It seems another pair of friends has decided to tie the knot. That's about all the information I can say for now but Congradulations guys. Wish ya the best of luck!

Darkness shrouded the city at all hours of the day, but the lights were always on. Springfield lay high above the earth below. A floating city that orbited the devastation below, it was the new sun, moon and stars for those who lived below. Spirits were high around the club, a new band was playing. You could hear the music drifting from the doors as they opened up to allow new customers in. The Feeding Grounds was a popular club in the undercurrents of humanity. Sandy Duran had never been to the Feeding Grounds before, she’d never experienced the undercurrents herself, but her friends raved about it. They had finally talked her into coming down to the club, just this once to see the new band.

Sandy and her friends had finally reached the front of the line. It was a chatter of girliness that never seemed to pass no matter how old they got. They were excited, relaxed and Sandy was unaware of what was really around them. The door opened releasing the loud music and a couple arm in arm, nearly coming out of their clothes as they walked, it was obvious where they were going. The red rope lowered and the girls were admitted into the club.

The darkness outside seemed light compared to the atmosphere of the club. Lights in blues and reds shined down on to the crowd, tinting clothes and hair unnaturally. The stage off to the right was filled with instruments of every kind that could make noise and be considered music. Four men pranced around behind one lone female singer as the band played on. The crowd was bouncing to the music as if entranced. Sandy looked around, her friends had slipped away and she couldn’t see them anywhere. They had left her to her own devices. She wandered up to the bar and ordered a drink, rum on the rocks.

Sandy sat on the bar stool with her back to the bar to watch the crowd. Her drink placed at her side on a white napkin. She thanked the bar tend and turned back around to face the crowd. She still could not find her friends. Men were approaching women. Women were approaching men. There was even same gender approaching each other. Sandy watched as the people mingled with one another. One girl held her arm out to a tall pale man, he pulled it to his cheek and the girl nearly fell over as she swooned over the gesture. Sandy began to wonder if the undercurrents were really for her, but she couldn’t leave, she came with her friends and she wasn’t the driver.

Sandy watched as a woman next to her was approached by another woman. The woman who arrived pressed her face to the woman’s neck in greeting and the other woman tilted her head to the side. And before Sandy knew what was going on they were gone. She’d only turned to grab her drink, and then they’d left.

Time passes by slowly when you are lost or confused. Sandy wasn’t having any fun and it showed on her face. A woman in dark clothes with fiery red hair sat down on the empty bar stool next to her. “You’ve never been here have you?”

Sandy looked at the woman, “Is it that obvious?”

The woman smiled. “From someone who sees it everyday, yes. Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“No, not really, my friends brought me here to try new things. I’ve yet to see anything new.”

The red head smiled. “I’m Cari, and if you are interested I can bring to you what your friends here are offering you.”

“No, that’s okay, I’m sure they’ll find me and we’ll be leaving soon.”

Cari nodded and stood up. “If you change your mind let me know.” And then the strange woman was gone. Sandy wondered what had been the point of that conversation.

An hour later Sandy was still at the bar, her friends were no where to be seen. But a man, came up to her and nuzzled her neck like the woman had done before to the other at the bar. He whispered, “You smell nice.”

Sandy smiled and turned towards him. He laid a kiss on her neck and the warmth of his lips made her feel that tight sensation only a man could bring out in her. He bought her a drink, and then another, and as the night wore on Sandy was ready to leave with him and spend an exciting night in his bed. They left the club together, Sandy was glad things had gone the way they had.

Cari watched as the new letter walked out the door with a strange vampire. But it wasn’t Cari’s job to know the vampires, that was Jake’s job. Cari could never bounce a vampire, not even one who was attracted to her. Their extraordinary strength and speed only made her a pawn to their queen. It seemed that her friends had after all shown her the way of donors even if they’d abandoned her to the clubs ambiance.

A man came and sat down next to Cari. “I see the fledgling left with a vampire.”

