I think I've found a decent site to start writing again with. Harvest Moon, is an Anita Black Universe Free-form RPG which means that I get to play in a modern world with vampires and wereanimals. And with Danse Macbre out it's the perfect time to start up. It's a start up RPG so it's small right now, just the way I like it. We'll see how long it stays active and if I can remove myself from DM completely.

Name: Aeryn Lynn Black
Age: 25
Weight: 132lbs
Height: 5'6"
Character Type: Werewolf
Occupation: Computer Programmer

Description: Red Hair, Hazel Green Eyes, Slender Build, a rose tattoo on her left sholder blade, a large scar on her right forarm from a dog bite.

Strengths: She holds the same values as her mentor did, to insure that the human in us remains alive. Aeryn is a hard worker and reliable. She's loyal to her friends and to a pack that will have her.

Weaknesses: Aeryn is inexperienced in her powers and in a pack environment, and tends to assume a submission position instead of asserting herself. She lacks self-confidence and can laps into a deep depression around her birthday.

Powers: In comparison with other werewolves Aeryn is weaker than most, most of the problem lies with her inexperience in a pack situation, having only been a part of one for little less than a year.

September 4th has always been an interesting day for Aeryn Black. The day of her birth has always been plagued with tragedy. Aeryn was born a month prematurely and her mother died from complications after having only seen her beautiful daughter for a few breif moments. Aeryn's father was unable to care for his infant child and gave her up for adoption. Thankfully Aeryn's adobtive parents were well off Accountants in New York City. They raised Aeryn as if she was their own, sending her to the best schools through out her life, including college.

Aeryn earned a degree in Software Engineering from a highly accredited private university. But yet again tragedy struck on her birthday just after graduation. Aeryn's boyfriend, Taylor, surprised Aeryn on her bithday. It was going to be a beautiful night under the full moon. He planned a midnight picnic in Central Park. It all started out wonderfully well until they were attacked. Out of the pushes flew what Aeryn thought was a dog. It mauled Taylor and turned it's attention on Aeryn. As the dog's teeth peirced Aeryn's right forearm another dog rushed the attacking one, tearing the teeth from Aeryn's arm. The pain and shock overwhelmed Aeryn and she blacked out.

Aeryn woke up in the hospital and was later infromed that Taylor had died from massive blood loss. Aeryn was devistated and fell into a deep depression. Her work suffered and she was nearly suicidal.

Two weeks after the attack a young man who'd Aeryn had seen walking campus before approached her with a great smile. "Hey. My name is Aaron." Aeryn giggled. "So's mine." Aeryn continued on with how to spell her name and held out her hand. Aaron grasped it firmly and shook then spoke softly. "I've something important I need to tell you." Aeryn was curious what a boy she'd just met would have to tell her that was so important but she nodded. "I've class right now, can we meet in an hour for coffee." Aaron smiled. "Sounds like a plan." They made the arrangements to meet in the student union cafeteria for coffee.

Aeryn really didn't pay attention to her class as she was eager to learn of the important information from the cute man she'd just met. But when she got there it wasn't pleasant information. "Aeryn, the dog that attacked you..." Aeryn started to cry at the mention of the attack. "Aeryn, please, listen, it's important." Aeryn calmed down slowly and Aaron continuded, "The dog wasn't a dog, it was a werewolf." Aeryn nearly fell over laughing but Aaron began to explain what had happened and Aeryn soon began to understand her life was in jeopardy. Aeryn stood up while Aaron was in midsentence and quicky left the student union. Aaron tried to follow her but she wound her way through the passing throng and he lost track of her.

That wasn't the last time she'd see Aaron, but it was the last time they would talk. Approximately two weeks later, Aaron tried to talk to her again, but she refused to listen to him and ketp walking. He screamed. "Lock yourself up or you'll regret it."

Aeryn wasn't sure what that was suppose to mean. The sun set and the moon rose and Aeryn's body did change. The pain was unbearable and she cried out in pain that turned into the howl of a wolf when the transformation was complete. The hunger hit and the windows of her first floor apartment shattered as she hurled her body through it. Her wolf self didn't hesitate it began the hunt.

She found a homeless man laying on a park bench in Central Park and stalked her prey. She grabbed at his throat and tore. The taste was unreal and she savored the copperly liquid. But someone stopped her, bitting her neck. A fight insued but the other was more powerful and something more than strength stayed the beast.

