How sad is that? My mouse keeps getting stuck on screen. Normally I'd go to clean the track ball, but guess what, it's an optical mouse *sighs* The other day it gave me a malfuction error. I switched USB ports to see if it was the port or the mouse.

The port is working fine. The Zip drive is doing fine there. The mouse is working but it keeps getting stuck and you hear that annoying USB discconect connection sound all the time. I have a mouse for my laptop I could use but it's a roller ball mouse and I like my optical one, not ball to get stuck. So I guess I'll have to save up for a mouse unless this one dies I might have have to put the other mouse on. I really don't want to, but it's getting seriously annoying.

Yay, my headache is gone. Well it's not completely gone but it's gone enough to live normally again.

Well I got Carries page at least up. I seriously don't like the design, but I'm finding the inspiration hard to come by. I love the logo and the background pic, it's just a matter of making it look professional but not busy. It looks like a site I did way back when I didn't know how to do it well. It's not meeting my standards. But it is up and submitted to Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Excite, Lycos and the other ones I know you have to pay for them to submit your site, or at least I didn't find the one that lets them crawl the page.

So I'm going to be looking for inspiration for a Quilt Store though I'm having issues with that. I know what I want in theory but the concept isn't coming out as I'd like. It's kinda there now, but not completely. I just need to think how to get the design going in the proper direction. The inspiration will come.

But here's the link anyway

My headache got better yesterday. Taking Aleve first thing in the morning at the onset of pain lasted the whole day. It didn't go away completely but enough that the day was livable enough to even play WoW, which I've not done for a while since the headaches started. Today I did the same thing but the headache is still throbing behind my left eye.

On a good note though, the chlomid looks to have worked this time. As my basil temperature went up .3 of a degree and the software drew that nice green line. So hopefully tomorrow it'll be high again. I have hopes though not sure I can live with headaches for a few months.

Well 6am rolled around today and I didn't have to take my meds yet. Though around 10am or so it started to pick up pain and it's now 2:30pm and it's yet to be releived. *sighs* Cold or Allegry and I'm seriously hoping it's not allergies and hope it's not from the pills I had to take as that might put a bit of a halt on things in the future.

I sent out two resumes today. One for an Electrical Position requiring 2+ years of Experience, I got 4 of them, hehe. But I think I might have applied too late as I didn't find it at gulfive today. The second one was for an entry level programming job in Mobile but it looked to be Web Design in nature, as in that was part of the job description. Being entry level, it might not pay what I like, but we'll see. I just saw it at gulflive today so I'm hoping it's relatively new. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want a job but I know if it's in Mobile chances of me actually taking it is slim, unless the pay is good. We'll have to wait and see.

Carrie has asked for some help in getting more traffic to her webpage. So here goes my first crack at search engine optimization. I will have to take a look at westciv or Roger's site, one or the other has a few good tips on how to do this. So that's where I will start.

I look forward to the challenge, it should be interesting and a good thing to add to my portofilo.

I have finished the static design of my portfolio. I've filled in projects that I've worked on and included a small summary of what I have done.

I hope to add a few new peices in as time goes on. I've one design I'd like to include but I'm pending permission to use the art in it before I post it anywhere that might get me in trouble.

I've implemented a hide email address on my both my designed resume and the printable version. Thanks to the The CSS Playground for that bit of information. It will come in handy for many many sites.

Well sinus meds helped take the headache away. I hope this is not a sign of what's to come this spring *sighs* I really don't want to be downing sinus meds cause my head hurts.

It's down to a dull ache one tht if I don't think about it I don't feel it. So yay for that. I still feel the pressure but it's not pain anymore. Good thing for meds of different variety.

I woke up with a headache this morning. Actually earlier it woke me up which it's not something it normally does.

Though as I get thinking about it I cleaned out my ears... and it helped alleviate some of the pain. Must have pushed wax deeper with the q-tip last time and it finally built up pressure. It feels better but it moved to the other side with a smlll ache on the original side.

I hope that it'll go away soon, it's just getting annoying. Peroxide helped earlier, going to see if that will help again. No not drinking it *smiles* Taking Sinus pain meds too to see if it helps. That's what it feels like.

