I'd like to make a public thank you to everyone who has helped Shea and I through this very trying time. Some of you have give us your time helping us keep our friends and family up todate with our information. Others of you helped with some of the technical things on my end as well as some of the running of things. And then some of you sent us money in order to help us with our repairs. And everyone else who sent their thoughts and prayers to us. Each and everyone of you has helped us greatly with your contributions. We both appreciate everything you've done for us. Thank you!

We finally got our internet back up and running. And there is alot of catching up to do, when I'm up to it I'll do more and tell ppl more of what's going on, but right now I'm just trying to get things mostly started and done so that I can get on with more important things.

Things didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped with the Warders but I only hope that things will get stronger with the discussions that have been going on. I'm not upset about any of it, and it's really not a bad thing, just a misunderstanding. At least that's my thought on it, but now to get caught up on all the random things that went wonky while I was gone. (Not with the Warders) just everything in general.

Life is an interesting thing. FEMA has given us their estimate, and so has the insurance adjuster, and the money won't be enough to cover all the repairs so I hope that the SBA loan will help out alot. I will finish that up soon and send in the information so hopefully we can get more money.

We are doing well. The baby is doing well, kicking all over the place. Diamond cut her foot pretty bad, hopefully things will be okay with her, I'm a bit worried, as can be seen by my upset stomach and my headache. She is doing okay. I think on Monday I will go get some antibotics for her just to be on the safe side. God knows what she did. And God only knows what bacteria and stuff is still floating around after the flooding.

Shea and I are at home home. Well kinda. We aren't in our house persay, but we are on our property. We have a shop in the back of our house that did receive damage, but was the easiest thing to repair for temporary living means. We cleaned it out well, insullated and sheet rocked the shop. We've deemed the shop, the "little house" as the shop sounds bad, lol. We've an AC, Fridge and a gas grill pluse a few other things from the house that survived. We've got a peice of carpet down on the concrete slab and it feels a bit more homey now.

We don't yet have cable, so our internet access is even more spotty than it was at Shea's parents house. But we are doing well and things are going well. We will meet the insurance adjuster soon, and we received our FEMA packet with our SBA information . Hopefully FEMA will come by soon as well, so we can know how much money we have to work on the house.

The baby is doing well, she's kicking alot now, it don't hurt much, only when she kicks in certain places. But all is well.

Hurricane Katrina rolled in and we evaculated to Shea's parents house. Shea, Diamond and I are all okay. We are currently staying with Shea's parents house as our house had 1 foot of water in it.

My internet access is going to be very limited but I will let people know how things are going on a semi-regular basis. Thankfully that's all that is wrong, a mile away from our house things are much, much worse.

My prayers and thoughts are with every person here in the Gulf Coast!

Gotta love being sick on your birthday. I don't expect anything special on my birthday but not being sick would have been a high point of my day, lol. I guess it's only right since Shea was sick on his.

My only hope is that it'll be gone by time we go to Dragon*Con, being sick and up till late will not do me any good. And I'll probably be taking periodic naps through the day as I'm more than confident that my stamina has been drained and the baby is taking all of my bodies engery to feed and grow.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends. It'll be cool that Robert Jordan will be there, and there will be alot of people who are new to the con from DM and other places, but I'm more inclined to just hang out with my friends than sit in a track room or track rooms all day. The con's cool and I like all the stuff that goes on, but this is one of the few times I get to hang out with Jenn, Jimmy, Den, Nat and various others who we only get to see once maybe twice a year.

I'm sure there will be ppl there I don't want to see, but hey that comes with the territory. Tomorrow Shea and I are running to Mobile to Sam's Club to buy bottled water and koolaid and food stuffs for the trip. We also have to go to Walmart and get Shea some new PJs/sweats for the trip, we both need hair cuts and we have to get the inspection sticker on his truck (which is like two years old already). So Friday will be busy.

On Saturday or Sunday Shea has to cut our back yard, it's a jungle out there. Watch it rain!

Saturday evening I also hope to pull together a guild photo and do some rvring, but we'll see how that pans out. I'm tired today so we'll see how it goes.

But back to birthday stuffage, I get to make my second two layer birthday cake with frosting today. I made one for Shea's birthday, which I ate all but two peices off lol. It didn't turn out great, but it was good. His was a Peanut Butter Chocolate cake, basically a chocolate cake with peanut butter in the middle of the layers and peanutbutter chocolate frosting. The frosting is what didnt' turn out great as it melted on me *sighs* but oh well, it still tasted good. Mines an Orange Dreamscile cake. Mmmmm. Can't wait to try it, I might not wait for Shea to get home to try it lol. But I have to do dishes before I do anything.

