Shea went back for the second night of the sleep test. He says he slept great after he got use to the mask. He said it's the first time he felt rested, and woke with no headache. So yay!

I too slept better last night despite the massive amount of caffeine I had during the day. I'm sure that the pure exhaustion just took over. But once I fell asleep I didn't wake until 5:30 when my body woke me up to go to the bathroom.

Maybe the two of us both will get a better nights sleep when he gets the mask. We don't know when that will be but they will call with another appointment.

I didn't sleep well last night. I knew I wouldn't but that was just a bad night. I went to bed at 9pm as usual and felt I should fall asleep right away, there was no TV. But nope, I was awake at 11pm. I finally fell asleep and I startled myself awake for no known reason. Then it started raining and I had to listen to the rain on the window units. I got back to sleep and Sammi woke up because of bugs in her room. I could however find no bugs. I put her back to bed and I tossed and turned until Shea walked in around 5:30a. We discussed his night and his night wasn't any better.

He'll know more later today.

Tonight Shea is going in for a sleep test. The doctor he went to see last Thursday asked him a serious of questions that basically boiled down to Shea having sleep apnea. So tonight he's going in for that test.

I'm not sure how well he or I are going to sleep tonight. He won't have his bed, and I won't have him. I'm going to freeze. I'd have the girls come to bed with me if they didn't wet the bed. But then we'd probably not sleep either lol.

Shea has done his research and he thinks that he might actually have sleep apnea, and it might explain a lot of things. If he is diagnosed with sleep apnea tonight then he'll go back tomorrow night. So probably another restless night for all of us.

For a while Shea and I have notice that whenever we snuggle at night I go through a fit of sneezes. It's not all the time and it's typically only when we lye down in bed. Figuring it might be shampoo, soap or whatever, but we've joked that I'm allergic to him.

I'm beginning to think he might be a little right in that. But it's not really human skin cells, it's dust mites. While not officially diagnosed with allergies, if I don't take my Zyrtec nightly I do have issues.

When Shea starts working. This is not an if, he's going slowly insane with the not working. Not because of the girls, just because he's home and not working. So When he goes back to work we'll both be working. We need to find a new way to make dinner and eat in a timely fashion. So we are thinking casseroles and slow cooker meals.

What we are looking for are healthy casseroles and slow cooker meals that we can throw in the oven or make first thing in the morning for dinner. I have a few slow cooker meals (Taco Soup, Potato Soup, Chicken ala King, Chicken stew, Beef Stew and Roast). However not all of these are with in our budget right now. Though when Shea gets a job they will be.

I have a few casseroles we can make (Tuna Casserole, Chicken Casserole, Smokey Chicken Pasta [Macaroni & cheese with bacon and chicken). Some of these are not very healthy.

So basically this is a call out for recipes. Would love to hear suggestions!

Today around 3pm I got an IM from Shea. He started with "OMG OMG OMG" and that is not something my husband every says so I knew it was internet speak for excitment lol.

He told me that Kathleen got her first behavioural check mark for not working and talking quietly. This is her first behavior mistake at school. It's a big deal. Shea told me that she was starting her jouney to the dark side. I just laugh lol

Shea has called his parents and my parents and he'd probably call more if he could lol. It's just a funny thing to pick on her about we are by no means upset at it. It is bound to happen sometime. She still came home with a green, it takes more than one to go yellow. But it's a milestone.

There are so many PHP Frameworks out there. I've used CakePHP and am using CodeIgniter. There are several other ones out there Symphony, Yii, Kohana and many many many more. I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to learn another php framework.

I really like CodeIgniter. I love the light weight footprint, but it's missing a few things that I get sick of writing. Namely CRUD features for admin panels. I don't mind writing the code just if you have a lot then it gets tiresome coding those by hand. I found GroceryCRUD which is nice, but it has it's own templates, and I'm not sure I can integrate it into ones I'm looking into.

CodeIgniter also lacks an authentication system. There are many written, but I think I'm going to stick with writing one from scratch. While the code will typically the be same, I can at least customize it to my own needs as necessary.

