I found yet another thing that is starting to upset me at DM concerning the tech admin position. I'm tiring of people too easily. Not people asking for help other people. I'm not mentioning names cause I'm not sure if they read this or not. But it's seriously getting annoying.

Last night wasn't so wonderful, Kat woke up around 2am after we got done feeding I couldn't fall back to sleep, my mind revolved around all the things I need to do for Mat and things I'd like to do with her soon. It should be a fun time soon.

But this morning was wonderful, I got a chance to talk with Lie which I've not done in a while. And Kat and I had a nice morning chat. She's become such a chatter box at times. She talks to her fish and to herself and to me and is starting to chat with Shea. She's still a bit unsure of him cause he pesters her so much. But she loves him you can tell. She actually wanted her Daddy yesterday, it's usually I want Mommy. But nothing I could do would calm her down, but her Daddy took her and she was happy, at least for a while.

This morning Kat took a bath. She's finally found out that if she moves she can do some pretty cool things. She loves to bounce in her bouncing chair, and she tries to make her poohs move by moving her legs when she's in her swing and her fishes move when shes in her crib, she failes at the latter two but it's cute to watch. Up until the point that she gets fustrated then she starts fussing. So guess what, this morning in our bath, I got wet from her splashing. She had this look on her face while splashing like WoW look what I can do. Not the splashing so much but the movement she was moving around quite a bit as she kicked her feet and flapped her arms. All in all it was a wonderful bath, I enjoyed watching her try new things.

Kat's hair is starting to curl. I'm not sure if it's going to be a wavy curly or like little orphan anne. I hope the former rather than the latter but we'll see. She definately doesn't get curls from me, my hair has always been straight as an arrow, not an ounce of curl unless I put it there. Shea's hair curls in the back when it's long (or so he says, he's never let it get too long with me). So I'm hoping she'll have a nice wave. Though it's not looking that way short, the only good thing is it does straighten out when I comb it.

The following bio is two fold. One for a lacky for Semirhage that can channel and two for a channeler on the Ranch.

Name: Nalia Lulin
Division: Shayol Ghul
Rank: Mae'shadar to Semihrage
Place of Birth: Fairhaven, Cairhein (http://matalina.aliciawilkerson.com)
Age: 34

Description: Standing 4 foot 6 inches Nalia's presense stands above her. Nalia's dark hair is tinged with odd colors that she's manipulated with the one power. Streaks of red, blues and silver run down her waist-length hair. Nalia's dark eyes are shadowed with the turmoil she went through learning the arts of One Power and the tasks Semihrage set before her. Nalia has a scar that was the result of a fire on her right arm, stretching from her shoulder to her elbow.

Brief History:

Nalia Lulin was born in a small town a two days ride north of the capital city, Cairhein. Nalia was born to farmer outside of the small town itself. Her parents died in a tragic fire when she was 18 years old. Few people other than Nalia knew the cause of the fire. It had been Nalia's doing. It was her first channeling experience. She'd touched the One Power with out realizing it and in her anger the house ignited on fire. Nalia barely escaped receiving a burn on her right arm where a beam fell and bounced off of her.

Nalia had no intentions of going to the White Tower to learn to control the One Power. About two years after her parents tragic deaths, Nalia ran into a woman. The woman soon became friends with Nalia and began to show Nalia the power of the One Power, and the wonderous things you could do with it. In the end it turned out that the woman was a Darkfriend and proclaimed that the Light fools would shun her for some of the uses of the One Power she'd taughter her. The woman knew that the power would be enough to sway Nalia to the dark side and sharing her secrets further would not limit their association. The woman revealed to Nalia that she was the Chosen, Semihrage and that if Nalia were to swear her soul to the Great Lord, Semirhage would take Nalia great places.

Fourteen years later Nalia was still in the service of Semirhage and taking refuge in a safe house known to Semihrage. The Rashad Ranch was located five miles from the town Nalia had been born in and she knew the Rashad's as a child. She was glad to be of service on the ranch, and help Nathan with the duties of harboring darkfriends. Her guise on the Ranch is that of a ranch hand. She would not be very good at it if it were not for her use of the One Power. She wasn't nearly as good as others on the ranch, but she held her own.