Cari smiled. “Yeah, it seems she was after something after all.”

“Deigo wants to see you after your shift.”

“Thanks Jake, Deigo always wants to see me after my shifts.”

“It’s your turn after all.”

Cari smiled at him. “I know, Sam and Rita both flaked on him last night, he had to find another.”

“You’d never flake on him would you?”

Cari smiled. “Mind if I take a few minuites and freshen up a bit before our shift ends?”

It was Jake’s turn to smile. “By all means go gussy up for the boss man.”

Cari went into the lady’s room and did just that, she freshened her make up and took mindful consideration into her attire, removing articles of clothing that could get in the way of her desires for the night. Deigo was her lover, and she was his letter. She willingly gave him her blood in exchange for sex. It was prostitution of sorts, but that was the culture of the Feeding Grounds. Letters, the willing blood donors to vampires, gave up their life blood in exchange for something. Some choose sex, others money or drugs. Cari’s choice was sex. And she was a one vampire Letter, only Deigo could take from her. She’d been with others vampires before but that was before she’d met Deigo and started working as the female side of the bouncer inside of the club.

Deigo’s office was in the only room upstairs, it had a large bay window that overlooked the club. As Cari walked out of the lady’s room she saw Deigo standing at the window. He wasn’t a large man, but he was beautiful in his own right. His features stood out against his pale skin, dark eyes with hair that framed his angelic face. Cari walked up the stairs to his office and knocked softly. “Come in my dear.”

She opened the tall door and walked into a warmth of lights. The bay window was tinted to hold out the light from his office. It was like walking into a sauna, it was hot and humid and Deigo watched as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of her face. “I’m a bit hungry.” He walked up to Cari with grace and placed his cold lips to her warm skin. It sent shivers down her skin. Deigo kissed Cari’s neck before sinking his fangs into her vein. A soft moan escaped Cari’s mouth and the courting ritual would begin.

I have decided that I will write Bite Me! for Nano this year. It's the only organized story I have a plot with and actually a good feeling of the narrative as well. Hopefully I'll actually get some done. 2000 words approximately a day will get me over 50,000 by the end of the month. So here's to hoping.

Good Luck to everyone who's participating in Nano this year.

A few days ago went down. It's down again and I'm not sure what's going on. I'm not sure Nat knows either. But when it came back last time they had disabled global registers on the server, causing Nat a huge inconvience in most of her design work, and causing me to have to fix But since we are moving anyway, I'm going to rewrite the database with a bit more administrative interface and linked to our message board. I hope that it all goes well. I've got the database structure all defined. Now it's time to do the forms and displays and admin interface.

I'm not sure how exactly this will work but here's the thought process of creating a Warder Character.

  1. Sign up for the message board account
  2. Create a character with the username and password the user signed up with on the message board
  3. Bio is sent via email to the bio checker and input into the database as pending.
  4. The bio checker amends and approves the bio and assigns a WS
  5. An email is sent to the MoT/mentor assigner
  6. A mentor is assigned
  7. An email is sent to the mentor and trainee with all pertanent information
  8. The mentor can then report the trainees advancement
  9. The MoT can then approve/deny the requirement and the WS advances
  10. After promotion to TG, the user can report his/her own requirements
  11. The MaA/Comm can approve/deny the require and the WS advances

There are a few other things I"m sure I'll need to consider as well as lots of error checking. But it should all go well hopefully.

I didn't work on the visual design, but I converted the graphic to the coded version. I've written a javascript set of functions that will allow for easy to update portfolio peices with little to know coding knowledge required.

I have a few things I need to do to finalize it and be happy, but it's out for client approval. Things that need changing are validation of the XHTML and CSS and adding in noscript tags for the portfolio pages. Not sure how I want to do that but I will have to take with my client.

For those interested Mind 2 Eye Studios.

Now I've been looking for something similar and considering making something myself, but someone beat me to the punch.