Another plus to CodeIgniter and very few other PHP Frameworks is that the command line is not important. While this isn't an issue for work related items as I have command line control, my own servers do not, so it makes it difficult to cross things in my learning process.

So I'm thinking of learning some other design framework - HTML5, CSS3 frameworks. I've actually been playing with HTML5 boilerplate and integrating it in to a template system.

There is another platform I'm thinking I might look into making apps with - Pokki. It's like Adobe Air. I never quite got Adobe Air. I'm hoping Pokki will allow me to do things that I couldn't figure out with Adobe Air. It'll be interesting.

It seems that Sammi has strep AND an ear infection. Poor thing. She's on an antibiotic and home from school for the remainder of the week. She's sad she can't go to school. I feel bad for her but it's for the best. She seems to be doing well this morning after 2 doses of antibiotics.

As for my appointment I won't have results for about 10 days. The doctor gave me Natzia, a new BCP. We'll see how it goes. There looks to be only 2 sugar pills in this one, we'll see how it works out. I know I'll have to give it some time but we'll see how it goes.

And I'm off to work so it's all I can write right now.

I missed yesterday. But in my defense I worked through lunch as I have to take off 2 hours early for my doctor's appointment today. I'm working through lunch today and tomorrow to make up the time. Taking a 15 min lunch is the easiest way for me to make the time up and not feel like I'm cheating.

Sammi has a doctor's appointment today as well, for her ear. She didn't do so well last night. By the time I got comfortable in bed she was up about 20 times cause she didn't feel well. I tried to let her stay in my bed so I could sleep but that didn't work either. I eventually laid down with her for a while till she was sleepy enough to sleep with me gone. Hopefully the doctor will figure something out and we can get this ear taken care off.

Yesterday was a good day. We went grocery shopping. Sammi and I picked up Kathleen's cake. Then we went to the roller rink.

We were there a half hour early, we paid for it and the girls put on skates and we made a lap before Mam and Pawpaw showed up. Kathleen went through real skates, plastic ones and then finally real skates due to Pawpaws urging. He took her out and she did wonderful from then on out.

We had three kids from Kathleen's class show up. They all had a great time. We had the usual crowd of family minus one. One uncle and his family couldn't make it, but that's okay. Everyone had a great time.

I have pictures just not off my camera yet.

However we did have a few bumps in the road. Sammi had a fever and an ear ache. Shea took her home early and Mam and Pawpaw gave Kathleen and I a ride home. Kathleen had a blast. The other bump is I hurt my back again. I didn't skate. I think it was a combination of standing for pretty much 3 hours, rocking Sam on the icky bench in the party room and stooping to talk to the little ones so I could hear them talk over the loud music.

All in all it was a good day. Kathleen's birthday is officially over! Now to wait for Sam's.

Beware boys, this is female health :P. Last month my pill ran out. Last month I found out they were taking the pill I was on (Sprintec) off the market. My doctor put me on Ocella - a generic Yasmin I think it what it is. While not quite the same I do vaguely recall being on Yasmin between kids as that's the only time I've been prescribed BCP other than Sprintec.

I'm beginning to think the Ocella is causing a hormonal imbalance. I've been breaking out more than I usually do despite a shower almost every day. I've had foggy thinking. Been talking with Shea and I'll have trouble getting out what I want to say. Been running to the bathroom a bit more than usual. Yes I do go a lot but I think that it's a bit more than usual.

Before that during the off week of the bcp I was having a regular migraine. One that was very incapacitating that lasted for several days in most cases. The issue is that last week, 2 weeks into the new BCP I had a massive migraine. Thankfully I didn't have to work, and thankfully between everything we did to alleviate the headache it went away that same day.

I have a yearly appointment next Tuesday which I will be discussing things with my doctor. The new pill the prior issues and the migraines. My biggest fear is that I'll go off of the bcp and my health will decline again like it was, and the stress will increase because of the alternate means of birth control. Maybe something else can be done, we'll see next Tuesday.

