy in the habit of not sitting in front of the PC all day too. I'm really not gonna have alot of time for it come the end of March anyway.

But other than aches and pains we are all doing well, though both Kathleen and I have a cold, poor kid who can't breathe at night, that's no fun, she's spent the last two nights with us just because she wouldn't let go of me, and I can't sleep in her room unless I talk my blankets and pillows with me so it's easier to take her with me.

I'm glad that I picked up some Infant Tylenol Cold drops three or four days ago. I felt Kathleen was catching a cold then by the few random coughs she was having and sure enough two nights ago she was stuffed up, today she's stuffed up and has a runny nose with a cough. I think this is working, I didn't call the doctor for the exact weight to dropper usage, but one dropper seems to be working. She doesn't have a fever so it's good.

Welp, today was a stressful but good day. We slept late, 9am... WOW, Kathleen went to bed late the night before so she actually slept past 7 and even 8 which is highly unlike her no matter what time she goes to bed. This morning Shea took the car to get it fully cleaned inside and out took about three hours to do so which he had to wait around for cause I couldn't pick him up with the truck and no one to watch the baby.

We then went to eat, and they had a crappy selection of food at the buffet, then we went to Dodge to check out mini-vans. It was rainy but we spent 4 hours there going back and forth with the dealers over price and what we could afford. We did end up getting the mini-van even with alot of fustration over it. We are paying more than we'd like to, but I hope that it'll be worth it. We really did need the space. The only bell and whistle we got on the van was the stow-and-go rear seat. It's a cool feature and will really save alot of hassle when we are taking long trips. It has plenty of storage roam in the back for luggage and Diamond lol and even has storage under the middle seat where the girls will be.

We are going to have to get use to locking our doors manually and turning the headlights on and off. No more auto locks or day time running laps, but it was the space we were after not the convience of what we had. It drives well, or so Shea tells me, it's raining all day and it was dark by the time we got home. I'll get a chance to drive it on Monday. I'm sure I'm gonna have to do alot of running on Monday between insurance and plates. The only good thing is it's not far from the house. I really like having two sliding doors, one on each side, it makes life so much easier getting in and out. And I like that there is no console in the middle so I can get up out of my seat to tend the youngins while Shea is driving. It's gonna take some time getting use to but I think it's a good buy, even if it was a stressful day gettng it. I miss the Saturn, but I'm sure I'll love this one just as much as soon as I get use to it.

Well, I put in a credit application under Shea’s name let’s hope we can get it approved so we can actually buy a mini van. We really need the room with the new youngin on the way. Two carseats in the back of the Saturn really won’t leave alot of room in the front seat for someone because of the way the rear facing seat works. It really has to go in the middle but if you do that you can’t put in a forward facing carseat cause it’s just not going to fit, they don’t squish like people do.

And we also would really like to get a TV in it at some point as well. Maybe not this year, but next year or the year afterwards. Kathleen really doesn’t have much interest in the TV at home except for the music and the quick bursts of cool and colorful movements. We’ve not actually gotten her to sit in front of it for more than a few miniutes before she’s off doing something else. Which is a great thing.

I think she’ll be at the computer alot faster than she’ll be in front of the TV. She loves buttons, and the keyboard has lots of them. We just need to make sure she understand which ones to play with and which ones not to. Sometime in the near future I think that we need to hook up my old computer so she can beat on it and play with it with out worrying about messing something major up. The three computers we have set up now we really don’t want to have to fix. But the old one won’t matter, I will probably do a complete reformat of it before letting her have it officially, need to remove all the things we really don’t want her to have on it that could be dangerous. Though I will probably install photoshop on it and when she starts learning colors and stuff and actually drawing on paper I might get her a pen mouse like I have to start her learning to do it there too, as it’s completely different than real drawing. It’s something I need to think on.

I'm gearing up to start losing weight. Friday I will have 9 weeks left until my due date and then I will be starting hopefully dilligently following a diet of some sort and exercising as soon as the doctor says it's okay to do so. By diet I don't mean necessarily changing alot of what I do, but learning to eat healthier and decide on proportions.