Aeryn woke up the next morning naked in a strange house. A blanket was drapped over her and Aaron lay on the floor next to the bed she slept on. He heard her stir. "Good morning. Do you beleive me now?"

Aeryn and Aaron talked for hours and she agreed to meet again and he would teach her about her beast.

It wasn't September 4th that brought the next doom on Aeryn's life, but a week before. Aaron's pack had started to doubt the college student's power and a coup was forming and Aaron's Freki, Jumael challenged Aaron for the rights to be leader. The pack's doubts came to fruition as Jumael's strength overpowered Aaron. The pack switched hands. As tradition spoke the pack ate Aaron but Aeryn refused and didn't understand the meaning of the action and no one took the time to explain it to her, instead exiling Aaron's latest pet project.

The pack almost literally ran Aeryn out of New York City, but not before finding out that Jumael had been the one to kill Taylor. This knowledge and Aaron's death lead Aeryn to escape the city life, to roam the world to find a new home.

Aeryn spent three years wandering, freelancing as she went along in order to make ends meet. She finally stopped in Chicago in hopes to find a job and a pack to take her in. Aeryn was tired of running.


Shea and I have been talking and we've come to the conclusion that visiting my parents this christmas is the highest extra money priority we have. So we won't be going to Dragon*Con again this year. Funds just aren't going to cut it this year for both and with my father's diagnosis of colin cancer it is best that we take Kathleen to visit them. We will miss D*Con but family has to take priority when our funds are limited.

Summary: In an alternate Earth, vampires have been given civil rights after a two year long trial in the Supreme Court. The City, a booming metropolis in the United States, is plagued with a rash of murders pointing the blame at vampires. The local night club, The Feeding Grounds becomes the center of the investigations, detectives begin frequenting the club and it’s not business as usual. One detective finds the means to go undercover with the help of one of the club’s female bouncers. She is entrenched in the vampiric community and the detective finds the life leaves a bad taste in his mouth. The detective despite his misgivings successfully finds the murderers by feigning desires to be a blood donor. (revised - June 26, 2006)

Process: I am currently in the procosses of following the the snowflake method I mentioned in my writing journal. I'm currently created detailed character charts for each of the main characters in Bite Me!

Progress: My goal is 50,000 words or more. Stay tuned for more updates.

Progress Meter

As I was searching the internet when I failed to write my first scene successfully for my newest story. I ran across a cool site, which I'm trying to follow for the beginning processes. Check it out, you might find it useful.

The Snowflake Method

If it's not a technical reason it's some political bullshit that someone is trying to pull. I've given my problems two weeks. If Jason or Kevin can't seem to find a reason why the email isn't working or why we can't get the damn mods installed then I'm probably going to leave. My biggest dilema is leaving the SG div. The others aren't so bad, other than leaving people in the lurch that were depending on me. This isn't fun anymore it's pissing me off.

But then again, I need the writing outlet, and I've yet to find anything I can sink my hands into that willl entice me to keep writing. Writing a story is all well and good, but I like not knowing where things are going and reacting to other peoples actions. I'm seriously considering starting my own play by post game, but I'm not sure on how much information I want to provide or if I want to provide any information at all, how strict I want to be and all that fun stuff. I really don't want to continue writing in the Wheel of Time universe, I'd rather work in something completely new that no one has any say in and no copyright violations. But starting a new game wouldn't be very fun if I couldn't get some people to play. I mean I can invite a few friends over, but most of my friends have either stopped rping or hold high up positions at DM, and this isn't my attempt at pulling them away from DM. I can successfully pull away from DM and still stay in contact with most of my friends. I dunno what to do but DM is starting not to be fun, and that's not good.

Welp the first tropical depression of the season has formed. It's not names yet so that's good. But right now it's located between the Yucitan Pennisula and Cuba. We've no flood insurance yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's gonna fizzle. *crosses fingers*

Ajah: ?
Nationality: Far Madding
Age: 107

Description: Alicatia is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weights approximately 115 pounds and is of a slender build. She has long straight fiery red hair down to her waist and emerald green eyes. Alicatia has picture perfect skin and has a tendacy to freak out when even a small blemish appears on her body. Her obsession extends to hiding in her room until it's gone. Unlike her skin, Alicatia's attitude is not picture perfect, she despises what she is and has become but cannot change that fact and can never go home.