Kathleen's birthday was the 29th, but her party isn't until tomorrow. We've had 2 possibly 3 (I think only 2) RSVPs from her class. She wants a skating party. So that's what we did. RSVPs being important with limited number of tickets for the price we have right now. Though not worried, if they didn't RSVP well then their loss.

Tomorrow we will go grocery shopping. Get Kathleen's cake and head up to the skating rink at 2pm. Then play "hostess" until 5pm. Thankfully it's pretty scheduled at the rink so I don't have much to do, tho I'm a poor picture taker when I'm having to hold Sam's hand cause she won't skate by herself. Thankfully Aunts and Uncles will be there too and they can help too.

She picked out a marble cake with a Rupunzel theme. It was the first princess theme she saw.

Jerry Lee's had a Phineas and Ferb cake this time. So maybe if Sammi's up for it thats what she'll have. But she insists on a beautiful race car cake. She loves her cars lol.

Kathleen is 6. It's really hard to believe. Sam will be 5, it doesn't so much as boggle my mind that she'll be 5, it's that she's going to be 5 and I can STILL carry her. By 3 Kathleen was too heavy to carry for long stretches. And Kathleen is not fat by any means, she's dense! Kathleen has meat on her bones and has her little curves. Sam, she's straight in every direction. She can't wear pants that fit her length cause they literally slip right off her butt. She ends up wearing high-waters. Might have to learn how to sew on some ruffles to her pants that fit.

Tomorrow will be a fun day I'm sure.

Shea and I stopped playing WoW months ago. We stopped playing Rift shortly after that. Its mostly a financial situation. Shea played DAoC for a while then got fed up with it. He and the girls are playing a Wii game pretty predominately called Skylanders. It's a bunch of little figurines that come to life in game. It's a money sink but the girls (and Shea) are loving it. We have a few more base figures to buy in order to be able to enter all areas of the game. But we have a 5 year old coming up in March so I'm sure we'll gather some more then. Or some other Wii game that she'd enjoy.

But as far as I'm concerned I've not really done much gaming. Work leaves little time for it, and I'd rather watch tv with my hub and the girls pestering me. I've tried Lord of the Rings Online again, and it's eh, only real benefit of playing it is I get to play with Rae. I've got a Lineage 2 account. Which is fine and well except for the fact that towns are kinda filled with squatters and makes the lag in that area so very hard to deal with. But it's an interesting game, we'll see if I do anything more with it.

This is why I say I need a cheap non-computer hobby. Something I can still do and spend time with my girls. I could read but that gets expensive fast with books to buy and all. I don't think our library has rental ebooks, and I don't have a kindle either. Though not sure that's all it's set to.

Ah well. Any suggestions for free games? An facebook games don't count.

Maybe when Diablo III comes out I'll have some money to spend on it, we'll see.

Last few days have been about resolutions. Some people are for them others are against them. They are goals I set out before me and I'll see how much I follow through. When it comes to dieting I suck at it, I know, and I won't add it to the list even though it is a big wish to lose weight. Though I am going to try to focus on getting the daily required veggies, fruits and grains and cut back on the soda and other not so good things. But we'll see, but its not a resolution, it's more of a life change than anything.

My Resolutions

  1. Learn a new framework
  2. Learn more about Unix System Administration
  3. Blog/Journal at least a little each day
  4. I've signed up for Code Year. It's a weekly programming project aimed at teaching programming. But it might be something good to keep the mind thinking.
  5. Eat Healthier
  6. Now that I'm working I need to spend more time with my girlies both together and alone.
  7. Find a non-computer, cheap hobby.

Last year I made resolutions. I'm rather impressed with what actually got accomplished.