We had the sonogram yesterday and we found out the sex of our baby. The technichian said we are having a girl. Shea's a bit sceptical about it as he didn't see any indication or lack of indication that it was a girl or a boy, but I'm prone to trust the tech as they do this all day for a living. Thought I'd still rather not have a bunch of pink stuff lying around if it is a boy. Paranoia I guess, lol.

We have a few pictures of the baby. This one is I beleive a front view of Kathleen. You can see her little face in the picture.

This one is a picture of her profile. She has her little arm up in the air by her head.

She had her legs crosses most of the time while we were looking at her. We saw her mouth open and her heart beat and she was kicking. I couldn't feel them, but she was definately moving.

It's sooo cool to see her.

Mythic today posted some job openings on the Herald, one was for a web developer. Can I say, that would just be an awesome job to have.

Web Developer Job

Too bad it's in Fairfax, Virginia. I'm really not up for a big move again, and I'm not sure if Shea would be either. I guess it would all depend on the money. But because I've no paid experience I'm not sure anyone would higher me. I'm a bit doubtful in my own abilities, despite having done some good work, in my opinon anyway.

The thing is they want php, mysql background. They are one of a few companies that do want open source programmers. It's just cool to see, that there might actually be work to do. Again, too bad it's in Virginia. If I thought I could make an interview I would send in my resume, but alas, no extra money to be found.

For the past view days I beleive I've been feeling the baby kicking. It's an odd sensation, but it so cool. Sometimes it feels like gas bubbling, but I'm pretty sure it's the baby kicking. Sometimes I'm able to poke at my belly and the baby will kick in response. It's really cool to know the baby's moving around inside. It helps alleviate some of my worries.

I was able to get Shea to feel the baby's kick, he was thrilled.

The baby likes to be awake early in the morning and late at night. But that's probably got more to do with the fact I pay attention better at those times, while during the day I'm busy doing other things.

I offered to host an alliance webpage for our new Dark Age of Camelot guild. I had installed Word Press and Phpbb and got the basic set up. Then I decided it was time for a uniform look.

Hysterical Alliance Web Page

And I absolutely love the design.

I had a doctors appointment today to check on how things are going this month. My doctor was late cause he was delivering a baby. That's good news. I gained three pounds since my last visit and my doctor said my weight looked good so all is well on that front.

On Aug 18th I will have an ultrasound in which we will be able to find out the sex of our baby. I'm excited to know but more excited to see how the baby is doing. Shea will be able to come even if he has to take an early out in order to make to the appointment. It will be a good appointment for him to go to.

The lab or the doctors office lost my lab work. I'm just praying they find it so that I don't have to redo it. Shea will make a big deal of it if I do have to do them again as we've already done it. It will be at their cost. I pray I don't have to do that again. I seriously hate my blood being drawn. But the doctor said he'd call if there was anything wrong with the results so hopefully nothing will be bad.

I will have one final appointment before Dragon*Con to make sure everything is going great. I don't expect there to be any issues. And it's a regular scheduled appointment so no real worries or concerns.

Well I've completed all the work on template design on the All for One web site. I've completed the Word Press template and have that working nicely. The template for the message boards is mostly done. The only real thing that needs tweaking is the graphics and maybe the color scheme of it. But for the most part everything looks like it's the same site now.

Yesterday I also added a new section for each of the members of our guild. The only work I've got left to do on that is the pictures for each guild members toons. But that's relatively easy to do. And new members don't pose an issue as I've a template ready for just that thing.

Shea and I already had talked about baby names when we first started talking about having a baby. We had a general idea for each a boy and a girl as to what we'd give them for names.

We kinda finalized our decision on what the two names would be:

Kathleen Airyn Wilkerson for a girl and Samson Paul Wilkerson for a boy.

We will hopefully find out soon what we are having.

Why does it always seem that when dragonmount.com is updated something always breaks? It looks like J did a few menu changes and a few News changes and when viewed in the message boards it breaks.

I would offer suggestions on what is wrong however the site doesn't even validate so it makes finding the problems even more difficult. I've shown him a pure CSS design and he's said nothing thus far about it.