My Mom called yesterday and said Dad is doing well. Surgury went off with out a hitch. He's still hooked up to tubes though, will be for a few more days. They will analyze the cancer they removed and talk about treatment beyond this. My fingers are still crossed, but the hard part so far is out of the way.

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Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


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Today around noon my Dad goes into surgury for the colin cancer removal. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dad. Love you lots and so does Kathleen! We'll be thinking of you.

I'll let everyone know how things when later today when I find out more from my Mom.

Since moving to DarK Age of Camelot I've kinda fell in love with Alikat. Shea's always called me Allie cat forever but I think AliKat is a good play on words, starts with the letter A and is much better than AW Designs. I'm working on new identiy, color scheme and logo and all that hopefully by May first it'll all be ready to go. Maybe I'll submit Joes site for CSS Reboot too, and the WoT Track... hmmmm... tho the Track might need to go live before the first. Need to talk to Jimmy and Jenn about that.

I decided to enter the CSS Reboot for May 1st for this site. Since I want to change AW Designs again to make it more professional why not set a deadline for myself as well as get publicity from CSS Reboot as well. It'll let professionals see my work as well as maybe drum up some clients as well. Call it marketing myself. But it should be fun none-the-less. Adobe's Web Bundle should be in just in time to take advantage of it for this project.

In two days or so I should be getting some pretty awesome stuff! We got our tax return in and I was able to use some of the money to purchase Adobe Web Bundle for much cheaper than the price at Adobe, thanks to the help of Jess. *huggles greatfully* The Bundle comes with all the latest CS2 programs AND Flash MX 2004 and Dreamweaver. And some other products that could be cool to use. I'm excited! I can't wait to start learning flash.

On that note, I also have two books coming in. Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton, the next installment of the Anita Blake saga and a Hands on Training book for Flash. I can't wait to learn Flash, I have some ideas that I'd like to put to use hehe.

There is also another countdown, my Dad goes in for surgury on the 13th. So if ya'll could keep him in your thoughts and prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Mom will call us around 9pm our time with the news.

Sometimes I seriously think Jason thinks I'm an idiot when it comes to design practice. He says things are standard and yet when I go look at David Shea's, Stop Designs, Molly's and several other well known designers in the industry Jason's comments are completely wrong. I am not an idiot when it comes to design. I read these peoples blog for a reason. I pay attention to the World Wide Web Consotrium for a reason. It's part of my Feeds to read everyday.

I KNOW what's going on in the industry. I know several programmers who program with single spaces. The only reason he thinks the standard is a tab is cause those stupid WYSIWYG editors do tabs and THAT is what people expect. Tabs stretch out the damn code! When you've a billion things nested you have to scroll horizontally and not only is that annoying it's inconvient.

After this I think I'm done with helping Jason with DM. I really can't handle things, that and he changes things and messes things up and then I have to go in and fix them. All this time I spend on DM for nothing. Is it even worth putting on my resume anymore? When I've got people who let me do my job with out interferring in the technical side of things? Shea keeps telling me to stop doing it. Maybe I'll listen to him this time. Why spend the time on DM to get fustrated and aggrevated at Jason instead of being fustrated at the design not working out the way it's suppose to. *sighs*

Last night I went to bed around 9pm or so and Kathleen laid awake in her crip for a short while before dozing off. I didn't wake up until abour 4pm, a normal time for me to stir on my own now. I realized Kat hadn't woken up yet. I fell back asleep until my alarm went off at 5am to make Shea's lunch and get his breakfast for him. Kat didn't way up until 5:40am. I was duly impressed that she'd slept all night long. However she didn't nap much the day before so she was pretty tired.

Today she's doing well. She slept in my arms while I watched tv for a few hours and then we went shopping at Walmart to pick up her baby book. I was going to make it but I realize that I'm not going to have much time to do all the things I want AND need to do around the house and with my upstart web design biz and do that. She took a nap as I rolled her around Walmart, but she doesn't stay asleep long once we get home. Thank god for her fishies to keep her occupied so I can sit down and relax for a while with out having to hold her, hehe.

