Today Shea did me the hugest favor in game. As I said before it was going to be a long time till I got enough dough to buy my mount, he gave me 60g to finish off the rest of the money needed. He says it's my Valentines day present, and ya know what it's probably the best thing I could ever get since I'll use it regularly. Much better than chocolate I won't eat, or flowers that will die or jewelry I 'll hardly wear.

He is the bestest husband in the whole world. I love him to death. *Goes all mushy* I love him lots and not cause of this just love him lots in general.

The title says it all. Yesterday I hit forty with Taylan, my Rogue in World of Warcraft. It's a big level. I got safe fall and my stealthing goes up to 65% movement. Plus I can now buy my mount. However it costs 18g to buy the ability to ride and another 72g to actually buy the mount. At 60 it costs 600g or something like that. So needless to say I don't have my mount yet. But Tay is at 41. Yay.

I got the results back from my blood test. I didn't ovulate. So next I'm going to be taking 100mg of the stuff and see if that works. I will have to go to Walmart tomorrow and pick up the perscription. Next Tuesday I might have to call them but we'll see what my cycle decides to do. Being that I didn't ovulate I assume they are going to have me take provera again.

I think I've got that perscription still, we'll see.

Not sure why I was engrossed in working on the Warder Divs website last night. But after talking it over with Nat, I decided that installing PHPnuke was not such a good idea.

It's way over board for what we actually need and it takes up too much space. People want the message boards they wanted a photo gallery. The boards I don't have an issue with they are actually being used and on a regular basis so that's good. I however don't want to start putting up things that people really don't care about, like the photo album, so instead I created a board for them to post links to their pictures. This way we aren't storing the photos and taking up space and we are sending them someplace else to view them.

But since I want everything to look alike and work together I've started transfering the pages over from general php pages to templated phpbb boards. I hope that this will encourage new members to sign up for the boards as well as keep all our resources in one place. And the boards needed a new look.

Nat requested some time ago for a new pic, and since no one answered my request I took to creating a new theme. So far so good. I feel bad about taking Nat's work down, but I think it will help in integrating the sites features. Though all of Nat's database work will still remain as is with only a few modifications so that we can accomodate the changes we've already made. I'll probably let Nat handle that since it's her code and she'd understand it better than me trying to figure it out.

Stage 1 of the Design

Stage 2 of the Design

Stage 3 of the Design

Design converted to HTML

Now my next step is to worry about what I'm going to do with the menu. I could do php script that reloads the page but I'd have to modify the phpbb system to allow php in the template files. Not hard to do however with down it's rather difficult to find since I know I don't have it on my PC anywhere... or if I do It'll take some time to find.

Or I can use javascript for the menu. The only problem with that is what if people don't have javascript enabled? How would I handle that. Other than creating pages for each menu that would make the person lose their place they were on and I don't like that idea either. I hate making the assumption that everyone has javascript enabled but it is the easiest course of action at this moment in time.

I've still got a little bit to do before I need the finalized system. Like converting all the old files to the new ones and modifying the boards so that they will work inside the new template. That will probably be my next graphical design attempt.

My instructor gave me some pointers though we'll see how he likes revision 2. I'm not submitting it to the class just yet as I need to create good descriptions of them and see how that works as that was where most of the critical elements of his comments were from.

So here's the next revision of the homework assignment.

Last night Shea and I watched the Superbowl, mostly for the comercials. AmeriTrade had some pretty awesome comercials that had Shea dying laughing. Most of them were for the slogan "We don't judge." I forget the first comerical but the second one was a guy cooking pasta and red sauce, he turned his back and the cat jumped up on the pot and spilled it all over the floor. He had turned around to start cutting stuff up so he had a knife in his hand. He turned around and grabbed the cat with his other hand... and just then his wife or girlfriend walks in seeing him holding the cat, the knife and the red pasta sauce over the floor. You guess what she thought lol.

The other one was similar in concept and was funny. Comercials aren't as good as they use to be, but they were okay.

Today I had to go into the hosipital to give blood to see if I ovulated. Fun Fun. I know it's something that needs doing but I really do hate needles and now my arm hurts from where they poked me. *sighs* I guess it could be worse they could have had to draw more than one vial of blood.

Shea's Warlock Osiras finally hit 40. He's so happy now. I'm sure in a little while we'll be doing his quest to get his mount as it's a spell for him. I'm still two levels from 40 and I doubt I'll be able to afford a mount, but we'll see.

Shea and I are looking for another guild. We love Madd and Straif, but the guild is too small and we want something more than that, and it's not something that needs to be recruited it takes work so I'd like to get an established one. We met some really nice people today while grouping. They are WoT fans and a married couple as well. Might inquire about their guild. They had 21 people online when I checked. I'll have to see about checking them out. But we need something.

My mom is a camera happy person. She loves to take pictures of EVERYTHING. And I mean everything.

Diamond has only been to my parents house three times. The first was when we first got her, well one week after we got her we took her up to my parents house and went to six flags. The second time she didn't fair well so she hasn't been back since. The last time she went we couldn't get her in the kennel on such short notice. (Shea had said we would take her and then decided a bit too late that it'd be best to put her in the kennel). Needless to say her and Smokey don't get along so it was an interesting visit, but I think she enjoyed being there with all the people to pay attention to her lol.