Before the Tower

Alicatia Sunoma was born in Far Madding. Her mother was very prominent in their social circle and men listened to her when she commanded. Alicatia was learning well from her mother and the younger boys would run away when the green eyed monster approached, a name they called Alicatia for her not-so-nice attitude towards them. She was ever so commanding as a child, much like her mother, and few men came to court her when she was of age. One man did however. Alister Fregure was a small man who enjoyed Alicatia's looks enough to submit to her commanding authority in all things. Alicatia enjoyed his company and they were planning to wed a day after alicatia's eighteenth birthday.

As a pre-wedding present Alicatia's mother took her to Camerlyn to buy a foreign wedding dress in person. There the women ran into an Aes Sedai. Alicatia's mothers fondness for women who can channel was extrodinarily negative, but this dislike was overcome in order to find out if her daughter could channel. That was one of the worst things that could happen.

The Aes Sedai tested Alicatia and told her mother the horrid news. She could be taught to channel. That was the end of everything, Alicatia was sent packing with the Aes Sedai and shunned from her family. Alicatia's mother would return, and tell the tale of an aweful accident, her daughter was dead.

That night Alicatia swore her soul to the Dark One. Channeling was evil, she must therefore be evil. She wasn't sure what to do then other than to go to the White Tower and become what she must. An Aes Sedai of some Ajah to do what the Dark One wanted. She was now his pawn.

In the Tower:

As a novice Alicatia's attitude did not get any better. She was sent to the Mistress of Novices on many occassions, sometimes multiple times in a day for back mouthing her teachers and channeling with out permission. It took Alicatia a year to understand the rules or she was going to be kicked out of the White Tower. Her attitude calmed outwardly, but it only stewed more inside. She was still sent to the Mistress of Novice's office but only on occassion her remaining time in the Tower.

Alicatia had no friends as a Novice, she didn't even bother to get to know her roommates. She was a solitary soul lost in the darkness of her own thoughts and her own evilness. She didn't feel evil but the more she learned to channel the more she thought of things to do with the One Power that was not so nice.

It took Alicatia 12 years to become an Accepted. Her arches were horrible to her. The first one presented itself with her mother and Alister and a loving family that could have been if she'd never gone to Camerlyn. They had a two bouncing babys and Alicatia was torn between staying or leaving, even if she knew that it was not true and could never happen. She was not a mother and she knew she never would be. Alicatia with hope dashed in her heart stepped through the first arch and returned to reality with tears. The second arch took her through to her present. She had no friends and she had no life, she was pent up in the highest of towers looking down. The touch of the source was gone from her mind, shielded in a tower overlooking the White Tower. She didn't know why she was there, but someone came knocking at the door, claiming she'd killed someone she didn't even know. Alicatia was left alone again to contimplate her life and what she'd been accused of. As the witching hour came Alicatia was lead to the center of the Great Hall and that was when the door way appaeared. Her decision was disasterous and she left the second arch with searing pain as a fire bolt hit her as she disappeared through the portal. Alicatia was in tears and in pain but she continued on to the third arch. It was no different than the first two, it showed her future self, burnt and scarred but alive with blackened and scored bodies littering the ground. Tarmon Gaidon had come and Alicatia had survived. She saw members of her ajah lying at her feet and warders still twitching from their lost limbs. There was a great battle and the dark had one it. Alicatia didn't want to leave, but what was left if you had no place to live, she regrettfully stepped through the third archway and became an Accepted.

Time as an Accepted wasn't any better for her. She still kept to herself and had no roommates as an Accepted, life was lonely for her. Alicatia thought long and hard on her decision to join an Ajah. Which one posed the right atmospher for her to do evil things in the guise of good? A blue could walk whatever cause they choose, but Alicatia didn't think her cause was one that was easy to cover in a Blue Shawl. She knew she'd make it to Tarmon Gaidon but she wasn't sure the Green Ajah would be fitting, she was hardly a fighter, her slim frame and sickly appearance at times wasn't intune with the greater atmospher of what it meant to be a Battle Sister. The Red ajah brought promise to stop those who could channel, well men who could channel. Alicatia still thought channeling was evil and her own darkness made it impossible to stop the evil of the men in question. Reguardless of if they torn the world to shreads. The whites were too logical, and Alicatia's attituded was too passionate for them. She didn't think she would find a home among the whites.