I'm seriously considering, yet again, dropping Dragonmount from my responsiblities. I don't have the desire to improve it. I don't have the desire to do more than be a casual member. I've got big plans for what I think a successful site could do but is it worth my time and effort to do? I mean I'm not getting paid for it, it's a huge job. Sure it will look good on my resume and in my portfolio but will it actually bring in customers? Will it provide me with income in the future? I keep telling J he needs to do a ROI on premium accounts and banner ad removal maybe I need to do a return on investment for Dragonmount. I suppose I could investigate a little further on what I want to do. The idea is sound no matter where it's applied. Though I still think a fully scripted system by the team would be better than using someone elses code. Integration is always a pain in the butt and it is the major cause of many of our problems at DM. I'm almost positive of that, as we function very well on phpbb boards on the RP side of things. The only modification there is a master user database. Granted that screws with a few of the sessions issues, but it's not that big of a deal in my opinion.

Well see what htis week brings. I am attempting to finish my business site and then I guess I'll work on DM prospectous.

Well today I got most of the All for One Guild page up and running. I need to write a little script to pull the five most recent topics from the news section, make a WordPress Template for the news section, and make a phpbb Template for the message boards. The last being the most difficult task. I should try to finish my all CSS based layout that is both XHTML valid and also mostly CSS positional based instead of tables. That's alot of rewriting code so we'll see how it goes, hopefully I can just make the template changes and everything will work fine. At least that's what I hope I can do, we'll see.

All for One Guild Web Page

Yes, I generally have to unbutton the top button on my jeans in order to be completely comfortable, but I didn't think it was that much of a change from the normal. Shea says it is. I dunno. I guess I can see it in the picture.

Me at 16 weeks

I'll be taking pics every month or so to see the difference.

Well, Saturday night Shea and I packed up the computers, a weeks worth of clothes and the dog and headed to his parents house as huricane dennis was heading our way. We went up on Saturday because we weren't sure when it was going to hit on Sunday.

We lost power twice but it came right back and that was the extent of any events. The huricane missed us and didn't do very much damage at all. We lost one limb but Shea was going to cut it anyway so no real loss. Other than that no other damage done.

I'm thankful that nothing happened and will pray that we have such good luck for the rest of the season. *crosses fingers*

Today was a long day. And now cause of physical therapy I've got a worse headache than the one I went into it with.

Got there 45 mins early cause I thought I had to check in at the outpatient registration, which I didn't so 15 mins earlier than I was told to come. Then I had to fill our paper work. Cause of yesterday's tropical storm I waited around for 30 mins or so before they even called my name. Then I waited around for 15 mins before the guy came to see me. Heat and tissue treatments later it was now noon.

And I was planning on going to get my blood work done but since I was required to fast and it had been over 12 hours since I last ate I decided that I should go home and eat. As long as my blood work is done before my next appointment I'll be fine, I hope I can get it done sometime next week. Provided that Huricane Dennis doesn't come in and destroy everything or mess up our plans too much.

Well I moved the website successfully. Let's see how fast I can get ppl over here instead of on the old one.

Just need to notify my parents.

Please update your links and book marks.

Had the follow up visit after my last OB appointment and I lost another pound. Though my regular OB doctor is now out on leave, she's having triplets I beleive we heard in the office today. My new doctor seems like a nice guy and I'll stick with him. Shea liked him too. We definately heard the heart beat this week! yay! This doctor didn't seem too overly concerned about the lost pound so I guess I shouldn't be either. I just hope the morning sickness goes away real soon.

I had my first real craving on Monday. McDonalds cheese burger. And I don't even like cheese burgers, but it tasted good despite the onions. Had another one for lunch today minus the onions and it was good. We were hungry, hehe.

I saw the neurologist today, I've got a prescription for tylenol #3 to hopefully help with some of the killer headaches I've been having. He suggested I see a physcial therapist about my neck and shoulder muscles. The therapy might help my headaches, anything to not have to take meds and I'm willing to try it. I'm a bit nervous about it though, I'm not sure what to expect. My neck and back have been bothering me, but I think it's mostly from not finding a comfortable position at night to sleep.

We are now in the second trimester, 14 weeks and 2 days along. 23 weeks and 5 days left. It's an easy count down. I'm excited and eager to get on with a new part of my life. I've been so looking forward to being a Mom for over three years now, and soon I'll be one. I hope this will help fill the gap I've been feeling with my need for family contact. I'm thankful for the times that Shea goes to see his parents, I hope with the little one coming we'll see them a bit more, but I won't push it. I'm happy here and happy with my own family. I just wish my parents and extended family lived closer. Maybe it's just the need for people I have since I've no friends except the virtual ones. *shrugs* oh well, my life is much better here, money could be better, but I'm not overly complaining. I'm happy and with out the move we probably wouldn't have gotten pregnant this time around either.