  • Write 2500 words a week (or 500 words for 5 days each week)
  • Create a postcard/brochure for my freelancing business
  • Find a job
  • Buy an exercise bike (and use it!)
  • Expand my WordPress knowledge
  • Try to make sour dough bread
  • Fine new and creative ways to each well on a small budget
  • Try some new vegetables
  • Learn more jQuery
  • Reduce Allergens in my house/Deep Clean the House

#1 I failed at haha, I started out okay and just feel off the wagon.
#2 I didn't do it, I started and worked on it and updating my portfolio, but didn't actually accomplish the goal.
#3 I did find a job. And I love my job!
#4 We did buy an exercise bike, but I barely use it. I hope to try to use it more in the future.
#5 I did expand my WordPress. One of my projects to up my portfolio was Custom Post stuff. Though the latter end of the year saw a decline in WordPress and an incline of CodeIgniter.
#6 I did try to make sour dough bread but it didn't work out too well. Maybe I'll try again later.
#7 I don't think I found any creative ways to eat well on a budget. Maybe this year.
#8 I did learn more jQuery. I'm always learning more jQuery. It's part of what I use on a regular basis at work.
#9 Sadly yes we did do this. Shea lost his job, and that actually cut out alot of the allergens he was bringing home and we got rid of Bubba. So the two biggest allregen makers were taken care of, however sad it is that both happened. We are all healthier for it. We did not however do a deep clean.

That's last years in review. I'll post next about this years resolutions.

Do you have any? I do. But I'm still working them out. Kids are in bed. Hubby in the shower. 6am morning wake up call, ugh. And I'm still hashing out the resolutions. I'm not even sure I accomplished any from last year I'll have to go check it out.

I have a few already set up. One is to try to blog a little every day. We'll see how that goes. So far 1 and 1.

Everythings been so busy I've been kinda out of it with my writing lately. For a few months actually.

I love my job. The girls are doing great. I don't really have much to say.

Christmas was really good. We went to the in-laws on Christmas Eve, so we got to stay home on Christmas. The girls got very few toys, but I think they enjoyed everything they got 100%. Shea and I got them a new flat screen TV for their room, Grandma and Grandpa got them a digital point and shoot camera with accessory. Gram T got them an mp3 player (they got a camera and mp3 player for each of them). Mam and Pawpaw got them their very own towels, some more sheets and a school memory book, among a few other things. The aunts and uncles got them mostly clothes, a new wii game, and Cars 2 and a leapfrog tag book and amazon gift card for music.

Kathleen's had part of her birthday, he party is on Jan 7 so most of her presents haven't been opened. But we got her a game called Skylanders. Her and Daddy played on Friday so long that Daddy forgot to cook supper - Bad Daddy. Sammi isn't so happy with it, but that's okay I think she'll get it eventually.

Wish everyone a happy New Year!

I like my job. I like what I do. And even though it cuts out time on the internet I don't miss much online. I miss my bestest friend the most. We don't get to talk hardly at all, but we manage to stay in touch still, so yay!

I don't so much miss facebook as I miss seeing what my family posts on a daily basis. I do try to catch up first thing in the morning as well as check my email.

Nights I come home, we eat supper, then we snuggle and watch TV or play the Wii. I only have 1.5 hours with the girls before bed time so it's well spent time. Shea and I then read or watch TV till I need to go to sleep which for mean is no later than 9pm. Other wise I struggle out of bed before struggling the girls out of bed.

We get up in the morning, shower and eat breakfast and then to go school. I come home for about 30 minutes while I wait for my time to go to work. No paid overtime unless it's asked for and really there hasn't been a need as of yet.

Work Lunch Work and then we do it all over again lol. I could come home for lunch being I work literally 5 mins from the house, but then leaving is hard. I had to pick Sam up one lunch cause Shea's truck decided to stop working and it was a pain leaving Sam, she wanted to come with me. While she can she'd be bored out of her mind and I'd rather her stay home with Daddy.

All in all it's good I like it. The girls have adjusted well.

But it leaves little time to keep ya'll informed or myself.

I know it's only two weeks in, but I've been coding for a week straight - had three different specs tossed around and finally something I think we will start with. I've solved my biggest hurdle, the rest should be smooth sailing for this particular project.