She a good baby and I love her to death. I enjoy each moment with her even when she's screaming and I can't figure out why. I'm glad she's not colicky. She's smiling at me when we play now, she even smiled at her Daddy when they played yesterday, that was a first when he was bugging her. You know how Shea likes to play hehe. Oh yeah, Kat HATES her feet to be tickled. And when I mean hate, I really mean it, it's not a squirming grunt it's an all our scream. And yet Shea does it repeatedly, poor kids gonna be tortured too. We love Shea tho.

Kat got a rose from her Daddy for Valentine's Day, and I picked up a rattle and a pink bear that says My Honey on it. She got a card from Mam and Pawpaw and five bucks and Grandma and Grandpa got her a few outfits. Girl's racking up on presents hehe.

Name: Bryon Geiger
Age: 43
Nationality: Arafellin

WS request: 17 (minimum)

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185lbs

Description: Bryon has pale skin and dark brown hair tied in two braids that are tied off with silver bells. Byron lost one of his large brown eyes in battle and a large scar slants over the missing eye. Byron typically wears an eye patch to keep from startling those around him. Byron typically wears bright colored shirts and dark breaches. His swords are strapped at his back as typical in Arafel and his mace sits at his left hip. He’s various throwing knives around his person for emergency needs.

Primary Weapon: Two smitars
Secondary Weapon: Mace
Tetiary Weapon: Throwing Knives

Discipline: Balance
Philsophy: Flame and Void
Path: Path of Dual Weapons


Byron Geiger was born to Sammuel Geiger and wife Mychel. Byron had three older brothers and one younger one. Their father taught them the ways of the warrior. They learned at a very early age how to weild a sword. The Borderlands were a tough place and you needed to know how to defend yourself. The boys loved to spar against one another but Byron rarely bested any of his older brothers. He did a few times and he never let them live it down. He was a proud boy and fond of his family. It came as no shock to him when his father and brothers died fighting in the Blight. The five men of the family were called to defend their homes from an oncoming fist of trollocs. The battle was feirce and when Bryon saw his family being slaughtered his survial instincts took over and he headed away from the battle. He ran crying, not for the loss of his family but at his failure to die with them.

Bryon's mother was stunned that he had fled but she was glad to have one remaining family member and took pleasure in her son's company. A year later a mysterious illness struck his mother and Bryon rushed her to Tar Valon. She was fading quickly and the trip had been hard on her despite Bryon's attempts at comforting her during the travel. At the doorstep of Tar Valon Bryon's mother passed into the afterlife. Bryon said a prayer and buried his mother far from home. He marked her grave and proceeded into Tar Valon in hopes to begin a new life.

For several months Bryon roamed from inn to inn, looking for work. He found a few odd jobs but it wasn't until after his eighteenth birthday that he spoke with a man who would later shape his life forever. Magnus Trident told Bryon tales of glory and honor to be hand amongst the walls of the Shining Walls. Magnus was a Tower Guard. He had been in the service of the White Tower for several years and could tell Bryon stories that put his own father's to shame. The tales impressed Bryon so much he joined the ranks.

Bryon's time in the White Tower Training Yards holds many life changing events for him. The first of note was his Fight or Flee instincted he felt he needed to improve. His retreat from the Borderland fight had stung Bryon to the extent that he had fled from conflict over the past few years. But when a quarrel started with Magnus and another fellow, Bryon did not flee. He stuck his nose in where it didn't belong as he proceeded to stick up for his mentor Magnus. The event ended with Bryon being sent to the infirmary, but Bryon felt retribution for his past deeds. It helped to shape him further as he began to grow as a warrior and a man.

There was alot of conflicts in the White Tower. There were too many rules to follow and too many people who could give you orders. One Aes Sedai in particular, Glinda of the Yellow Ajah, took it upon herself to obtain Bryon's services for the odd job here and there. Glinda was a nice woman and she was looking for a young Warder to aid her in her search for the cure for death. It was a cause far out reaching the walls of the Tower and Bryon was intrigued by the woman's cause, but the tasks she set for him always conflicted with those his mentor had set. Conflict arose between Glinda and Bryon and he avoided the woman like salt in a wound. He felt bad about it, but the woman soon forgot him and found a man who was by far more worthy than he to be her Warder.