My first step though will be to cut out soda and drink water. The only good thing is I can buy a flavored water with carbonation that has no calories in it so it's the same as water but gives me flavor so I'll drink it and the carbonation that I actually drink the soda for. So I hope that it will work well doing these two things alone. But I'll have about 44 pounds to lose. My goal is to lose it by Dragon*Con. But we still have no idea if we are going, but it's my goal. It's alot of weight but it's something to shoot for.

It's always a concern when you here things go bump in the night, but when things go bang in the night there is major cause for concern. Last night a loud bang woke both Shea and I up around midnight. First thing I did was go to the bathroom as that's generally the first thing my pregnant body says lol, then I checked immediately on Kathleen. She was still soundlessly sleeping in her bed and all was well. Shea went to take a look outside and our neighbor was also looking out side and just as Diamond stuck her head out she saw him and went into hysterical barking, poor Kathleen woke up SCREAMING and I don't mean crying, I mean literally screaming. I went in comforted her as quickly as I could she stopped crying almost as soon as she was in my arms but she was shaking. I've never felt anyone shake like that before, sure I've felt shakey myself, and she may have felt that in my own body then as we snuggled together, but she was shaking and I was concerned. But with a bottle and in our bed she went back to bed rather easily, thank god.

I didn't sleep well, but then I never really do when she's in bed with us, but I did sleep so that was good. I'm still recovering from her insomniac night two nights ago.

She went down for a nap around noon, she was tired after all from her eventful night. She'd been down for many 10 mins when the knock at the door came, it was the gas company here to read the meter, checking to see where the dog was. The back gate is locked to keep kids and other miscreants out of our back yard and Diamond's play ground, so Shea went to unlock it. Diamond saw the guy and immediately went into her hysterical barking, waking Kathleen from her nap. As soon as I took the gate down she ran into Kathleen's room and looked out the window and started barking even worse. Kathleen started screaming even louder and harder even though I was in there with her, just hadn't gotten to her yet. I quickly comforted her and locked Diamond in her pen. There is no call for that kind of barking and she knows it. She spent a good part of the day in her pen or locked in our room away from all things people like. Diamond is a good watch dog but she really is taking it to the extreme lately.

It's amazing Kathleen didn't wake up to the big bang. I'm not surprised about her reaction to Diamond's barking, even wide awake it scares her.

Don't ya love getting packages in the mail you don't expect? I'd thank whoever got us D&D Online, but unfortunately I have no idea who to thank. No card, no message nothing to even say where it came from.

I'm pretty sure I got our secret santa from Shelved already. But this is a place in NY no where near anyone I really know that ordered through but I have no clue where it came from who or even why.

Love mysteries.


  • 4 Medium Bakers Potatoes, peeled, cut in small cubes
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • onion power, garlic power and dill to taste
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • ground black pepper
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup cubed cooked ham


  1. Bring water to boil. Add salt and potatoes, cook till tender
  2. Reserve 1 cup cooking liquid, then drain
  3. Melt butter
  4. Add flour to butter stir till smooth
  5. Add onion powder, garlic powder, pepper and dill to taste
  6. Cook for 1 minute
  7. Add reserved water, milk and potatoes to mixture gradually and stir well
  8. Add cheese and ham
  9. Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, stirring frequently

    Well so far we've only had one Christmas disappointment. The Little Leaps Game System refuses to set up with our DVD player. When we get back from our trip I will try with the old DVD player that doesn't have a VCR attached to it with another TV to see if we can get it to work properly. It would probably be the better route however, it sucks that I can't get it to work now. Doesn't give me hope that it will work for me later *sighs* oh well.

    Another of her Christmas toys speaks only Spanish, while there is nothing wrong with that, it's not something that we feel we should introduce right now. But we'll see, it's not really a big deal in my opinion. So she learns to count in spanish, which I intend her to do anyway.

    I'm not one to make resolutions because I never actually follow through with them. However I have alot of things I want to do, not because of the new year but because I feel they need to change. There are many things that will be difficult to do, but they are still on the "resolution list"

    1. Lose weight after the second baby is born.
    2. Keep my house clean and in better shape.
    3. Start my freelance biz scaling upwards.