I'm not sure I mentioned it but my official job is Web Developer/Data Management. So one of the things that I really need/want to do is take the tables and sketch out relationships in a visible way. There are almost 60 tables with varying degrees of foreign keys and the like. And it's a true relational database as most sql databases are but this data is on Microsoft SQL server 2008. I'm only reading currently from the data so I don't have to worry so much about the relationships in terms of deleting (yay!) but it's a lot of data I need to know where it's all at.

Shea reminded me again that he wished he could have a job he loved. And I must admit while I know I'm stressing over it (or was anyway) that I do really enjoy my job. I love coding and I love the problem solving even if it's nerve wracking for a while. I hope this continues, it has been only two weeks.

We were asked to write a letter to our children for an "all about me" day for each child in Kathleen's class. Here is my letter:

Dear Kathleen,

We are very proud of you. You have come a long way in so many things. You are an excellent big sister. I love the way you help your sister. She is lucky to have a big sister like you.
It was like only yesterday me and Daddy were taking you home from the hospital. We love you with all our hearts. I loved holding you and rocking you and playing with you.

Each year as you got older the more we could do together. You are a wonderful helper. I know your dad loves your help as well. You are such a big girl.

I'm glad you like school. I'm glad you like your class and I'm glad you've grown so much in the past year. You are off to a great start, keep it up. I know you will do great in everything you do.

We all love you very much.

Love, Mommy (and Daddy and Samantha)

For those people who aren't programmers. One of the first tutorials/lessons you ever learn in a programming book/class is to output to the screen "Hello World". I don't know where it came from or why, but it's everywhere in the programming world. So the pun is intended. I'm saying hello after starting a programming job.

I meant to do this yesterday but I chose to spend the time with the family. I miss my hubby and the girlies a lot, but all in all I've been too busy to think about it. Monday I didn't work. Tuesday and Wednesday it was basically just researching and going through things I need. Thursday was a bit more actually work after my correct computer made it in. I still don't have the right OS nor an email program, but hopefully that will be remedied soon as well.

Friday I actually started coding. I'm nervous, but I coded almost all of Friday. yay! It really is amazing how much like working at home it was. However I will have to bring in a headset, I'm sharing an office with the IT guy. He gets lots of calls and uses the speaker phone a lot and it's distracting. I will have to put up a note/sign or get a mirror to hang so I know if people are there, since my back is to the door.

I found out after getting hired on that they will be moving offices in a few months, to Moss Point. I'm hoping not to far away, I really like the closeness, but we'll see. When we move hopefully I'll have my own office - another we'll see.

I'm going to be a bit scarce while I adjust to the new life, so bare with me I do not intend to abandon my journal, my facebook or anything else of social internet. It's just an adjustment I need to make.

Today was an interesting first day at work. But it wasn't a bad day. All in all I like the people I will be working with the most, so that's good.

My day was "eventful" I guess you could say. My computer hadn't arrived yet. It was out for delivery. No problem we went over what we could with out the computer. It came in relatively early in the morning. Then after we got it all set up, we started trying to install the software and it wasn't going to work, it wasn't the right computer type. So they started scrambling to figure out what happened and what to do. I should be getting my computer on Thursday, not sure how much coding I'll get done before I get that but we'll see.

I will be working on an iMac. It'll be a challenge to pick up but I've always wanted to work on one so we'll see how this goes. The only down side today's computer was the mouse was a bit erratic. I think it was just this computer, I would move it one way and it would spaz out and go the other. It was annoying. Hopefully the new one will be better lol.

All in all it was a good day. I have a deadline for my first project so we'll see how long it really takes me to code things lol. We'll see if my current estimates are right or if I'm way off on things. I have some things I need to learn and start looking up and working on in my free time. I'll have to make myself a list of skills to learn. Most of which are already on my so-called agenda, just haven't gotten to them yet for whatever reason.

As of Monday I will be gainfully employed. I was offered a position at Baber's Corporate Office as a Web Developer. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I'm going to miss my babies and my best friend, but I will be happy to be doing what I do so very much enjoy doing - coding.