If your baby likes beating on your keyboard too, this will give them something to actually do and maybe even learn.

Kathleen hasn't managed to do alot yet except hold akey down but she was amazed the first time she did it.

It's real simple and it's got an executable that you can make the whole screen.

November 14th will be a very busy day for me. I might have to get someone to come with me to the doctors because Shea may not be able to come, which is sad because I'd like him there for the ultra sound, but it's at 10:30am on a Tuesday. Not a good time to get him in the office.

But with me sitting on a table for 20 mins or so it's gonna be hard to manage. I might have to ask my mother-in-law if she'd like to come and help with Kathleen. I don't want her to have to babysit for the duration of it, I'd rather have someone with me. But we'll see. Maybe Shea will take the day off if I can talk him into it. I hate that we'll miss a day's pay but I'd rather he be there with me.

I'm a bit concerned about my weight as I lost another pound. Though this time I did weigh myself before I went to the doctor's office. But he wasn't concerned said my weight was good and that my weight should start going up now. I hope so. I have noticed that since I started tracking what was making me sick, it's now pretty much gone. Maybe that was the hormonal transition like I had last time with the killer headaches. Let's hope that's what it was. I still get nauceous, but that's mostly smell triggered... icky garbage or food that doesn't appeal to me.

I'm getting anxious for the youngin to get here. But I'm more anxious to go see my parents so I keep my fingers crossed for all to go well and stay well. We hardly heard the heartbeat yesterday, but the nurse did hear it and aloso the moving around. Which is good even tho I didn't get to really hear it was okay. I'm fairly certain I feel the little one moving around.

This is going to be a challenge but I'm looking forward to having a bigger family. I miss mine greatly. I'm glad we are going home near christmas and for New Years. It's been SO LONG since I've actually had a real party with family. Shea's folks have them, but it's not quite the same, everyone longs to go home and go about their business, the parties last for a few hours then everyone goes their own ways. I love getting together for a simple lunch and then an all out cook out and meal and then hanging out till all ends of the night playing cards or other things. But it's all changed now I think. Most of my cousins are now drinking and even if I drank I can't this trip around. And they've all grown up, they aren't the kids they use to be and well I've missed a good share of it. Bad for me for moving away from a small hick town with no potential for me. I may not like Edmeston, but I love my family and wish I lived closer. I'm glad we moved, I'm glad we came where it's almost always warm, but sometimes I wonder if it was the right decision. The moving doesn't bother me, but sometimes I think we'd have been happier all of us closer to home. But we won't be moving again. And hopefully over time things will get better and we'll get to see family more. If we could only talk more than my folks to coming down here. That's a big wish.

To say Kathleen is fearless is probably a bit of a stretch but she's gone from happily playing in the office to wandering all over the house. We had to start keeping our bedroom door shut or she'd end up in Diamond's pen or in the bathroom.

Lately she's taken to moving the curtain between the office and the unfinished livingroom to go wandering. The other day we found her in the kitchen. We've started to put up the child gates but that prooves to be disasterous for Mommy, as she forgets they are there and runs into them and crashed to the ground hurting her self *sighs*. But we have to do it cause she can get hurt out there. I really can't wait to have my house finished!

Kathleen has also learned how to unplug things. First she unplugged the spare computer while Shea was using it. She unplugged the cable modem and router while we were all online. She unpluged my laptop's power box from the power cord sending my laptop into shut down because the battery doesn't charge anymore, WHILE I was using it. And she turned off the power to Shea's computer, thankfully it wasn't one, but also turned off the power to the cable modem and router while I was using it. She actually flipped the surge protector switch on that one. We are having to be extra careful about the cables behind our desk now. I have no idea what to do with it, they are corner desks and no backing to them. We do need to do something or she's gonna get hurt.

yay! I finally got my kitchen clean. With help from Shea, he watched the baby and then did some of the heavy scrubbing under the stove top and the burner trays that were burnt to a crisp. Now to keep it clean. But I'm gonna try to not use so many plates and silver ware if I can help it, using plastic and paper is alot more wasteful but it's easier to keep clean when you don't have any place to put the dishes.