Anyway, on the second trip up Mom must have been camera happy as we've got an awesome family pic of me, Shea and Diamond. I don't know what she's looking at and apparently my Dad had just cut my bangs. Short of my bangs being messed up the pic is pretty cool.

So here it is. Picture taken 5/27/02 according to the time stamp on the camera.

Yesterday I started a class at Sessions called Branding and Identity. I'm hoping that this class will help me get a feel for how corprate identities are created and understand how to propogated it through everything - for both my own personal use as well as to add to what I can do as a career.

Today's homework assignment was to create three different logos for three different companies but they had the same name "Superb". We had to do a ladies fashion line, a techno/house band and a plumbing company.

Here's my first submission for the lesson.

For the Ladies Fashion logo I used a light pastel color in 'facny' font (French Script MT) to highlight the fact that the women's line was elegeant and appealing to women with a femine taste in clothing.

For the Techo album I chose a more bold statement. One that reflected perhaps not a real techno type beat but something that reflected their attitude. The Gothic side of things. The red on black stands out and the font (The Blood of Dracula) adds to that statement.

For the Plubming logo I used of course blue font in order to relay the feeling of water. I choose Snap ITC as the font and then namipulated the outlines in order to create a wave feeling to add to the water theme of the company.

Today I found the bug that was plaguing my work yesterday. A silly variable $_POST[c] was missing. I had copied the form from a previous snipit of code that used a $_GET[c] variable. *sighs* It took me quite a while to figure that one out.

But I finished lesson 5, read lesson 6, did the homework for lesson 6 and took the final today. I'm waiting on Lesson 5 evaluation before I hand in Lesson 6 though, sometimes there are comments that will help me in the next lesson. We'll see.

I've got an email in to see how many more credit hours I need to finish off the certificate. I know it's two more classes, but I'm not sure if I'm required to take two 3 lesson course or 1 six and 1 three. I know I will be taking Web Portfolio Design last, but I've got a few options on what I want to take next.

Branding & Identity would be good for a whole site design and graphic design perspective.

Flash basics will give me the basics of Flash, but I'm not sure I want to fork over the money to actually by the program needed for the class, current financial situation isn't going to allow that so we'll see.

Illustrator Advanced will help my graphic designs so we'll see, the same with Illustrator by Example. Or Photoshop Advanced.

I'd like to take Intro to Drawing but I'd think my time would be better spent in one of the other classes.

I'm leaning heavily towards Branding and Identity or Illustartor Advanced. Both are 6 lesson courses so we'll see what my advisor says when he gets back to me.

Well Saturday I went to my very first Mardi Gras party. We left the house around 9am and met up with Shea's brother and sister-in-law so that they could show us how to get to the hotel.

We had a good time before the first parade, however our room was not ready when it was suppose to be. And even after it was it didn't have towels and had only one working lamp. Oh well.

They drinking started just about as they got there, I don't think I had my first drink until welll after the first parade that day. It was Jack Daniels Countrytown punch I think. I don't know how many I drank, but my stomach is still paying for it today.

The ball was fun, danced alot, mostly with Shea, but I did dance with his older brother once and his younger one a few times as well as with their dad. It was a good time. And we'll see about going again, thought I don't think I'll be drinking as much but we'll see as I had no real plans of drinking then.

The web design job I interviewed for didn't pan out. Oh well! Now to look for another one.

I've not heard back just yet. I figure if I don't hear anything by around lunch time that I will shoot my contact an email and inquire about the job and their decision.

They asked me to do one of my favorite things to do. "What would you change if you had the oppurtunity?" They showed me serveral of the sites that would be needing to be changed and asked for my opinions. I gave them. I think it went well.

I'm hoping that I will hear back soon as I'm eager to either start working, or find another possibility.

I have an interview Friday January 14th at 1:30pm. Wish me luck!

I've just received an email describing some of the job that I will should be interviewing for. It's an in house position, that is about an hour away. I know Shea's not going to like that but we'll see as I really want a Web Design job. And I hope he won't be mad that I want to go on this interview.

The job is with Bowhead Support Servicesand the position is in the USACE's Spatial Data Branch. So we will see what happens. Wish me luck!

Well my parents have come and gone as has my brother. We had a very good time and I'm glad they came.

I only cooked once which was surprising as I'd planned to cook more than that. But I did make hash and eggs, one of Shea's favorites and my Mom was amused by how I flipped my eggs over by just sliding them to the edge of the pan and flipping them.

I also made stuffed shells. My parents liked them which is good. I had plans of making Tamale's but in a way I'm glad I didn't they didn't turn out as good as I hoped when I made them last night. They were still good but not as good as the first time.

We didn't do much the entire time they were here, however the water heater blew up Wednesday night after we'd gotten home from getting Mig and Meg at the airport.

