Today was my second visit to check on my pregnancy. I lost three pounds and the Doctor is slightly concerned about that. So I'll be going back in two weeks instead of 4. No big deal. She also told me that the morning sickness should soon dissapate, I sure hope so, being sick sucks.

We heard the baby's heart beat today, so all is well in that department despite my worrying. Except for the needing to eat more. I thought I was eating better, dunno. So I'll start drinking more milk and trying to add more protien to my diet, but most meats are making me queasy and not sure that's a good thing. I drank a large glass of milk after coming home from the doctors office and attempting to eat crackers and peanut butter, not one of my favorites, and it's a bit too dry for me. Might have to move to just sandwiches, I can live with that.

I had two questions this month, ones I probably could have asked earlier, but I never got around to it. Headaches are a normal thing in my life, at least since highschool anyway. I asked if it was normal to get one regularly. By regularly I'm meaning almost every day. It can be from a few different things. 1) not eating well enough, 2) hormonal changes, 3) Perscription change for my glasses is needed. So I'm trying to at least rectify the eating issues, tho I don't think I have one, but maybe I do . I hope to talk to an Eye Doctor and see about a persciption change (which was my second question) but if I can't get them by the end of the month then I probably will suffer until after the baby is born cause of all the changes going on in my body, it would be a waste of money. If I can get them by the end of June then I'll be able to get another set of lens (hopefully) after the baby is born.

On a headache note, I will be seeing a nuerologist in two weeks as well to make sure that there is nothing else wrong. Slightly worried? who me? Last time I went to a Nuerologist to rule anything worse than migraines out, it turned out to be a brain tumor. Though I had an MRI about a year and a half ago and all was clean then, I'm not too overly concerned. The headaches aren't all that unusual and they appear to be migraines. Flashing lights then a headache. Though as much as I try finding the triggers have become nearly impossible. I'll see the flashing lights in the middle of the night and then wake up with a headache, or I'll see them in the morning and in 15 mins have a headache. Sometimes they come on all of a sudden while I'm watching TV. I'm not eating anything I think can cause them, the only thing I can think of is allergens and the like, but those are generaly sinus type headaches and these are not. Pain on my right side of the head in the temple region. Regular Strength Tylenol which is safe to take won't work. Actually Aleve doesn't even work on these types of headaches, but I can't take that anyway. So I've been suffering through my headaches which cause nausea, and that nausea on top of morning sickness doesn't help in trying to eat. I guess I'll just have to make myself eat, never been real good at that. Guess I need a schedule of when to eat and what. so complicated. On a good note going to the nuerologist might be a good thing, might finally get rediagnosised with migraines (last diagnosis wasn't migraines as explained earlier) and potentially a pregnancy safe pain killer. We'll see tho. I'd rather suffer than take meds, particularly right now.

It was time for that yearly visit to the vet that Diamond loves so much. She had blood drawn and one shot. She might get one closer to D*Con when we need to board her again, but she only needed one shot, which is good.

But I also went because Diamond has been itching like crazy and has a few raw spots on her, on on her back end above her tail and a few on her chest. The vet said it didn't look like hot spots as they are generally greasy/syrupy which this is not. He thinks she might have allegies, to what we dunno. She's got some antibotics to take, and a steroid (I think) that is suppose to stop the itching. If she starts itching again after the treatment the vet said to try an antihystimeine, basically benedril. So we'll keep an eye on the pup and see what's up. Poor thing itchy all over.

She's sleeping now, such a hard day for Diamond.

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

Um, that's alot to count....DVDs alone probably total over 100 and VHS well that's a bit harder, probably around 50 to 60 different films there (some duplicated in DVD)

2. The last film I bought:


3. The last film I watched:


4. Five films that I watch a lot:

Pirates of the Carribean
Top Gun
Face Off

Well today I finally got three themes done for my portfolio. Creating Ripples is the default theme that is also here. Breaking the Mold, Changing Times and Flowering Possibilities are all new. I need to do one more portfolio theme that will change the entire layout of the site, I've just not got the idea yet so it can wait. I want to show that while all the content is the same there is only one change to the file, and that's the location of the theme. I didn't even change the headers to compensate for some minor graphical differences. I will however have to make at least one more graphical change as my lock for the clients area looks tacky on the Breaking the Mold.

My next goal is to finalize converting DM's current table layout to a pure CSS design and that will finish off the three portfolio pecies. Though I think I will be adding in some additional text about the clients, but dunno, I might create two sections in my portfolio that will take care of what I truly want to share and show off... a projects page, and the portfolio that demonstartes capabilities and the like.

But I'm slowly moving on that.

