Yay, for writing. Lets see if I can get 50K by the end of the month on top of getting my DM coding done lol.

And keep up with DAoC and DM rps.

I only had one minor issue with the DMpsw.com boards. I always seem to have an issue there lol. I will have the same problem on the DM dev boards if I'm not careful, but I think everything will be okay now that I know what I have to do.

I will do the dev boards later, right now I'm tired of uploading lol.

Tomorrow I will be updating the PHPBB boards that I am maintaining. That's three for DMPSW, one for gaidin.org, one for the aiel, one for shelved, my own, All for One guild page, Hysterical alliance page, Albion's Folly alliance page, Blood Raven Legacy Guild page... I think that's all lol... oh yeah and the DM message boards that are under development, so 2 more there too.

Fun Fun... hopefully all will go smoothly.

I hate fighting with friends over stupid things. I feel like shit now and very unclear as to whether or not the friendship will last. I've a feeling deep down inside that it will. It's over differing opinions and such, the friendship should stand that, but that doesn't make it any more clear now. Or make me feel any better.

It doesn't help my emotions have been all over the place. Little things are setting me off and I probably should have avoided any controversial conversations know this, but then I didn't expect a fight either *shrugs*. Never can tell how things will turn out.

To my friend I am sorry if I said anything that put our friendship in jeopardy and hope that we can work well beyond this. Disagreements make things stronger? Dunno about that but I hope it's true.

*adding later*

Agreeing to disagree is a good remedy, not fool proof but at least things are okay. Remind me not to bring up controversial topics until the baby is like 6 months lol.

One True Layout - An article on an all CSS based approach to designing multiple columns ordered correctly and changable via only CSS.

Doesn't surprise me tho *smiles* as in January they will have their very first grandchild to snuggle and play with. They are coming out Jan 12th and renting a van so we can all go someplace if need be with out being squeezed into our car with the baby in the carseat.

I'm excited to see them. And I'm sure they are excited to see their little grandchild.

It's time to do a bit of research into Claire's life. So far all that's been said is she's born in middle America and went to college. So where was she born, where did she go to school, let's find out.

I randomly choose a State - Kansas

Claire will be born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. (Official City Web Site)

Her parents have lived in the same house for as long as Claire can remember. There house is located between E Murdock Street and the Railroad tracks east of I-153.

She went to Samuel E. Spaght Accelerated Magnet Academy for Elementary
She went to Robinson Middle School
She went to East High School
She went to Wichita State University for College majoring in Computer Science
(School Districs Web site & Wichita State University Web Site)

She worked at Raytheon Aircraft Company for 2 years as a Computer Sys Technologist(Raytheon Web site)

Claire will be living with her parents until she quits her job at Raytheon. After her first job she'll move to New York City, New York. - (New York City Web site)

In New York Claire rents a studio apartment in the Upper East Side on First Street, 6 blocks from the train station.

Nano needs to hurry up and get her so I can sleep at night lol. Probably won't happen then either *sighs*

Notes on The Shadow's View that formed last night

1. Told in First Person
2. Main Character - Claire Valentine
3. Advesary - JQ Public ie: Society using articles, rumors, etc as the advisary
4. Based 20-30 years in our future

Brief summary: Born in Middle America, white, nothing real special, goes to college, goes into the Marines, learns to be snipper, spends 8 years in the Marines on various expeditions before moving to a desk job outside of the Marines for a few years, gets bored of pushing papers puts the word out to use her military skills to a profitable use, Spends several years as an assassin for hire nicknamed the Shadow. Works for the mob in various situations, meets a croocked accountant who she eventually has to kill cause he's embezzling from his employer, spends a few years being careless and is finally caught, goes to trial, and spends a time in jail.

That's the jist of it, anyway.