It's good news. Jason's wife delivered a healthy baby boy last night.

Aidan James Denzel (middle name after his maternal grandfather and
paternal great-grandfather)
Born Wednesday, June 29th,
10:53 PM at Kaiser in South Sacramento, CA
7 lbs, 9 oz (about 3.4 kilos for you European friends of ours)
21 inches long (tall and skinny!!!!)

Congratz J, Jennifer and Welcome Aidan!

I finally have a design I'm happy with for Carrie's Quilts I had emailed Carrie to give me a good quality digital photo of a quilt she liked but never got one, so I used one my grandmother made me and use that as the logo.

It could be better, everything can always be better, but hopefully with the description and key words we'll get some decent hits now. We'll see though as it's difficult to search on something that is as vague as "quilts" and expect to be up there with some of the top ranking sites. So we'll see how long it takes to get up there, if it does at all.

So I've got 6 forums that use standard phpbb unmodded or with a single mod to update when there is a new release of phpbb. No problem usually. Yesterday I updated the Aiel forums and couldn't log in to the Admin panel, I figured someone removed my acesss. No worries I can always reinstate myself as Admin in the database. So I moved on to Blood Raven Legacy forums and the same thing. Here I know no one has admin rights but me so that was odd. I check out phpbb.com for any help, not a single thing was up there yet for the error.

I waited and a few fixes presented themselves but most of them required alot of work. So I took the first one and installed a full install on top of my updated ones, as I had only used the changed files. My assumption is that there is a file missing from the changed files that didn't get included into the updating. I reinstalled on the Aiel forms and low and behold it worked. So I then went through all six boards: Aiel, BRL, AoL PSW, DR PSW RP, DR PSW OOC, and Warders Division.

Being that Shelved was out of date by 5 revisions I asked for FTP acess and updated that too. All of them work now.

I'm a bit disappointed in phpbb right now as none of the moderators or dev team has actually gone in to say or fix the problem. It makes me wonder if going with phpbb 3.0 for DM will be a good thing or not. I suppose we'll see once we get that far.

I've got the look up and ready to go. And two pictures uploaded right now. I will do more when I feel like resizing and renaming all the pictures, and figuring out when the pictures where taken, some dates have been lost *frowns*

Today I was checking through Nat's blog and saw the words "former guildmates" and Rino and Tink being those two who helped Nat get to 50. So off I went to go check out the message boards for Silent Redemption. A once decent sized guild has fallen. The people in SR were like family when we played Dark Age of Camelot, now to find out people have left and SR is all but dead is sad.

But then I kinda knew that day would come eventually. There was a cascade affect that started long before we stopped playing. I'm not going to point out when I think the start of the fall of SR is as I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or anything as we are all friends. As in all things on the internet people come and go, it's the way of life when your closest friends are far away from you.

But it's sad to finally see that SR is pretty much down and out. I wonder how many people actually will still remain friends after the guild is done and over. I can only guarantee that our friendship with Den and Nat will go on, but then we've got alot more than DA0C to keep us together.

Good luck SR members and do try to keep in touch.

For the past two days or so I've been working on getting my photo album back online since it went down like three years ago in a hard drive crash that lost everything. That was lovely.

But I've been putting it off, and I've learned a few things since I built the original. Namely I learned server side scripting and databases. This is my second attempted at doing this, the first one I had up and running but I didn't make an admin panel so that I could easily add pictures with out actually having to log into the server.

So yesterday I built the sort by date and category functions, the name page, the thumbnail preview page for each sort and a photo page all of which took me about 3 hours to do and debug and test. Then I started in on the admin panel which only lets you add pictures to the database, not change them. I don't expect I'll have to make changes once they are in the database. So I didn't do it. I beleive the login is secure and there is no way someone can input wrong data to foobar everything in the database so that's one thing I've less to worry about.

What's neat about the admin panel is that it shows all the files that are in a given folder and displays them as [add] or (in database) so you know what's done and what's not. So adding new pictures won't be a chore, just look for [add] click the link and add it to the database. Simple.

The only thing I have left to do is actually go into my PCs and get all the photos, resize them, save them with none dupliate file names and then add them to the DB. Of course I still have alot of cosmetic work to do on the album itself, but the scripting is ALL done. I'll have to see how long it takes me to do the rest. The cosmetic stuff shouldn't be too long in the coming since more than likely it'll be "Creating Ripples" theme like all of my other personal sites are from my journal to my portfolio, so it shouldn't be too long.

When it's done I'll post the link, and you'll also see it up above where the Portfolio link is.