Things didn't always go as they had planned when he was a trainee. Bryon and Magnus had been out in the wilderness learning about survival. It wasn't new to Bryon but he listened intently and found out a few things that he didn't know. But on the eve of their return home Magnus was bit by a snake. Magnus went into a delerium and Bryon had to find their way home to save his mentor's life. Bryon spent two days fumbling for the way home. He hadn't paid as much attention as he should have on the way there. Thankfully Magnus lived and forgave Bryon for his illattention to details. It wouldn't happen again, Bryon vowed.

Bad things didn't always happen. One of the highlights of Bryon's training had been his trial with Magnus against another trainee and his mentor. The obstical course wasn't very difficult until it came to the spar, but by the time they had navigated the maze of traps and walls and the agility course set up with ladders and barrels to run around Bryon was exhausted. The spar went in their favor as their opponents were also tired. The skill of Magnus and Bryon's team work shined that day. Bryon hoped that they could continue this work when he joined the ranks of the Tower Guard.

Bryon's final test before becoming a Tower Guard was to help Magnus on a top secret mission to Arad Doman. Bryon didn't know the mission details, only that he was suppose to go with Magnus and help defend the package he carried. Bridgands attacked and most fled but Bryon took one man's life. The event left Bryon with a missing eye. Magnus had bandaged him as best he could, but when the wound healed a large, ugly scar remained. When they returned home, Bryon purchased an eye patch and wore it to keep people from staring outright.

Bryon's training took on a new light as he learned to adapt to using only one eye in battle. He wasn't nearly as good as he could have been, but he worked hard and eventually was granted permission to become a Tower Guard.

As a trainee Bryon learned from many souls and learned of many things. Some people preached of using your strength as your main focus, while others of your speed. And still others to use both as a team. Bryon beleived in using both speed and strength to their fullest potential. He wasn't an overly large man nor was he overly fast. His best asset was his mind and he knew that. Your mind is always your best weapon and knowing when to use brute strength or sheer speed was something you needed to balance out. Bryon would learn that balance more as he continued in his training.

*more coming soon*

Name: Bryon Geiger
Age: 43
Nationality: Arafellin

WS request: 17 (minimum)

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185lbs

Description: Bryon has pale skin and dark brown hair tied in two braids that are tied off with silver bells. Byron lost one of his large brown eyes in battle and a large scar slants over the missing eye. Byron typically wears an eye patch to keep from startling those around him. Byron typically wears bright colored shirts and dark breaches. His swords are strapped at his back as typical in Arafel and his mace sits at his left hip. He's various throwing knives around his person for emergency needs.

Primary Weapon: Two smitars
Secondary Weapon: Mace
Tetiary Weapon: Throwing Knives

Discipline: Balance
Philsophy: Flame and Void
Path: Path of Dual Weapons


Before the Tower

Learned to fight from his father
Fought in a great battle in the Blight at age 16. A fist of trollocs and a fade. Byron fled in fear as he watched his father and brother go down at the hands of the fade.
At age 17, mother became ill and Bryon took her to the White Tower for healing. But was too late, she died on the doorstep to the White Tower
His mothers passing gave Byron little to live for, he stayed in Tar Valon to see about beginning a new life.

The White Tower

At 18 a Tower Guard convinced Byron that his calling was to the White Tower and he joined the ranks of Tower yards
Byron learned well and fast and was a Tower Guard in two years.
Having made many friends who soon left him to become Warders, Byron vowed to remain a Tower Guard and protect all Aes Sedai equally. He didn't beleive in one on one combat.

Training Details of Note:

Conflicts - two fighting - flight or flee?
Conflicts - AS task and mentor task conflicting - do both?
Road Trip - two days 1 night alone
Obstical Course
Important Mission - with mentor
Reason for Path and Discipline

Tower Guard:
TG Ceremony
Week in the Life of
Unsuccessful spar against master
Horse riding skills
Path trip
BM Ceremony
Betrayed by a Friend
Going home - blight trip
Meditation on thy self

Oh, wow, it was soo cute. Kathleen was sitting in her carseat in her crib and I turned on her fish mobile and there was the cutest smile followed by a soft giggle for the moving fishes. It was adorable. She loves her fishes!