  1. Prologue - opening on how society is always viewed from a particular perspective and breife introduction of main character's history
  2. Highschool
    1. The Bully - school news paper article
    2. Prom/First Time - rumors
  3. College
    1. Frat Party/Drunk - editorial in local paper
    2. Need second idea
  4. Marines
    1. Bootcamp - rumors
    2. War on Terror - newspaper articles
    3. Tour of Duty - newspaper articles
  5. Desk Job
    1. Hard worker - memo to company
    2. Fired - filed report
  6. Assassin for Hire
    1. Job 1 - newspaper article
    2. After several later - psychological profile
    3. Copy cat - newspaper article
  7. Marriage
    1. Wedding - rumors
    2. Embezzeling - newspaper articles & rumors
  8. Getting Caught
    1. Getting sloppy - newspaper articles
    2. Caught red handed - newspaper article
  9. Trial
    1. Crooked Lawyer - trial proceedings
  10. Epiloque - in jail, reflecting on society and her time outside in the real world

I'm going to go with "The Shadow's View". Basically a story told from the point of view of the bad guy where the good guy always wins. What the plot is not sure I'll be working on that over the next few weeks trying to get some sort of goal in mind for my bad guy.

Writing evil or bad characters is alot more fun than the good ones lol.

Since I've been on a major "I want to write" kick I made a special journal just for that. The link has been added to the top of my pages here. I'll be using that for Nano as well. Some posts might be password protected for content, so if it is let me know if you want to read and I'll give you the password.

I've moved over the four peices of writing I had here so it's not empty and added a new peice that a few people have read already.

Name: Cari Namere
Original name: Cari Laenael
Place of birth: Cairhein (small town somewhere in Cairhein)
Description: Shoulder length black hair, generally kept down when she’s not working, brown eyes that show almost all of what she’s feeling except for short periods of time when her eyes go blank. While Cari is working the ranch she typically wears dark wool or linen overalls and a gray shirt, when she’s not working she tends to wear all black, material varies from what she’s planning to do. Cari doesn’t like dresses, but will wear them if the occasion rises.

Brief History:

Cari was born to Flan and Rita Laenael in a small town in Cairhein. The Laenael family owned a small farm where they grew herbs and other plants for sell at market. There was little to no meat around so most of the family was vegetarians, eating only the things they grew, or could catch in the neighboring forest. Cari was an only child, Rita died in child birth.

Flan raised his daughter to the best of his ability. Cari was loved and treasured by her father.

Cari had an infatuation with the merchant guards in the city for almost as long as she could remember. By the age of 14 Cari had caught the eye of one guard. Flan was eager to marry his daughter off but the guard was too dedicated to his work at the time in order to marry her. Devon Triad worked for a traveling merchant who frequently bought the Laenael herbs to sell on his trading route. When Devon was in town he would show Cari how to use a sword he’d given her and the daggers she’d purchased in market one day while they were spending time together. She because quite adept at them in the years that Devon came to see her. Devon also taught Cari how to read and write and brought her books on all sorts to read while he was away. Devon was also in love with Cari, but he was too dedicated to his merchant to actually marry Cari.

When Cari was 16 years old, Devon took her out on a romantic evening, the whole night ending in a night of passion Cari had never experienced before. That night was enough to get Cari with child. Devon decided he would marry the lass after the child was born and he made a last tour with his merchant. But Devon never made it back. His merchant was over run by bandits and Devon died heroically defending him. The merchant returned to the Laenael family with the news and Cari was devastated. She was so distraught that she had a miscarriage and pledged never to fall in love again.

Four years after the death of Devon, Cari suffered another tragic loss. The farm she had been raised on caught fire. The fire started in the barn due to spontaneous combustion of the wet hay in the loft. The horses she’d learned to ride on and her father burned in the inferno that followed the burst of energy. Cari left the farm the next day lost beyond hope. She eventually ran into man in an Inn in Cairhein. She never knew the name of it, she didn’t pay much attention as she wandered in for the night for a meal and a bed. The inn was loud and there wasn’t much room to sit except for at a table where a man and woman sat together. No one sat with them and Cari didn’t bother to wonder why. She asked to sit with them and they looked around and saw no other place for her to sit so they obliged to the request. Cari was thankful. The man’s dark hair and pale skin made him Cairhein, the woman had an odd look to her and Cari tried not to stare, but when the man looked at her and smiled, his uncharacteristic blue eyes caught her attention. She had no choice but to smile back at him. He reminded her of Devon. Her smiled turned to a frown and the man asked her name and what was wrong. Cari told him her name and said she had a bad memory float to the top. He gave her his name and her smile returned. They spent the night talking of trival things, nothing of importance, though Cari did have a general fondness for the man. But the next morning the pair was gone and Cari was left alone in the inn to ponder her life.