With the weather change I think my ears might be the cause of the headaches. We'll see in a few days.

Yes, got a headache again today. Third day in row. Didn't even bother to take aleve.

It feels like a sinus headache, below the eye, behind the ear on my left side. Same place I always get headaches *sighs* Allergies maybe? But don't think so. Imagination or a I'm thinking it up... possibly, lol, but again I don't think so. Still think it has to do with the meds. Doesn't even go away after sleeping.

I'll keep an eye on it still but not sure a visit to the doctor will happen.

I'm going to watch my DVD now and hopefully learn something and then on Monday I'll start doing something every morning.

I'm looking forward to it.


Yep, that's right, woke up with a headache and upset stomach again this morning. However I did sleep better as we turned off the heat and it got cold in the house so that I could. But it needed to be turned on this morning as it was cold in here.

It rained this morning so Shea's home on a four day weekend. That's cool, he wanted one last weekend. Though I'm not sure I can play right now as my head hurts. We'll see tho.

It could be allergies too, with spring around the corner, as it feels kinda nasally. Tho that usally gets better with Aleve too. *shrugs* I guess I'll just have to wait it out. Will take Aleve this morning and see if it helps any, but if not it'll be a dull ache all day which I'll have to live with.

I saw the title at 456 Berra Street earlier this week but didn't read it. I stumbled across it from some other site which I don't remember.

Stu Nicholls | Cutting Edge CSS | Hiding email address

The basics behind this is the sytle sheet

.backwards {unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction: rtl; color:#c00;}

and the actuall email address:

<span class="backwards">ku.oc.u7s@uts</span>

It's really cool. I hope to use this in the future! The site itself has some really cool stuff in it. I might take a look at the CSS Image Map which Roger also mentioned on Berra street I beleive. or maybe that's the one I remember him mentioned... either way the site's cool and has some interesting CSS uses.

I really need to start logging on a daily basis the barometer and other various things that might cause my headaches. Woke up this morning exhausted, as I was trying to go back to sleep after replying to a post, I got sick to my stomach, and while I laid there my head started to hurt. I've a feeling my upset stomach is due to my headache and my headache is due to the fertility pils I just stopped taking as per the perscription. *shrugs* all I know is that Aleve didn't help take the headache away and I seriously don't want to do anything. Though I will have to look at careebuilder, yahoo, moster, dice and the newspaper for any new jobs, just not finding anything and it's starting to bother me.

Right now I'm more concerned over my headache. I really don't want to deal with it for two weeks like the last time this happened. I guess I can only watch it and see how things progress.

My goal for this week is to finish my portfolio to add DM and the Warder Div website to my portfolio page with a good informative blurb on what I've done for each page. This is so that I can send an email and/or letter to the radio station I listen tho to inquire about redoing their webpage.

Granted they just redid it but when I heard them raving about the site I expected it to be cool, but I was drastically disappointed in it. And this weekend I vowed to myself to try to vie for at least one webpage that might pay me. So that is my goal this week to make the tools that will provide me with a way to market myself and my skills.

My Portfolio

I showed it to Lie, Eth and Den and all three of them liked it. I'll show it to Shea later and see what he said. Even Den liked it and didn't make the same comment he always does "It's white!" I'm not sure I understad how this is drastically different from the last design I showed him other than the logo before was white as well. He's a phobia about white or something *smiles* but I enjoy his feedback.

If I see Nat I'll show her just to get another design point of view. It needs a little bit of modification as in IE there is a line on the right hand side of the page. IE and it's notorious bugs. I will have to change the size of one of the graphics in order to eliminate that particular flaw by 1 pixel, but it's an easy enough fix.

I've been interested in learning a martial arts for several years, always resigning to not do it for whatever reason.

The first was I was waiting for Shea to be able to do it with me, but his work schedule never allowed it. The second I think was we started trying for a baby. The next was cause we were thinking about moving. Now it's come down to I really can't afford to.

So instead I've purchased a book and a DVD to help be begin to learn Tai Chi. It'll help me get in shape, maybe relax me too, so I've ordered:

Step-By-Step Tai Chi
Tai Chi - 6 Forms, 6 Easy Lessons

Well see how long I stick with it, but I really do want to get in the habit of it everyday, we'll see how easy it is to learn on my own.