My first visit to the doctor was a peice of cake even though I was there for two hours for about a half hour discussion with Dr. Roth and getting the ultra sound. Here's the baby's first picture. The baby is located between the cross hairs in the picture.

My new PC came in. I've installed all my internet software. My next goal is to install WoW so that's ready for later. Then to install all my Adobe Software. Then I think I'll be ready to set up a network connection with my old pc in order tranfer files and the like over to this one and to manage a server over there I hope. We'll see how that goes, I'm not sure if I'm going to let that pc have net access, I'm hoping this firewall will keep it away from the net but allow me to use it as a server to do my work on.

My new computer will be here between today and tomorrow. It's scheduled to arrive 1 box on the 9th, which I think is the speakers. And the other two on the 10th which should be everything else but the mouse, as I got that already. Well a mouse will be coming with the PC but I don't like wheel mice so I bought an optical mouse. I prefer them much better as they don't stick when they are dirty.

My only issue is that I won't have my old PC hooked up for a little while, I might try to network the PCs together so I can at least get to the data. I think I'm going to have to buy another surge protector too, I'm already using two, but with a new pc will need another.

When the time comes we will find out what the sex of our baby is going to be. It really doesn't matter to me, but it does help in planning for not only ourselves but for family as well.

Shea wanted to call my mom and tell her. He mostly wanted to harass her *smiles* so we put it on his phone and used the speaker phone as he asked her "Do you prefer to be called Grandma or Granny?" Mom had to ask what? Are you pregnant? lol, Shea said no, I'm not but your daughter is.

She's so happy.

We also called my brother and told him he was going to be an uncle. His reply was maybe Mom will stop bothering me now ... hehe. I'm sure he had a few more sarcastic comments to make but we didn't have it on speaker phone cause it was acting up while talking to my mom.

We called Shea's parents and I think they were happy. His mom wants another granddaughter, she's only got one, so I hope I can help in that department but I'm not sure I want to know before the baby is born. We'll see thought, Shea and I will have to discuss it.

Shea also called Granny and told her. She sounded happy as well.

So all in all everyone's happy. I can't wait for morning sickness to pass. I'm going to have to go back to walmart and buy more of the Clear American Sparkling Water stuff as it seems to be the only thing that settles my stomach. Carbonated Water with out the caffiene and sugar I can live with drinking that for 9 months lol since I don't particularly care for plain water.

And I have to change my eating habits, more to the point I actually have to eat now. I've a feeling I'll be snacking through out the day. I bought some folic acid fortified cereal to eat as munchies and breakfast, some raisin bread and salad fixings so that I have some veges to eat since that is generally lacking in our house since Shea's allergic to 90% of vegetables. But I need to eat healthy so I'll start with that, might try soups and stuff too for veggies. We'll see when I go shopping on Wednesday.

Went to the doctor, they confirmed what my test already showed. I'm pregnant. I called Shea and told him, he wants to tell everyone so I'm sure tonight we'll be making a few phone calls.

Least I've an explanation of why I've been feeling sick. I feel better knowing. And I feel sooo much better knowing it's because of something I really want. I've been so worried I wouldn't be able to have a baby that I basically pushed this months timing out of my mind. There was a lot of weirdness that went on this cycle.

I've a doctors appointment on May 12th at 1pm where I'll need to pay $97. I can live with that. I think of the 3000 plus dollars it'll cost us only $550 in total. So that's good. They told me the due date was December 28th. So it looks like we'll be having a joyous Christmas. The only down side to the due date other than the kid having their birthday so close to Christmas is the fact that we probably won't make it up to my parents for Thanksgiving. We should make Dragon*Con barring any health risks. When I speak with my doctor next Thursday I will ask about traveling and such, particularly the D*Con Dates.

Well it seems that I don't need an appointment to get the pregnancy test done. I can just walk in, they'll do the test and screen me and then if it's positive there will be an appointment made for the next couple weeks.

So I'll go in around 1 - 1:30pm after some of my water from my baddler has gone away considering I've just drank 20 oz of water. From there I'll probably head to the grocery store to pick up a few things like cereal and oranges since eating apples can upset my tummy giving me gas, or that's what I'm assuming happened, and also why I got icky after eating milk/cheese.

The last few days I've been feeling a bit sick to my stomach. Some foods setting it off. I've been taking my Basil temperature for two cycles now to help me determine whether or not I ovulate or not. Well I'd not taken it over the weekend when my period was suppose to have started, I generally have such an off time between when I get up and when I take my temperture I just don't do it. Well, I took it today, no big deal right?