Monday we got my parents and Rick Flare was on the plane with them, that was the extent of the excitement there. Tuesday we went out to eat and went to go see Flight of the Phoenix in Mobile, that was a good movie. Wednesday we went out to lunch with Shea's parents and then out to the airport in order to get Mig. But his plane was late landing in Memphis so we turned around and went home to pick him up at 9pm that night. We came home and at 3am Mom woke us up and told us of the water in the hall. Shea replaced the water heater with my Mom and brother's help on Thursday, then we went up to Shea's parents house for dinner. That was fun and the food was good too.

Friday we slept in late and then went to the casinos for a little while and then came home. I think Mig, Meg and Mom stayed up to see the New Year in the rest of us went to bed. We took them all to the airport and that was the extent of our vacation with my family.

When Mig called me to tell me he was safely home he told me he had locked his cat in the linen closet, poor cat! But he's alright. Everyone made it safe and sound but Dad can't play his game yet. That sucks! I'll look into a new video card for him so he can join Shea and I.

Well the xray went well. I almost freaked out when I had it done as they had some pretty scary complications. Something about hemorraging and dying kinda freaks ya out. But the doctor preforming the proceedure said she'd never seen it happen so it reassured me that all would be okay.

But I had the follow up appointment yesterday and my doc said all was well and now I'm going to try the fertile drug again, hopefully it won't give me a two week long headache. So we'll see what happens.

My fingers are still crossed.

My parents are here for the week. Yay! So far all is well, we are going to pick up my brother today so the whole family will be here. Show my brother my house and have a late christmas then take them back to the airport at 5am on New Years day. No partying for us I think.

Yay! We have painted the walls in all the rooms minus the kitchen and we've got the new carpet installed. After we get things in place and settled in I'll work on uploading the final pictures.

Only a few things will be in place, but it's all good, we'll get it all finished shortly I'm sure. It looks soo nice tho.

Last friday walls went up into our living room. Yay! we now need to float them out and get the carpet in.

Carpet is suppose to be installed on the 22nd, a week from this wednesday, so we are finally moving onto the final stages. About time!

I had an appointment yesterday at 10am but somehow I thought it was at 1:30pm *sighs* so needless to say I missed it. But it was rescheduled to today at 10am. And I've got about a million different reminders floating around so I don't forget this time.

I can't beleive I did that. Shea says he can beleive it. I just feel so out of sorts lately. I don't know why.

I am sleeping better though thank god. I think the 4:20am wake up call and the 9-10pm bed time is helping let me sleep much better. I know I'm not staying awake all night thinking. Though with Shea's upcoming two weeks off I'll be off schedule tho but that I hope shouldn't be too bad. And then my parents and Mig and Meg will be here so it'll be cool *smiles*

I'm crossing my fingers everything will be okay with this xray today.

Tomorrow I go in to have xray's taken to see if there is anything wrong with my ovaries and uterus since we've been trying to conceive for over 2 years now with no luck. *sighs* A

I like this doctor better they gave me the option of trying clomid again or going for tests. Since my cycle is irregular and has been for as long as I can remember I'm opting for the tests. The previous doctor ran blood tests so I'm hoping I won't have to do that again when this one gets the records.

My fingers are crossed that all goes well tomorrow. I hate doctors and dislike hospitals greatly but it's something I need to do.

Thanksgiving was intersting. We had the entire family minus **/// Edited by the OS Dijinni ///** over at Sam and Joyces. We had fried turkey, fried shrimp, fried oysters, potatoe casserole and corn bread stuffing. I tried everything but the fried oysters. Oh yeah and crab meat casserole too which I didn't eat alot of. But that's okay with everyone else cause they love it.

After we ate we started getting all of Joyces Christmas decorations up. We had to to back on Friday to help finish it up but most of it's done. I must say I'm glad I don't want to go all out on he outside of the house. I'll decorate inside hehe, but outside I think I'll just help with Joyce's.

The day after thanksgiving and it finally dawned on me that it should be freezing with snow on the ground. And yet it's still in the 60s and 70s. It's nice but strage to me. We'll see what Christmas brings us.

Today I got to sleep in as Shea didn't need me to make breakfast since he wanted left overs. So I slept in, around 7am I woke up with a stuffy head and a sore throat. As the sore throat is genearally caused by the fan at night I got up.

Needless to say it didn't go away. I still have a sore throat now and my head stuff and I feel as tho I might have a fever but since I can't tell and my temperature never reads above 98.6 on a good day I can't tell lol. Oh well... I should sleep tonight.

But being sick now doesn't make me want to cook and I don't wanna order out. Cause the only thing we can order out is pizza and I don't want that. Ah well.

I hope I feel better tomorrow as I've gotta paint the guest bedroom that I was suppose to do today.

I started painting the guest bedroom today. I did the trim and tomorrow I will paint the walls. Then I'll work on the library or the guest bathroom, depending whether or not Shea gets the vanity out of the bathroom.

We've finally decided on a theme for the living room. I'm however afraid of the colors I want to use, so we'll see. But I really like the idea. I want to see if my Mom has a really cool picture of fall at home and blow it, making that the centerpeice of my front room. We'll see tho.