I don't like my bangs now but the rest is good. Will have to see if I grow into liking the bangs... the good thing tho, I can see easily hehe.



I've been toying with getting my hair cut. Shea told me I needed to do something different, just to change it up I guess. So I've been thinking and also growing out my bangs so that they aren't kid like anymore. *sighs* I think that was one of the reasons I kept getting oh you are how old? no, really? comments lol.

So I found one I think I like, that is relatively low maintanence but would require work if I wanted it to look right.

That's the pic I'm going to attempt to get done. I'll take before and after pics if I do decide to get my hair cut tomorrow.

Today I got most of the static pages finally completed for the new Warder site. I have to do all the the Armory insie pages, the world lore pages and add in all the administrative type links as well as add contact information to my staff pages with out showing the email addresses on the page will be the next trick.

Though I do know a way to do that it's just a matter of adding in what I need to in order to make it work well. I might even know how to add php to my pages with out putting them in the template files. See what learning about the system adds to ya.

After I get all this done, I will then work on formating the Message boards themselves so that they look nice instead of just tablized as they are now. It will remain in tables more than likely as that's the easiest way to save me work. But I need to modify the graphics and do some minor work to it. I've some ideas on what I want for graphics.

And I'll have more graphics soon I hope. I think I need to bump my post lol.

If you'd like to see the work in progress you can go to the Warders Division Website. Register and Log in. Then click on Profile and change the Board Style to "Warders"

You will then get a new screen showing you the new layout and theme on the message boards. Remember tho that the message boards need some work. They are functional right now, they will be pretty later.

I decided to use a javascript menu. I will create individual pages for each of the menus if someone doesn't have javascript enabled they will lose their prior information they were on, but it's the price they'll have to pay for not having javascript enabled.

It won't be that bad for them as it'll still do what they expect, it'll just have to load another page instead of keeping the old one up.

Menu Template working

Now to integrate this into the message board template system so that I can update the whole site. Good thing I've already created the Warder templates for the most part, just need to move files to the new system and then we are set to go.

One of my favorite sites out there is The CSS Zen Garden. The creator of the site Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag wrote a book using the designs submitted in the Zen Garden.

This is probably the only book I really want to read right now but I unfortunately can't afford it. *sighs* Not just because I love the site it was based on but because these are some of the top designers in the industry and I want to learn from them as much as I can.

Hopefully I'll be able to get The Zen of CSS Design: a visual enlightement soon. Amazon isn't shipping yet, but both Molly and Dave have gotten their copies as well as few other contributors. I look forward to the book.

My instructor commented on my techno logo so I tried to modify it. Though I don't think it's completely what I wanted it does give me the feeling of loud music kinda we'll see.

Well that didn't work. I have the stylesheet's linked but can't link the header in that way I get an error message. I'm not sure what the problem is or how to do this short of using pages in word press, but that's not the way I want to do that.

It went well the upgrade including the change from old template to new.

The new one is cool, but I want to keep my old one I created so I had to modify it. I however am going to have to think on how I'm going to do the pages to go with the template outside of the index page. I guess I could just put them all in the same folder and change my url in my menu.

I think I'll go do that and see what happens.

Today to kill time and add to my portofolio I've been working on a personal portal type area at So far everything looks to be okay. I've written a calendar script from scratch that will link into a schedule/to-do list on every day. But the schedule part isn't complete other than to display the date of the listing.

I've also got a login feature. I have no registration feature and don't really intend to either, it'll all have to be done via mysql or myphpadmin. Thought I don't know I might add it later on.

Currently everything functions off the index page with most of the code separated and included via the include() function. This way I can read the code easier and my index page isn't cumbersome. But I'm sure it's going to look bad in view source.

I've only done minimal formatting, just enough to make disticntions of stuff. I think I've got a few issues with my style sheet as my links are all not underlined. I probably need to check for /div tags in the calendar section to make sure I've got everyone closed as right now I beleive that is where the problem is coming from.

I want to add a blog roll and finish the schedule and to-do list. And then maybe learn how to package the deal together so it can be installed by someone else easily. We will see.