Well, when I plugged into my software a new little symbol showed up over the weekend. So I went to see what it was. It said "Congratulations! The extended length of your luteal phase indicates that you might be pregnant." So having seen that I pulled out the last pregnancy test I have and low and behold there are two lines.

I will call Shea this afternoon at lunch, then I'll call the OB/GYN to set up an appointment to confirm. This would explain 100% why I've been nauteous for the past week. *crosses fingers* I really hope this is true.

According to the estimated date of ovulation, the baby will be due on Jan. 3, 2006. According to the date of my last period the baby will be due on Dec. 31, 2005. I will post doctors appointment and results as soon as I find out. OMG! I'm so overly happy right now.

I had cream of chicken soup with my rice. It may have been the soup or the butter I put in the rice. That's what I had the first night I got a horrible stomach ache.

The second time I gotta horrible stomach ache I had eaten macaroni and cheese, made with 1/4 c. milk and butter.

Last night I made hamburger helper and it had a topping that was also made with 1/4 c. milk. And I got sick.

This afternoon Shea made me a chicken and cheese sandwich. And now my stomach is acting up. *sighs*

The thing is though I've had a few slices of cheddar cheese and no issue. I might just have a bug that's triggering off of the milk and dairy products, but I don't like it. It's making my life difficult to plan and make food lol.

Today I finished up lesson 2. I'd been having issues with trying to move from my old design to a new one. I really like the one I've got now's look so I stuck with it. Though in order to show the Power of Style Sheets I'm going to actually implement the 3 other themes I created a while back - "Making Business Grow", "Breaking the Mold", and "Changing Times".

I have a series of things I need to do in order to complete My Portfolio tho. My first project either tomorrow or Monday will be to get a static page of DM's current "Old School" design working on my site so I'm not pulling bandwidth from DM, and rid the page of all it's dynamic ads and stuff using static images instead in order to really show what I'm looking at.

I will do a little bit of background information on the site, like how much space that one page takes up and use it to estimate how much bandwidth it takes.

Then I'll redo the site using ALL CSS. I've done it before so it shouldn't be too difficult to do. And then do the same thing with the estimation. The point of this portfolio example is that my designs will save you money in the long run and you will get the same look if an "old school" designer did the job.

That is one good thing for CSS. The second thing I'll need to do is make the style switcher for my portfolio in order to demonstrate the power of style sheets. To show that all the same information that a mere switch of a style sheet can change the entire look of a site. The Zen Garden demonstrates that, but this is my work and it will be limited.

Well forcing myself to not go to bed yesterday paid off. I actually slept the whole night, well except for the part where Diamond woke me up to go out at 2:30 this morning. But I slept so that's good. I was dead tired yesterday tho.

I'm still exhausted now, but I did the dishes and vaccuumed the living room before I sat down at my computer. And I really don't want to be here right now. After Wendy and I get the boards back up and running on the new system I think I'm gonna take off and read or watch tv. Tho at 6am there isn't much to watch on TV. *sighs*

Though I probably won't be doing that either. Oh well, I'll find something to do to pass the time. I wish I had a game to play that didn't require me to go online. Maybe I'll play NWN again, doubt it but we'll see.

For the past few days I've been waking up with Shea and then going back to bed for a few hours, mostly cause I'm tired, but for the past three days my stomach has been giving me fits and I just want to go back to bed.

I also didn't sleep the last half of the night. I spent from 1:15am to 4:20am awake, not completely awake but tossing and turning and thinking and dozing. Needless to say I'm tired. But because I've not been sleeping well the past few nights I'm forcing myself to stay awake dispite being tired and my tummy not feeling well.

I hate being tired and sick and I think I'm going to have to go watch TV and/or read as I think the PC is contribuiting to my upset stomach. Sounds weird but my eyes hurting leads to headaches, and my headaches tend to lead to upset stomach, and sometimes upset stomach leads to headaches. Probably all phsycosemantic, but still it happens.

It seems PHPNuke is acting up. There can be several reasons why it's being a pain in the butt, none of which are very good things. The database is becoming inaccessable on the nuke user database account, and the ISP said there was nothing they could do about increasing that limit permanently, so we are down until Wendy and I can finalize our plans to spread out the users over multiple boards with separated database user ids. So we've split them up into three sections hoping to eliminate the exceeding limits.

Though today Wendy tried to create a new user and we ran into a small issue, so I had to copy needed table entries into a new table and see if that would work. I had to go about it a round about way as I didn't feel like writing a script to do so. So I exported it to a CVS file for Excel, deleted the columns I didn't need, and placed in the SQL statement information in additional columsn, copied and pasted the excel file into work, removed the tabs from the file and then inserted it into the database, only ran into a few problems with unescaped ' but I fixed them as they came up. It was an interesting endeavor to say the least, but at least our registration problem is solved.