*more coming soon*

I have an appointment for an MRI on Monday but I'm not going to be able to make it, can't really get a babysitter at 7am. So I'm probably going to reschedule it for Friday where Shea can take her, but Friday's gonna be kinda busy considering Shea has PT, I have blood work at 11am. And god knows how long that will take to get, but it's not at the hospital so that makes life a little easier.

My headaches are only slighty worrying me. Probably migraines or hormonal changes, but I've had three major headaches that were incapacitating in the past two weeks or so. That is a bit of a problem when I can't just sit and do nothing with the baby here. So we'll see how the MRI and blood work goes and I need to get my records down here so they know exactly what's going on with my head.

Shea and I have been discussing another baby. I'm still a bit concerned about finances and Kathleen's wellfare with a new one. I don't want her to be an only child tho, and it gets more difficult as time goes on for the possiblity of more kids before Shea retires. It's still several years away lol, but he really doesn't want to be retiring or retired when the kids graduate school. We'll see, I've a month to decide to continue the pill or not. 40 some odd bucks isn't worth throwing away.

Kathleen has taken a fond liking to pounding on our keyboards while we hold her at our desks. We've tried to buy her toys that are similar so that she can pound on them but none of them seem to keep her attention or fill the need to pound on our keyboards. So today we went to Walmart for groceries and I purchased a ten dollar keyboard and cut off the cord so she doesn't hurt herself. Right now she's sitting in her play pen checking it out, pounding on the keys and just having a good time. It doesn't do anything but hey she can beat it hell and back and it won't matter, we can just buy her a new one, hehe.

Why is DM always so god-damn complicated! I'm seriously getting tired of activating ppls accounts because the ppl who know alot more shit about servers are too lazy to look into it or even begin to wonder why. It's not the script cause it's not touched by any mods *sighs* I'm so tired of people not knowing what's going on or even bothering to look.

The coolest thing just happened. Kathleen, Diamond and I were all sitting on the bed. Kathleen was watching Diamond and Diamond was being curious about the baby and wanting attention of her own. Diamond got in Kathleen's face to sniff her over and Kathleen smiled and started talking to her. Diamond didn't respond but she did walk way to root all over the pillows on the bed. Then she came to lay in front of us. Kathleen was watching Diamond, Diamond was making her normal I want attention sounds and Kathleen started to laugh. No one was consciously trying to make her laugh, she thought something Diamond was doing or the sounds she was making were funny. She had quite the little giggle fit for no apparent reason. I was sooooo cute!

My pregnancy was so easy for me short of the morning sickness the first trimester. Labor wasn't bad thanks to the epidural. The only bad thing about after labor was the huge swelling I had all over. Kathleen is nearly 5 months old and she's such a doll.

She's teething now and hardly complains. She has her moments, but for the most part she ane I are a good team. I've learned to read most of her signs and know what she wants with everything she does. Short of her "I want to be held" most of the time she's a very good baby.

It's dark now, which means its Kathleen's bed time. She ate earlier and didn't fall into her usual feeding stupor so we played a little and had a video chit chat with my Mom and Dad for a little while before getting grumpy. She drank a few ounces of water and was down for the count. Night time is such an easy time to get her down for a nap. Most naps during the day she's had to fuss for several minutes before tiring out. I rarely get her down with out a fuss. Yesterday was the exception, she fell asleep during her second solid food feeding. She was eating it so well, I guess it filled her up. She slept for three hours.

I'm glad she's such a good baby. I know it can all change at the drop of a hat, but for now she's a very well behaved child. And I know I'm lucky. I love my little one so much. I don't know what I would do with out her or her father. Two joys of my life. *huggles the family* And I don't know what I'd do with out my puppy-dog either *snuggles and pets Diamond*. **/// Edited by the OS Dijinni ///**

The Aeon is a pirate ship captained by Jimmy Longfellow. His first mate is Bobbi Valen. Bobbi's little sister Claire Valen has been aboard the Aeon since she was 11 years old when their parents died in a boating accident while on vacation. Mykal Devon stowes away on the Aeon after hearing that it is heading towards Coscorta (from Bayside) where his betrothed, Tyra Quintin has been taken by an evil wizard, Salis Xander.