Next week we plan on going to Shea's folks to go see his mom's Halloween yard, and also head to Sam's club to get some of the more important bulk items and perhaps meats to stock in our deep freeze. That thing is so handy now.

Today I got files to begin working on a paying client's portfolio page. She's the girlfriend of a friend Shea and I met in Silent Redepmtion in Dark Age of Camelot. Things might start looking better.

Diamond is becoming a real pain in the butt. Since Kathleen's been here Diamond's listening skills have dropped dramatically. Talk about a spoiled baby playing games to get attention, and not the good kind of attention.

The only good thing is that she mostly listens to "Go to your pen." However, even that's getting iffy. Today I found her eating leftovers OFF of the stove. She climbed right up and was eating as if it were hers. So today's she's spending a good portion of it in her pen. She's getting worse now that Kathleen is mobile. *sighs* She must like her pen cause she's spending alot of time in there for being bad.

I really love my main character at DM. If I were ever to leave it would be such a waste of almost 8 years spent developing this character. So this November I think I'm going to attempt to write the Story of Matalina outside of the Wheel of Time.

A title of something like. ~catchy title~: A fictional biography

There is no real plot the story but I might give it an ending I'm not sure where will go.

So far I think her Warder days will be converted to an Army of some sort where she's sent to protect some specialist. A few details will need to be worked out and places need to be created but the story is there. And of course a good ending. Though I do know what I think will be the end, it's inevitable hehe.

Thought of an interesting title: My Lives: A fictional biography but the title doesn't go with biography but it's not an autobiography, though maybe it can be hmmm... we'll see.

I got bored. Well actually I was looking at what Alicatia could do as far as weaves was concerned and decided that I should make something more than my Excel spreadsheet. So I made a quick php script to do it online for everyone to use. It's a real simple script and a flat file.

My One Power Weaves

Monday Shea got a phone call asking him to come in yesterday for a job interview. He's applied for a job as a production planner. It's a desk job, no hard labor, the only thing that will bother his knees is sitting down and standing up. Even if the pay is the same it's a much better job with alot more upward movement. I hope he gets the job, he really needs a less physical job. So my fingers are crossed as we wait and see now.

Kathleen's spent two nights in her own room in her own bed. It really is amazing to see how well she's taking to it. Last night she even wanted to go to her own room. She was sleepy but the TV was one, Tuesday being Dead Like Me and Eureka. But she got fussy at 7 and so I decided well let me at least try. So I took her in her room with what was left of her bottle. She snuggled for five a little while then I laid her down, she drank her bottle and then drifted off to sleep. It was really amazing.

Though I do think she's getting a better night sleep than I am. She's woken up in the middle of the night wide awake and ready to play. She'll eventually go back to bed, but it takes a while, and meanwhile, Mommy freezes in her room and isn't sleeping. But in the long run this will be better. One step at a time.

It's ten thirty at night and Kathleen has decided that it's time to be awake. She's not being clingy or fussy, she's just awake. She was sleeping fine until I tried to move her to her own bed. *sighs* That was the wrong thing to do, oh well, hopefully she'll be ready when Shea goes to bed so it's everyone in bed and nothing fun will happen lol.

Tonight we tried putting Kathleen in her own room. We put the double bed on the floor with pills to the only side she can really fall off of and her room is nice and dark with the use of a nightlight and the blue clock radio with a CD player on in her room. Her rocking chair is in there as well. She was fine for a while but she kept waking up. We will have to move the AC back into her room and try again tomorrow night. I really hope we can work this through. The good thing though is that now I can lay down with her in bed and get her to sleep that way then go back to my bed. Hopefully we'll get it all going before Shea goes back to work. *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping.