The memories of Devon the night before had made Cari realize she had no future holding on to the past. A change was needed in order to move on. Cari Laenael became Cari Namere that morning. The last name of the man she had just met the night before was just the thing she needed to load up her horse and move on with her life.

Cari drifted from place to place never staying long in one place, learning what she could of fighting with a sword and the intricacies of war. That was the one thing that she would use to remember Devon by. At the age of 30 Cari found her way back to Cairhein and on a horse ranch caring for the animals and the injuries that seemed to proclaim themselves on a daily basis. The Rashad’s took Cari in and gave her a place to sleep and a family once again to call her own. They treated Cari like family. Sara Rashad even went so far as to call her daughter on occasion and helped to ready Cari for a marriage that one day would be in the future. Sara had a lot to work on to teach Cari how to become a woman that a man would want to marry. All the years following the path of the sword and war and roughed Cari’s original sweet edges. But Cari was willing to learn and to move on with her life.

The Rashad family owned and operated a ranch that raised riding horses as well as warhorses. Cari was fond of both and helped to break three wild stallions. They wouldn’t be fit for general populace, but they’d work well for the war horse program. The three horses would have to bond with each new rider it would get and in the army it would be the best place for their still high strung nature to be used to best effect. Nathan Rashad gave Cari three soft mannered horses in payment. She named them Black Sand, Sand Storm and Hope Floats. Cari stayed on the Rashad farm and that’s where she’s currently working – tending to the injuries of the family and animals, as well as helping with other chores and training of the horses. She’s little time to find a man to marry with all the training Sara is making her go through, and the young boys who are asking for Cari’s attention to teach them how to use a sword.

God I hope it really does go the way it's predicted.

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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matalina ends up with 92 pieces of candy.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Joe's a meanie hehe. And to think he'd have enjoyed the costume!

Well, today Tropical Depression 24 turned into Tropical Storm Wilma. The names they choose this year have officially run out and the season still has a half a month to a month left. *sighs* Wilma is forcasted to become a Hurricane and possibly hit the Gulf Coast as early as the weekend.

I guess I'll be watching the news again for a while. I really hope it doesn't come near us, I really don't want to deal with another one this season.

I was reading Molly's journal and saw the above title.

Relatively Positioning an Elephant

The article was funny but the comments were better.

So last night I figured I'd go check out elance.com, a database of projects people need help with. I've a curtousy account which I thought I could place bids with. Apparently not, it cost 30 dollars a month and you can only place three free bids, AND if you get the bid you have to pay 8.75% of your bid to them. Talk about a racket.

I don't think I'll be going back there.

Today Shea's Dad came by with his trailer and we went to pick up the needed supplies for our walls. We didn't go with what we had initially thought, but we are still doing a wanes coating on the bottom 32 inches of all the walls. We were going to go with a knotty pine coated with a high gloss polyurethane (sp?), but we went with strips of plywood and regular panneling. It's white and goes well with most of the house.

Shea's Dad also called Shea's little brother and he brought a friend, and Den was here, so we had alot of help. All the peices are cut to height, now they just need to be installed and cut for the outlets and windows etc.

We are going to end up wallpapering the bedroom as the paint stripped off all the paper the primer is suppose to stick to. So we really don't have much choice and neither Shea or I want to wait till we can hang more sheet rock. We'll just have to do something else.

The bathroom is almost finished. We've got all the panelling up in there, the vanity in, the sink top and sink in. Shea's finishing up the molding now. We are going to have to paint the bathroom it doesn't go well, and also the molding will need to be painted. Neither one is a real big deal and can wait till later if necessary.