The rooster crowed as the sun peaked its weary head above the horizon. It's golden rays shining down on the glistening dew drops looked like diamonds scattered in a sea of green. Dawn was always waiting for me when I woke up. The day ahead would be as bright as the sun that rose. Every day was the same, except this morning. Something was different as I rose out of my bed to greet the brand new day. I wouldn't know what it was till much later.

My morning routine had been unchanged since I started my adult life. My bedroom was filled with the morning light as I gathered the things for my morning shower. The light blue carpet was warm against my bare feet as I walked towards the unlight hall the beckond beyond the closed door. I turned the light switch on and I blinked from the bright light. The bathroom was just down the hall, I really didn't need the light, but it was a good wake up call.

The cold tiles greeted my bare feet as I stepped into the bathroom. The yellow flowers on the tile added little warmth and the light stunned me as I pulled the chain above the sink. I pulled back the satin shower curtain and turned on the shower water, warmth poored down into the ice cold tub. Moments passed and the tub floor was warm as the water that poured from the spout as I stepped into the barage of water.

I stood there absorbing the warmth of the water before cleansing my body of the dirt from the day and night before. The shower was the best place to think and as I did I tried to remember things of the past, things that I knew I should remember. Nothing came to me, I had lost my memory, lost yesterday.

Where could it have gone, how could you lose something that wasn't tangible? Yet I couldn't find yesterday, or the day before. Memories are a precious thing that you take forgranted, you miss them when they are gone.

My normaly relaxing shower turned into a frantic dance for my lost memories. I rushed through the rituals that followed, dressed and brushed my hair, then hurried down stairs to grab breakfast. I needed to find someone who knew about yesterday.

One the table beside a plate of eggs and bacon sat the newspaper opened to a page already. I sat down and looked at the open page, and the headline stared back at me.

A Lone Survivor

I read on, and things came clear. A plane crashed and there was only one survivor. I was on that plane. My family was on that plane. Emotions I hadn't known to have during my shower flooded my body. Pain, Sorrow, Dread filled my soul as I continued to read the dreadful article before me. I had survived that plane crash, how no one knows. My family hadn't survived. Tears flowed down my cheeks and I grief overcame my senses. I wish I had never found yesterday.

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I got an invitation for a Stress Testing for D&D Online, It's only for like three days, but I might get a chance to take a peak at graphics and game play for a few days anyway, provided Kathleen lets me play at all.

I'm not sure I'm gonna like it much, Shea's not gonna play it as it has no PvP. It's all quest based, kinda like a D&D campaign except you don't get experience for killing things. No grinding here.

Last Thursday Kathleen went back to the doctor. Most of her thrush has cleared up, she's got a few patches left on her upper and lower lips, but the large patches on her tongue are gone. The doctor also isn't concerned about her tone anymore, she figures Kathleen was just waking up the last time. Which she was so hopefully that's good.

The following Friday I went back to the doctor and my blood pressure was fine but because I was still concerned I was given a 24 hour blood pressure cuff and monitor and the results were good for that. Yay, no medication for high blood pressure.

Though as good as both of those are my Dad called the other day and told us he has colin cancer. They took a CT of his whole body and other than a spot on his liver the cancer is confined to his colin. So that's good. He will have to have surgury, they are figuring the end of Februrary for that where they will check the spot on his liver as well. The good news is that it's early and hopefully the surgury will be all for it, hopefully no radiation, but we'll see.

I'm keeping my thoughts and prayers with my Dad but I know everything will be okay.

I've not had alot of time to sit down and write, so I figured I would do so now. My parents were here on the 12th and I'm glad they came down to see their grand baby. I know they enjoyed their time here and I loved having them here. I just wish they'd have seen the house in a better shape. But what can you do. Mom did some painting for us.

I went to the doctor on the 13th for a follow up to the pnuemonia, I had high blood pressure and I've been monitoring it for the past two weeks. I'd bought a blood pressure cuff and I think it's a little off but not much, but the one at Walmart totally disagrees with what i've been getting at home. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow to follow up on the blood pressure, I'll be taking in the cuff just to check it's validity. After that I have an appointment with a chiropractor, hopefully this will help with my headaches and achy neck. It's Shea's suggestion since this doctor doesn't physically crack a person's back. That just frightens me. He uses a different method, so we'll see, Shea really likes the guy.