Well it's two days late but oh well, it was just posted about today.

It's hard to beleive that DM is 8 years old and that I"ll be hitting my 8 year anniversary in January. And that is how long I've known my husband. Granted we have only been together since 2000, which in and of itselve is 6 years.

A repost from the birthday board:

I have alot of DM Memoires I'll try to list them in order of oldest to newest

1. Meeting Swordbard (ie: Mandien) in the Spring of the Mourning Inn.

2. Attending my first bonding party of Phoenix and Marrion (can't remember how to spell her name).

3. Sathinar setting me up with my first bond holder Tari (Rembry Fortran now)

4. Dragonmount's first breaking when we really "broke" DM for a week or so before launching our new website

5. Sathinar kidnapping Kathana while a Trolloc Raid was besiging the Tower. My first RP in which I actually didn't write it Ben did. And my beginnings of being Second in command of the Warders.

6. Yveva asking me if I wanted to bond after we had a converstation.

7. Going to Cairhein and my character Matalina wearing a dress for the first time.

8. Dragonmount going into DM6 where the RP and the Orgs split. And my breaking of the bond with Yveva and going to the Dark side and being bound by Raeyn.

9. Matalina's meeting of Alexander Namere and all the things that followed.

That about brings it current. I'm sure I left out a few things...

Oh yeah, the first ever Grinning Battle in the Spring of the Mourning Inn by Ben and Lonewolf.

And I of course remember the thread Seggie posted about, that was a fun one. I also think that Swordbard and his bond holder died in the battle before I was kidnapped so that Swordbard could become Mandien and lead the Aiel to their glory. (Only allowed one character at the time)

I have met my husband through Dragonmount and some of my bestest friends as well. I'm not going to name names cause I'll forget someone and I don't wanna do that. DM has been a large part of my life and continues to be even after having 1 youngster and a second on the way.

I heard the baby's heartbeat today. The baby is growing. My blood type is O+, you'd think I'd know this by now but I've a bad memory and I knew last pregnancy but forgot again lol. However I lost 2 pounds. Seems to be a trend with me and my pregnancies. But what little morning sickness I have will be tapering off so hopefully that will increase my eating habits. That is one thing I have to watch. I'm very bad with my eating habits.

Yesterday I booked our flights to my parents. We leave Gulfport at 6am and arrive in Syracuse at 11:30am with an hour layover in Atlanta. The return trip we leave Syracuse at 12:15pm and get home about 4:45pm with a little over an hour layover in Atlanta. It's still a ways away but it's all good. I have to call the airline to make sure it's okay with them but I don't see a problem.

Okay Game of Stones is really a sad game to play. It's click and wait, click and wait. Save your money so higher levels don't come and steal it from your in either resources or leave it on your shop. But the game is highly addicting for being so lame.

Yesterday we went to Shea's nephew's birthday party. Kathleen had a decent time. But I failed to realized that her bottle's nipple wasn't open. So for almost all day yesterday Kathleen wouldn't drink from it. She wouldn't take the bottle, but she was drinking from a straw and things so it never dawned on me till this morning that her bottle might have a problem.

She was up till 3am last night cause she was starving. I feel soooooo bad. Thankfully she drank this morning and we will run to the store get some apple juice and maybe some pedialyte just in case she's constipated and dehydrated. I'm feel so bad about this and I know it's an easy mistake particularly when you are putting a crying child to sleep who just won't go down, but it doesn't help me feel any better.

As much as I hate schedules and sticking to them, I think it's time to start a schedule for Kathleen. These past few weeks have been killer on her and on us. With one bedroom and one tv and they are both the same room it makes for going to bed a very hard time, particularly when our game time has decreased dramatically. Not so much as the time we have just the amount we've been playing.

Since it's a long ways off for the living room with be done. I think right now it's very important to get Kathleen in her own room. But there are alot of things that are holding that back. First, we don't want to have to move the crib she's in now to the kids room and then have to move it back in to our room when the next baby's born. So we will have to wait till the check for the grant money comes in to buy a convertable crib to put in her room.