I finally broke down and bought The Zen of CSS Design. And yes I'm reading it from cover to cover. It's an interesting book on design principles and practices for CSS, using the The CSS Zen Garden as a means of teaching that.

For those that don't know what the CSS Zen Garden is, I highly suggest you click the link above and check it out. Not only does it supply you with a good understanding of the benefits of CSS design it also has some excellent work to showcase that can help you or inspire your work.

So far I'm loving the book. I can't say as I've seen all the designs, but after I've read the book and each of the 36 in the book I will take a look at and also a gander at the CSS used to learn from them, as the book doesn't exactly explain it all, only some of the key elements. But it's a good read thus far, I'm enjoying it.

Well I got the letter in the mail that went out to all my neighbors for any issues. So on May 4th I can call the Code Enforcement office and see if there are any objections. If there are I'm not sure what will happen. So we sit and wait.

Though I've got some interesting ideas from Shea's Aunt the other day, so we'll see what goes on.

My Way News

Can you imagin 14 hours of Star Wars straight? My god my butt would hurt.

I just filed the paper work I needed for a work at home variance with the Code Enforcement Department of the City of Pascagoula. Now I have to sit and wait for mail to be sent out to see if there are any objections to the opening of a non-traffic business being run from the area. I think it was fourteen letters that needed to be sent out to my neighbors. I don't forsee any objections if they letter says that no customers will be coming to the house. Which is in all rights true as I will be getting a PO Box tomorrow while I'm out tomorrow for the mailing address purpose.

I will then print out my business cards with the PO Box number for the mailing addresss. Finalize my Tax information that needs to be sent to Mississippi State for Sales Tax stuffage. And when I get all this done then I can go to City Hall and get my Business Liscense.

Not too terribly much to do, but it's all a waiting game. I'm going to inquire as to how much an add would cost, create a few letteres of interest for potential clients and see where that takes me. Maybe a few flyers that I can post in strategic places and/or mail out to local companies.

So here's to starting up my own Web Design Studio, keep your fingers crossed.

Sure the iPod Suffle would be nice, but do I want to take a crack at writing a "How-To" document that gets published on his site?

It might give me a little more credence as a designer and might help me in the future with design. I'm still debating whether or not I'll do it. Deadline is May 30th, so I got about a month to think up something to write about that would be interesting.

Well today I called the first people on my list of Business Liscense contacts. I went in, got the paper work and I've filled it out. I want Shea to read it through to make sure that I think I answered it correctly and then I'll take it in tomorrow.

Then we'll see what else I have to do as step one.

Step Two will be filing for taxes, then applying for the business liscense itself.

Wish me Luck!

Why can't people just go with the flow for once in their god given lives? Why? So what if it's not 100% possible or 100% beleivable? Who cares? And why do some people think they've got every right to be bossy when it's not even their forums their being bossy on?

I've let a situation sit for two days as I was going to pull rank on my staff. And then the person making the request makes these over-the-top We are going to do this statements and sets me off again. This time however I did not wait to post as I do not want them to begin flaming and fighting yet again.

How hard can it be to give a little in order to RP with a division you wouldn't normally have a chance to do it with? *sighs* And yes I know some of you read my journal, and I'm sorry if you take offense to my comments, but I need to get this out before I sit and idle with it and it burns me up until the next outburst *sighs*

This situation brings back so many memories of pulling rank and being a bitch when I was Org Leader. Do you realize how hard it was for me not to swear more than the word hell in my post? I've a temper and that just set it off. And I remember now why I was such a bitch when things got out of control, no one listens to a single thing and no one is willing to compromise, all people want to do is bitch and complain until they get their way. What good is it doing them? Can't they offer up solutions to the problem they see? Can't they think outside the box? I know I've been accused of being a harsh ruler and setting some pretty high bars on rules and stuff. But I think I've learned a little bit from my past exercises as Org Leader and I've given in to some of the things I created and built for the Warders long ago, and I've let the users have their way, one that I was willing to give them. Maybe that's one reason why people think they can get by with out listening to what I say? Cause that's exactly how it feels.

It's not a discussion, it's a requrest for your help in creating the RP. *sighs* Okay rambled enough, anger is gone. Again appologize to those reading this who are part of the thread on the staff board, no offense and please don't take it personally it's not directed at anyone.

And it was a small letter. I knew what it said long before I read it.

So I guess I'm gonna try freelancing for a bit. Come Monday morning I'm going to begin the process of getting a Business Lisence.