Kathleen had thrush and she still has a little bit of it left, but it's not as bad as it was, there's only some spots around her lips, upper and lower lips, it's hard to get the medicine there as she tends to spit it out too easily. She's got yellow patches on her clothes cause of it.

We are trying to get Kathleen on a schedule of 4 hours with 4 oz of formula right now. She was fine yesterday but we interrupted the schdule to make it so Shea could see her when he comes home from work and right before he goes to bed. We'll see if she picks this schedule up. It may take all weekend to get her on it though.

I heard from the SBA today. We've been approved for a loan with them. About 80K worth of it. I'm not sure we can afford the payments unless we use that to pay off my school loan with it. We have an appointment with them next Saturday to talk and probably fill out paperwork. I think that's when we will be able to talk to them about building a house elsewhere. It might mean we don't have high speed internet access but I'm sure we can work something out, hopefully DSL really is up by Shea's parents house *crosses fingers*

Well it's been a while since I've been able to sit down and actully write down what's been going on. And there has been alot going on in the past 11 days.

December 29th Shea and I drove to the hosipital at 6:30am to await the arrival of our baby. They started inducing labor at 7:30am and I was able to begin walking around an hour later. Walking supposedly helps to induce contractions. I wouldn't really know cause I was feeling pain a half hour after they gave me the stuff. But I walked, I don't know how long I did, but we took it slow and I had to stop often cause of pain. Eventually it got too much and we went to sit down and the nurse checked me. I was 4cm dialated and it was time for the next phase. The got me going with an IV and some pain medication and after the drip was finished they started the epidural. That was probably the scariest part of the whole thing, and the most painful.

At 2:29pm Kathleen Airyn made her way into our large world, ten fingers ten toes weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces and 20 and a half inches long with tons of hair. Shea says I pushed for half an hour. I don't know how long it was, but I didn't feel much as the epidural was still working. I could barely feel the contractions and I had to use alternate means of determining when I was having one. I had to have an episiotomy (sp?) to help let Kathleen out. That still hurts now, but it's getting much better.

Kathleen and I stayed in the hospital until Saturday afternoon when we were allowed to go home. Diamond really didn't respond to the baby when we first brought her home. She sniffed and then went searching for things for her in all the bags we had brought home. That night she spent every waking moment with me, needless to say she doesn't anymore, which is good, she's not all over me when I'm half awake trying to take care of Kathleen. She's doing well, she's still a bit rough with her, but she's getting better. She even takes to licking her dispite being told not to. I think she'll be okay. I still worry cause Diamond is so big and Kathleen is so small, but it's all working out well I think.

Sunday, the family went to go see Shea's folks and his granny who hadn't seen Kathleen yet. There I started not feeling so hot, got a headache and a fever - which is one thing they told me to look out for, so when it was 100.2 degrees I called the doctor and he told me to just monitor it. By the time we got home it was 102 degrees, so I called again. The nurse was the same one as before and asked me what the doctor had told me. I told her and she asked did he tell you to call back. I told her no, but I don't think a 102 fever is something that is normal so I'm calling to make sure. When he called back he sent me to the emergency room.

We called Shea's folks and they came down in 16 mins (which is normally a 30 min drive) to take care of Kathleen. In the emergency room they gave me an antibotic and sent me home with nothing wrong other than maybe a cold or something. At least everything postpartum was doing well.

Tuesday, I think it was then we found ourselves back in the emergecy room because I was having coughing fits and could barely breathe. After a chest x-ray they informed me I had pneumonia. That was just what I needed. They gave me breathing exercises to do, an oral antiboitic, cough syrup and an inhaler medication thing.

I feel much better today. I've been feeling better for a few days but sleep is such a needed thing right now. Kathleen likes to stay awake at night instead of during the day. It's a difficult adjustment. I think I'm going to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. I feel bad about it, but since the medicine I'm on hasn't been tested in breastfeeding women I'm leary of continuing that so for the past 5 days we've been stricktly bottle feeding and the schedule is much more to my liking, every 4 hours instead of every 2 or 3. At least it's more sleep in between, and I really need that in order to get better.