    Each resolution has a reason and has some more things that follow it.

    Losing weight is very important for me. I'm not saying I want to be my high school weight again but I have areas on my body that really need to "shrink". Having two babies hasn't helped them any and I don't want to have to surgically fix them so that I don't kill my back. As it is right now I'm top heavy, with my belly counter balancing me out, with out the baby it's not going to be so easy. So there is alot of work I'm going to have to be doing on my chest in particular. After losing enough weight I'll need a new wardrobe. Right now all my clothes are frumpy looking and it's time I grew up so to speak. Need to be presentable for my girls, my husband and more importantly for myself.

    Now that the house is nearing completion I need to keep it up better so it's not so hard to clean when it needs it. I'm tired of dirty dishes and hair covered floors, but I've no real ambition to do said things. I need a change in my attitude and take pride in my house. I guess with it always being "never finished" I have had enough ambition to keep it clean. I'm hoping that will change.

    I really need a job, but I can't fathom the idea of going out to work with my little girls at someone elses care. I just can't do it. My freelancing is the prefect thing for me to do. Little expenses and the potential for alot of profit depending on the number of clients and the amount of work I can handle. After the second is born I hope to start pulling in customers about six months afterwards. But we'll see, as I'll have a child nearly 2 and a 6 month old. Not sure that will do well with trying to get coding done, but we will see. It's my goal to get myself at least one paying client in 2007 and finish that project. If I can get the biz off the ground I can do a little bit more with that money to make myself more marketable to potential clients. I already plan on learning ajax and flash. I need to expanded into e-commerce a little bit and have a pro-bono client that I think I can at least learn from. That's the one good thing about having so many pro-bono sites, I get alot of testing done for free and get to see what will break before a real customer finds it.

    These aren't new years resolutions but my goals for the near future.

    Well today we had one of the many preset opening sessions. Kathleen had a good time. She got the hang of ripping the wrapping paper off by the end of it and all is going well. She got a Tickle Me Elmo, a Leap Frog Caterpiller that does some colors, abc's and music stuff for each of the 26 legs, she got a truck to push around that makes noise, a push wheel that plays music, a pink sweatsuit , two bath books and a stack of plastic rings. Granted all of that was birthday presents except for tickle me elmo.

    She got from her big brother yesterday an adorable little baby that does absolutely nothing. Well not completely nothing, the baby closes her eyes. She came with a little bunny, a bottle and a book. Kathleen was feeding the baby eariler today it was cute.

    Tomorrow will be a rather uneventful Christmas so to speak. But that's a good thing since it's been go go go for the past two days. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day at home. Shea's folks will be down here in the morning and watch us with the presents. Tuesday will be a busy day of packing, taking Diamond to the kennel and visiting Shea's folks. Then Wednesday we fly out. I have good hopes that the baby will do well on the plane. She only fussed on her 6 hours of captivity once and that was on the way home from Hattiesburg. It was hard to hear but when she's tired of her car seat there isn't much you can do about it, except try to comfort her, she got so bad she just gave up crying cause it wasn't doing any good. Poor kid. But she did well and for that I'm grateful.

    I am very eager to go to my parents. However I going to hate leaving. I really miss my family and wish something here could substitute but so far that hasn't happened yet. With the advent of my new family and the older the girls get I think I'll be doing better. It's not just the End year festivities that get me down. It's more the summer time ones and the impromptu fun. But Shea's family isn't like that and I don't expect them to change, I'll just have to start my own traditions. I mean most of his family watch football and get all excited about it but they don't have a "superbowl" party. *shrugs* I dunno, I miss alot about home and it's probably why I still call my parents house home. I'm not depressed really. Just feeling the longing of going home and already missing it even though I haven't even got there yet.

    I finally went out and bought a christmas tree and deccorations. It's a 4 foot prelit tree. It's nice enough looking that it'll do for extra decorations later, but it's not what I really wanted, but then again nothing is how I really wanted this Christmas. The tree is put up and decorated in our room in the play pen to keep both dog and baby out of it.