We also need to darken the room down. We bought window tint and we think that should suffice to darken it down, if not we can put up curtains in the room. The room needs to be sufficently child proof, meaning all the outlets need plates and socket covers. We have all the stuff, just need to do it.

Once all these things come together we are going to attempt to try a 7 to 7 schedule with her. Wake up at 7am, Breakfast at 8, Attempt a nap at 11, Lunch at noon, Attempt nap number 2 at 3, her dinner at 4 and begin the bedtime ritual at 7pm. The bedtime ritual I've tried before but it just doesn't work all the time. And I see future problems for the few nights I actually watch tv. But the routine will be brush teeth and bath, pjs, bottle and cuddle and then to bed. But we'll see how well all of this works. And how well I can stay on schedule. That's the biggest problem, since I have to eat at least twice a day while I'm pregnant I sometims find that I don't eat enough and I pay for it later by being too "sick" to eat. I have easy to make foods, but with Shea home it really throws all my normal "schedule" out the window. I love him being home all the time, but my routine is shot when he is. But then so is his, next week is gonna be tough on everyone.

On another note, Shea's youngest nephew has a birthday party this Saturday at the Skate Zone. I'm assuming it's a skating rink. But being pregnant no one is gonna let me go skating *sighs* oh well. But I'm looking forward to going and getting out of the house and also introducting Kathleen to her first birthday cake and icecream. We bought a big shirt-like bib for her to wear so she can try to feed her self some cake. I don't think we'll let her try the icecream alone.

She's starting to feed herself pretty well. She loves Twix bars and Fruity Cheerios. We just have to watch for choking on the cereal as she tends to put more than she can handle in at one time. She also likes to try everything we have. Today she tried my pickle, after the first few tastes she was enjoying the juice. She either needs her own food when we eat or she'll try to steal ours. I don't mind sharing expect she climbs all over you and you can't really feed her like that. Or yourself for that matter. But it's all good. I like watching her try new things.

She's starting to stand up by herself. Balancing after being fully upright. She's gotten pretty good at it on our bed, and can stand for much longer on the floor when she tries, she doesn't do it often, I think for fear of hurting her butt on the floor. She's not quite walking yet, she's scotting from object to object, but she's not quite got the moving the feet thing down, she just sits in her walker right now. But she'll be going before we know it, then we'll never stop her.

My poor little girl. She's having such a hard time going to sleep lately. No matter when we start, nor what we do to help her sleep it takes hours of trying and lots of crying.

I hate letting her cry herself to sleep, not only is it hard on me, there really is no reason for it to be. She's teething now so that's not helping any. This one tooth refuses to pop out. It's right there you can see it. But she's also realizing now that Mommy goes out and she's out there but she isn't with me. Classic separation anxiety. It doesn't matter if Shea is with her or not, Mommy left her. And I think this is playing a large role in her sleeplessness.

Tonight I tried the cry out method, driving her around but in the end nothing worked until she'd cried herself into a hysteria, when I picked her up she calmed immediately down. We laid down and she calmed even further, then drifted off to sleep. When I put her down in her bed, she rolled over and went back to sleep. She cried once after that but I think that was more to do with a dream than anything cause she went right back to sleep.

I'm not sure who her sleeplessness is harder on, me, her or Shea. I get fustrated, but I'll do whatever it takes to put her to sleep. It's good Shea isn't working this past week and this next upcoming one, or we'd have some other problems to deal with too.

I think I'm gonna start the 7am - 7pm thing regardless of the day of the week or when Shea's home or not. The only problem with that is that if Shea isn't playing his game, then he's watching TV which makes the sleeping arrangements rather difficult. Maybe I can set something up in her room that will work till Daddy goes to sleep. Only problem is no AC. Maybe I can talk Shea into moving her into there before we get the house finished. She really needs her own room I can darken and quiet down at bed time.