Shea's almost got another bathroom completed, it's only lacking paneling above the shower, molding and a vanity, everything else is in. It look soo much better than before. The kitchen floor has been purchased, we will probably by appliances soon. The kitchen needs to be painted before we can put in the floor and appliances, and we might get lower cabinents as well before my parents get here, if not shortly there after I hope. We've a makeshift kitchen in the house now. The fridge and microwave are in the untility room allowing me to prepare bottles for the night for the baby.

I'm hoping we'll get a bit more finished before my parents get here, but if not oh well. They are here to see their first grand baby. I can't wait to see them.

We are having a baby shower next Saturday, hopefully we'll get a few more of those most needed items we've been holding off on since we knew this was going to be happening. We'll see how well Kathleen stays awake with all those people wanting to hold her and stuff. Maybe I'll be able to catch a wink or two.

As a final note, here's a picture of Kathleen Airyn:

Kathleen Airyn

Today we got the desks in place, the baby's crib in our room. The PCs are set up and working inside now. Yay! I will start working on setting up the baby's crib as soon as I feel better. My stomach is not feeling great right now. I'm wondering if it's nerves or if it's a bug of some sort, maybe what Shea had a few days ago. But we are one step closer to being almost all in the house, we still have the closet to finish and the molding in the hall and baby's room and then we'll only be cooking out in the shop. Slowing getting there.

If Kathleen doesn't make an appearance before the 29th, my doctor said he would induce on the 29th. They are opening new rooms this week and they are limited to two inductions a day between the three doctors in the practice. There were already two on the 28th, so I'll be scheduled at 6:30am on December 29th for induction if Kathleen hasn't show up on her own before them.

The doctor said I'm still the same, about 1cm dialated. So we'll see when she arrives. I'm excited even though I still feel we are slightly unprepared for her arrival, but we are much better off than we were even a week ago.

Bad bad headache today. It's not on the normal side I'm use to having headaches on, it's really annoying and it won't go away. I can't even sleep now cause of it.

I'm hoping it's hormones instead of an ear infection as that's where it hurts bad, right around the right ear into the sinus area and my jaw. All I know is it hurts right now, and I can barely concentrate on things. I'm hoping to finish downloading Darkness Rising for Shea and seeing about food and then maybe taking a nap before attempting to go shopping. We need some groceries bad.

Had a doctors appointment today, all is well and I'm 1cm dialated. yay! 9 more to go lol.

Over the past few weeks I've been notice a cramping feeling in my belly. Sometimes it stays for several miniutes and other times it's gone as quick as it sets in. They are starting to get painful, but nothing regular. This morning was bad, when I first got up to make Shea his lunch and fix him breakfast before work I was in a lot of pain for about a minuite. Then about seven miniutes later a short span of pain came on. By that time I had finished mostly with Shea's food and had to get sick. Thank god the aparment is in the back yard so I'm not seen by alot of ppl as they drive by. Not that it would be happening at 5am anyway lol.

I've read up on labor pains and all in the books I have, and neither one of them mention nausea, which I certainly have been having for quite some time. But then if the baby's getting ready to be born I beleive my hormonal levels change again, so that's a good thing to be sick. It's a least a sign at this site.

Labor Symptoms

I've only noticed the last two, but the first might have happened already too. I'm hoping that she'll wait until after the 17th to come so that we can go to our family christmas party. But I'll be happy anytime she gets here lol. I'm eagerly awaiting Kathleen's arrival and really being a Mom.

My mother is calling me everyday now. And Shea and I have tested out our contact system to make sure that his boss' pager works for an emergency while he's at work. It was a little disheartening yesterday when I couldn't get through at all. It kept telling me "All circuits are busy" was starting to worry me. The only good thing was **///Edited by the OS Dijinni///** was here so if the need arose I at least had a ride to the hospital and could rely on him to get ahold of his father as quickly as possible.

15 days till she's due and 12 days till Christmas. We aren't even done christmas shopping. We've got the ones that require stuff now. Mig and Meg's might get to them late.