Mykal Devon – Righteous man of pure intentions. He’s got a holier than thou attitude and does what is right with out question. His methods of getting his bride to be back make him question his beliefs.

STR 12, DEX 10, IQ 12, HT 12
Advantages: Wealthy, Acute Sense of Hearing, Combat Reflexes
Disadvantages: Knightly Code of Honor, Bad Temper

Claire Valen – Raised on a pirate ship with their code of honor. Her ideas of fair play are that of a pirates values. She believes that there is nothing wrong with their profession and that it is their right to pillage and plunder. They follow their own set of rules and they have harsh punishments, sometimes worse than the local law could ever think up.

STR 11, Dex 12, IQ 10, HT 12
Advantages: Beautiful, Daredevil, Lucky, Perfect Balance, Ambidexterity
Disadvantages: Reputation as a theif and con artist (-2), Pirate's Code of Honor, Greedy

Salis Xander – an evil wizard bent on breaking the alliance between the Quintin and Devon families. This alliance will forge the largest army the high seas have ever seen, putting Xander’s own forces on guard and getting in the way of his intentions to conquer each city and island for his own kingdom. He’s bent on becoming King of the High Seas and ruling over all.

STR 8, DEX 12, IQ 14, HT 10
Advantages: Resistant to Poison, Hard to Kill (+6)
Disadvantages: Evil Reputation (-3)

Today I played with photoshop to create a rotating animated gif for all my "big" things at dragonmount. Shayol Ghul Div and Warders div have their own rotation. Tech Admin and a picture of Kathleen is a third. And the fourth rotation is everything else. I had fun making them, my SG one is by far my favorite. But then Mat/Cari is my favorite character anyway.

Here it is in all it's glory.

Rotating Sig Pic for DM

Yay, got it updated and it looks similar to this. I do not have the side bar but that's okay it's not really needed anyway, I could rearrange the side bar, but last time that was a bit more complicated than I wanted so I'll just leave it alone it looks fine to me.

I saw an ad in the paper today for a company looking for a freelance web designer. So today I sent my resume in and a few links to some of my designs. We'll see how it goes.

My site has flash on it now. It's kinda cheese, but I like it. I'll probably get rid of the shutter affect. I do like the affect and hope to add more pictures to it in the near future. It'll be really easy to do the rest in the exact same fashion once I'm happy with the feel of the first one.

I like my new theme using the Nifty Layout from Nifty Corners Cube.

Now I just have to convert myDAoC Theme to this for the message boards and the Photo Gallery. Then the whole site will be uniform. Yay! I do like this new color scheme.

You now have to sign up and login to comment. Getting tired of spam bots.

That's the big question of today. Hmmm? Only time will tell.

Everything at DM lately is giving me fits. SG people biting my head off for making logical suggestions. I've told Rand I will only be voicing my opinion to him now because I'm tired of it. The Warders suck when it comes to actually participating in RPs. And to top it off the staff hasn't responded to an idea I posted which is fustrating me and making this whole RP Coordinator job pointless to me. DM tech stuff sucks for the most part. I don't enjoy fixing things nor do I enjoy fighting fires which is all I ever seem to do. The only redeeming thing with DM is the database work I hope to be doine soon.

Shady website proves to be fun as well. With Serrge helping me out things could go faster than I had expected.

Who da thunk that I would actually find a toon I love to play in RvR on Hibernia. The Warden is such an awesome toon to play. Six second pulsing blade turn, red base buffs, red haste buff, red endurance reduction buff, self end chant, styles, shield, 30% rez, cure disease and poison. Not to mention all the stuff I've choosen after specs, perfector Master level, which will give me Power font and heal font and few other things. I have thorn weed field 2 now cause I've hit 3L1 RR. This is my highest level rr toon ever.

I really like my warden! It's so bad that I really don't want to start another toon. I tried a bard, but I'm not really keen on straight casters. I'll probably go with my blademaster or a hero next. Straight tank, but I really like my warden.

Kathleen's hair was in her eyes, so this weekend we got it trimmed and thinned at the top. She looks like a little girl and not a ragmuffin hehe. She's cuter now, in my opinion. But then again I'm a bit biased.

**/// Edited by the OS Dijinii ///**

Well Shea attempted to fix the AC concensor but it didn't work so he went out and bought two window units. So needless to say despite the fact that we have to take on AC unit back, we have AC in our bedroom! yay!