I saw my regular doctor today, took another ultrasound and I saw the hearbeat. My doctor didn't seem worried, even after he found out I'd been to the emergency room when he was on call. Oh well. He told me and showed me the area that was probably the cause of the bleeding. He said it was a hematoma. With a google search it's basically a bruise. How I got it I dunno. If I'd known what it was I might have asked but he said it should be absorbed.

I feel alot better after having talked to my doctor. I have my normal check up on the 19th so that's good good too.

Thursday Shea found out he was beng laid off work for two weeks while they launch the ship he's working on. So that means we are kinda with out money for those two weeks. *sighs* I guess we'll manage the best we can, he can't even collect unemployment for those two weeks, oh well.

Friday night I started having these aweful pains in my belly. About five minutes after they started I started bleeding. I told Shea and we went to the hosipital. Between my nerves and the pain I was in I think I got sick twice before we actually made it to the hospital. Shea nearly jumped down the receptionists throat because he was making me wait with out ever asking what was wrong. But Shea did later appologize. We had quite a showing in the ER waiting room. Shea had called his dad and mom and told them to come to town when they got home, they were in Hattisburg visiting Shea's son. They must have called Shea's aunts and brother cause we hadn't been there long when they showed up. Kathleen wouldn't go to his aunts, she hardly knows them. But when his brother got there she went to him, so she didn't have to be in the room with us all the time. Though it didn't matter too much anyway.

They took some blood to make sure I wasn't RH- and did an ultrasound. To say that before the ultrasound I was scared is an understatement. I was terrified that we'd lost the baby but I resolved myself to relaxing so that if it wasn't the case then I would cause more stress and make it happen. But the ultrasound technician showed us the heartbeat. I was at the wrong angle to actually see the heart beat but Shea could see it so I was much more relieved. My only concern then was myself and what lay in the future. Bed rest isn't so bad, but I really don't want it cause that probably means that we won't make it to see my parents. So my fingers are still crossed but I think we'll be okay. When we called my parents, my dad told us Mom had gone through the same thing with me, and I turned out okay. So knowing that made me feel alot better.

It really is a good thing we hadn't gone to Dragon*Con, that would have been a disaster waiting to happen if this happened then. Not good at all. And it's a good thing Shea will be home with me for the next two weeks so I can take it easy and not lift things. It's an adjustment for us and particularly Kathleen, she's so use to Mommy puttering her to sleep that she won't with Daddy, well not at bed time. He's very good at getting her to nap when she's overtired during the day. Our weekend may not be what we had hoped for but it at least turned out for the best.

I've finally scanned in the new addition to our family's first ultra sound. You can find the baby in the darker circular area in the uppler left side of the picturer.

Baby's First Picture - Note you don't have to log in to see this picture now. After the baby is born that will change. It will be the same login in as you should have already, if you don't please email me and I'll relay it back to you.

We didn't nearly as much money as we hoped from the grant, however we did get enough money to finish the house off. So in 10 to 15 business days we will have the funds to finish the house. Hopefully we will have it done in a few months.

But now with the money I think our game time will diminish. We've been discussing this for several weeks. Come March I know I'm not going to have any time to play, what time I do have will be spend doing various other things online that I think are more important, not that I plan on having a lot of extra free time with two pre-twos running around the house.

I'm a bit scared about our financial resources and hope that things really don't get any worse than they already are. We can appeal for more money for the grant, which we think we will do. Though it has to be over $10,000 more than we already received, we will have to work on the figures. We'll see what we can do.

My dad starts his radiation this week. 5 days a week for 6 weeks. He'll still be doing the take home chemo treatments as well. I hope that everything will be fine. I am eager to go home, but really wish I could be there now for Dad, but life is never convienent.

Dragon*Con is next weekend and we aren't going. I'm a bit jealous but we do have other priorities.