We are a few steps closer to getting back into our house, even if it is the back half of it. It'd be no different than when we first moved in, except we still won't have a kitchen. Though that will be our next project, after the room. That's gonna be the fun one.

We have the sheet rock up, purchased the paneling we are putting over it so that Shea doesn't have to float it out. We bought the new vanity, sink and faucet. The vanity is not a vanity but a kitchen cabinent that we are going to have to trim an edge to fit in the spot for the vanity, but it'll do. The only thing that will be left to do in the bathroom by the end of this weekend is casing the door way to the closet and putting in a new bathroom door.

I'm excited. Shea said he might put Den to work on the bedroom closet, laying the squares of vinyl tile we bought, but we'll see if Den shows up today or not, hehe. Never know now that he has an open invitation to come down when he wants to. We've a key set up for him so that he can come into the AC, see Diamond and use the bathroom (tho, thats in the house).

After we get those two rooms done I think Shea's going to try to go to Mobile (or Lowes in town if their saw is working) to get the panelling we need to finish the rest of the back of the house, then all we have to do is molding and carpet. Yay! I think we are finally making progress on our house.

I just got a letter in the mail from FEMA that states they are going to provide us money for "Expidited Housing Assistance". Basically I think this means we can find a place to rent, not that there are any in the area anyway. I'm trying to check online now if we can use this to finish off our Little House by paying someone to do the work, then we wouldn't need assistance as we'd have water and sewage.

But of course the FEMA website is taking forever to load and it has already timed out on me once.

*waits for the page to load to continue writing*

Well, we get rental assistance. Dunno if there are any requirements for what it has to be spent on cause we um, don't need rental assistance.

My next learning experience is going to be learning how to use Flash. However this endeavor will cost me $599 for a class and the program costs $699 for just Flash. You can buy Studio 8 for $999 and get Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Contribute and Flashpaper.

Smartsoft offers student versions for $245.00 and $279.99.

I can get:

Macromedia Studio 8 Win/Mac Qty: 1 x $279.99

QuarkXPress 6.5/Adobe Creative Suite Prem CS 2 Bundle WINDOWS Qty: 1 x $535.99

VISUAL C# .NET 2002 Qty: 1 x $58.31

Subtotal: $874.29

For much less than what one of the programs will cost me, but they are student licsenses, don't know how well that will fly for business *sighs*. It really sucks these software programs cost so much.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. The nurse I had take my weight was being silly on the scales and at first said I was losing weight. Thankfully I'm not, I gaimed 7 pounds since my last appointment.

Last week I went in for my one hour glucous tolernace test, and my blood sugar was high so they sent me to the hospital for the three hour glucous tolerance test. I sat in the hospital for four hours that day between that and my epidural exam. The exam was more of a q and a session and fill out paper work, and I think some preadmitance stuff.

At my doctor appointment I found out that my blood sugar is normal so I don't have to go on a diet. That concerned me slightly, the dieting I mean. I'm way to picky about my food to have to go on a diet, that would be ever so limiting and poor Shea would have to live with me. Thankfully I don't have to go on a diet.

All is well, the baby is growing well, my blood pressure is good, the baby's heart rate is good. Everythings going well. Only 12 more weeks to go before our little one arrives.

I've several ideas floating around in my head about what I'd like to write about.

#1 - Rewrite of my New Titania Saga
#2 - Completely new story based in another/same world as Titania is
#3 - A What If scenario for Mat, but based not in WoT world

I like the last best but there's no plot to that yet...

Shea and I have new Cell Phone numbers. Please contact us via email if you did not receive the updated numbers.

I'm seriously considering taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. I've got alot to do yeah, but it's something else to do when I get absolutely bored or need to write. Writing 50,000 words shouldn't be too terribly difficult if I can get my arms around a plot. Though I've several ideas, but none of which have a real lengthy plot to them. I could always rewrite from scratch The Quest for Titania, since that's basically what I have to do anyway. We will see.