    But it's up and I've pictures which I'll get uploaded eventually, but not right now.

    I have also found out that Window's Live Messenger gives you a bigger window to see the webcam from. So I've got myself set up and my mom and dad just need to install the software. We are both getting new web cams from my Great Uncle Tom and Great Aunt Vickie. So we might actually get bigger pictures out of it with better cams, but we'll see. I'm excited to see my folks and let them see the baby. I'm also eager to see the rest of the family and let them all meet Kathleen as I know they want to meet her badly.

    I'm sorry if people are pissed off cause they lost 5 days worth of posts because of a mistake. Haven't these people ever made a mistake? I mean come on, it's not like it was done on purpose to make the RPers pay for something. Losing 5 days is alot better than losing an entire 6 to 12 month worth of posts. Which if there hadn't been a back up that would have been the problem.

    Someone asked me if I was peaved at him for doing it. Why would I be? It was a mistake, an accident and he rectified what he could. I'm peaved at all the people who take it personally and the ones who don't know how to report problems. And the people who like to spread rumors true or false.

    You can't ressurrect something that doesn't exist. Making a change to the database is permanent unless a prior back up was made. It goes poof into the either. Trust me I've just dealt with the problem myself the past month. It's an inconvience no matter how large of one it is, it's still an inconvience, it wasn't done on purpose. For the love of god the man does the job for FREE. If it had happened at a corporate site they'd have fired him or docked pay for such a "disaster" but he works for nothing, what you gonna take away that he won't miss? I'm sure he'd love his free time back, yeah that's a proper punishment for messing up. Give the guy a break.

    You know how hard life is gonna be with two youngin's running around when one of them is a night owl and an insomniac and Mommy has to take care of her. *sighs* It's almost 2am and I've been fighting with Kathleen about sleep for about 2 hours. I gave up about a half hour ago and decided the best thing for all three (or four if you count Diamond) is for Kathleen and me to go into the office and stay up. God what I wouldn't give to have my living room done so I could watch tv at the very least when she gets fussy and wants attention. But I only have my computer to tide the time till she's sleepy again, if ever.

    Maybe we'll get a nap later today, I sure hope so, I know I'm gonna need one eventually. I'm not good with my own insomnia when it hits, but to have Kathleen's on top of it. Oh yay! Can't wait for the second one to be like me and love to sleep when it's bed time lol. Watch, I'm not gonna get an ounce of sleep, Kathleen will be awake at night and Sam will be awake during the day. If that's the way it's gonna be Daddy's gonna be watching the girls for an hour or two while Mommy locks the doors and catches a few winks after he gets home from work lol.

    Let's just hope Kathleen gets better after the holidays, schedule is gonna go right out the door starting this weekend.

    Okay I'm sad. I've been wanting a Super Nintendo for years. I didn't need one of my own when I was at home because if I really wanted to play all I had to do was go to Mark's and play his. He'd love that lol. I've been floundering about buying one for a long time, today I broke down and bought one. I bought the system and 4 games (Mario All Stars, Alladin, Jeopardy and Empire Strikes Back). Mario All Stars is the real reason why I want the system. Grew up playing Mario with Nichole and Mark.

    Shea agreed with my reasoning behind breaking down and buying on. You may find it silly but I don't. Kathleen has a very curious nature and she wants to touch and pound on everything including our keyboards on the computers. This will allow Kathleen and me to play something where she thinks she's playing. The system I required needed all the hookups and two controllers so that Kathleen could have one. Until Christmas time we are really stuck with what she can do interactive wise.

    We intend to buy the Little Leaps System which is an infant gaming system and LeapFrogs Little Touch Pad, basically an electronic book that will help with our attention span and learning. But until then we are stuck with what she has to play with. So this is one step into getting her accustome to playing games with Mommy, hopefully mommy will be entertained enough with her games that it won't be a chore to sit down and do with her. I really want to start working on her vocabulary and learning. Her physcial movements are doing wonders. Today she took about ten steps with out holding on to anything at all. It was a big deal, though I don't think she thought of it as such lol. But Daddy and I make a big todo about it.