The job is close to home - literally five minutes from the house. This is just a perfect job if there ever was one. I hope I do the company justice. I am nervous I'll choke lol. But then I was nervous about the test too.

The tests today were nothing for me to fret over. They were based on PHP and SQL queries. Of course there were things that I didn't get right away. I look a lot of stuff up! But it wasn't a matter of getting a great "score" it was an assessment of my skills more or less. The second part of a test was to decipher someone's code and tell him what it did. I think I did fairly well there with a few hints needed. The last part of the test was a code example. Basically he wanted me to spit out PHP that worked on a variable. It was probably the hardest of the tests because there wasn't much information given and I had to find the inspiration to do something.

So I created an array of random numbers between 1 and 100. And had it output the random number, the sum of the number plus all other numbers before it in the array, it also output the sum of the current number plus the one before it and it decided if the random number was even or odd. What I liked most about this part of the test was that he liked the way the code read. So that was a big plus for me.

All in all I was gone about an hour and a half. The told me that they were going to speak with the owner/their boss and persue hiring me. Yay! They asked me when I could start. My reply was I needed a few days to get my wardrobe together as my business attire was small. So Monday was a good starting day.


I got home and was on the phone with my Mom telling her the good news when I got a call. I didn't recognize the number so I took the call. They wanted me to come in and take an assessment test. I said sure I could be back there in 15 minutes. No big deal but I was worried about what they wanted me to do. It turned out to be just your basic morality/ethics test. While there I also filled out all the necessary paperwork. Hopefully on Monday I won't have much to do but we'll see I'm sure there will be something - and a potential drug test.

All in all I'm still major excited and really nervous. But I know I can do the job and I am thankful for this opportunity, not only to do what I love, but to do it so close to home. (And to be able to work FROM home if necessary!)

Wish me luck and pray for me while I continue on this new journey. It's going to be a very interesting ride!

I got an email this afternoon, asking me if I'd like to come in for a second interview and a 1-2 hour test. Of course I said yes. So at 9am on Monday I'll be going in for attempt number 2 to impress.

I am nervous about the test. I haven't programmed on the web with out being able to look things up I don't use often. I really have no idea what I'd need to study. I suppose I should look into to Drupal a bit more and SQL queries just to be safe. But I'm not going to learn Drupal in two days. I can look into the differences between mySQL and SQL quickly I hope.

I am glad to get the call back. It means I at least made a good impression on them. I just wonder how many people will be taking said test. We'll see I guess. I am going to need all the luck I can muster.

Wish me luck!

I think my interview went well. I prayed for the strength to get through the interview and so many other little things I knew I needed help with. I thanked God profusely for the opportunity both for providing it and today after I finished the interview.

I hope that I get the job. It's the perfect job if I like it. It's close to home literally 5 minutes away from the house with traffic. It's an 8 to 5 job so picks are easy etc. And I can telecommute if necessary on given days or if I have a deadline and need to work "late".

The IT guy in the interview is a Wheel of Time reader. He threw me for a loop when he greeted me with 'I see you'. I was literally speechless I mumbled I see you but I don't know if he heard me. Later in the interview to break the ice he asked me who was better - Perrin or Mat? I didn't answer right away cause I had to figure out who he was talking about. It wasn't how I pronounce the names lol. But there is no question in mind what the answer to that is. Mat of course, but most people who know my online presence would know that... Matalina and all lol. He had just finished reading the books and has to wait for the last one. That made me chuckle, and I had to relay Shea's story and mine and our long wait times.

My biggest concerns with the interview is my shyness and the fact that I don't have a lot of Lead developer and fast paced developer under my belt. Those are the things that I feel will make me unacceptable. But I'm hoping I fit better than the others and I know I can do the job no matter how fast paced it is and how much stress it might cause. I really do want this job and I'm praying that the decision is made quickly. Either way I will hear back from them, so that's a plus.

They didn't seem too concerned I didn't have iOS or Andriod under my belt, but I did emphasis during the whole interview, I love to write code, and learn new languages. I want to learn them but I just haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. So here's to hoping!