Grrrr. I'm tired of not being able to sleep at night. Some nights listening to the radio helps other nights it does not. I've even go so far as to buy a tea that will help me to sleep, but it only worked the first night I took it. I don't want to start taking pills to help me sleep. *sighs*

I am now trying to stay on Shea's schedule, but he's moved to 4 tens so he's up at 4:30 now. I get up and make him breakfast and attempt to stay up. I've managed the past two days staying up and last night I went to bed around 8:30 and didn't fall asleep until after 9:30 or so. And then Diamond woke me up at 1:30 so I'm not sure I slept well after that knowing I had to get up in 3 hours. But I think I slept last night. Sunday I got one our of real sleep.

I'm hoping being on Shea's schedule will put my body back into a rhythm, however I'm exhausted right now and seriously considering going back to bed, but I know that will be a futile attempt. I don't want to nap during the day.

But it's beginning to worry me. I need sleep and I'm sure my body is just going to crash one of theses days. And that won't be a good thing. So I'm crossing my figures that I'll get to sleep more on this schedule. But with Shea only working 4 days out of the week, it won't be much of schedule so we'll see.

I've not been written here a while, life's been really really busy for us. We closed on the house and have moved in now. We are still working on the house. We've painted the master bedroom a cool shade of blue and are painting all the trim white and adding white molding along the walls like pin stripes to break up the blue wall.

The hallway looks like sand, it's really really cool. It was a lot of work for Shea to do. I'm proud of that walk way. It looks really cool. The office looks like a really ripe apple. It's called Apple-a-day. It's nice.

I will have pictures soon of them online, I just don't have the time right now, as I'm waiting for Shea to call at lunch and then I need to go grocery shopping.

All is well here. Tho Diamond isn't really sure of the house yet. She's whinney and wants out all the time. She'll get use to it.

Well not exactly Christmas, but close enough. My Mom and Dad and Mig and Meg are all coming down for the days after Christmas until New Years Day.

I'm happy that they are coming. We will have to make sure we've enough beds but that shouldn't be a problems. **/// Edited by the OS Dijinii ///** Yay! I'm happy.

Tomorrow sometime after 4pm we will have a house to call our own. We close tomorrow! yay!

I will get a house layout down up soon (with out dimensions) so that I can show everyone the layout.

Can't wait.

My birthday was boring. But then I wasn't expecting anything major anyway.

Joyce stopped by with a card and sang happy birthday to me. It was sweet. Shea bought pizza for dinner since I didn't feel like cooking on my birthday.

My mommy called and got cards from Aunt Vickie and grandma. Mom's is in the mail.

There is a sold sign infront of our new house!

We went by today to check on the electricity hook up and saw the sign. We have to go back to take measurements as well as finish off the electrical testing.

We have insurance now, at least pended, waiting on a closing date. I should call Charlie Green tomorrow and see what's up.

We looked at the house, inspection wise with Shea's dad, and then went up to their house to fix their toilet.

Boy that was a project. We have to go back tomorrow in order to finish the job. Shea thinks he's found a solution that won't require building up the floor or anything like that. We'll see how it goes.

I plan to wander Lowes one day soon to look at wall paper, paint, doors, etc things that we will need in our house. I've a few ideas playing around in my head. We'll see how they pan out.

I got a headache again about 20 mins ago.

Haven't taken anything for it yet. Will see how it pans out through out the day.

Diamond got a bath today. She doesn't like to be sprayed with water, but she doesn't mind the bath part.

Unfortunately we must bathe her outside as we've only got a stand up shower and NO room in it to move around. Diamond didn't like the spray, but she didn't mind getting wet once she realized it felt good to have her back scratched as I washed it.

She didn't like the rinsing either. But she loved the brushing afterwards. She's currently rolling around in the living room drying off and scratching I guess. I'm just glad she didn't do it while she was outside.

Shea's going to come home and have dog smell in the house, but it's better than giving her another bath cause of the mud and dirt she'd accumulate. She'd much rather be inside anyway.

Ouch. I guess I'll uses this to track my headaches too. Might as well.

I woke up with a major headache. It feels like a sinus one. Shea mentioned something about a storm rolling in, I'm wondering if that's the reason why.

I've alot to do today I hope it goes away.

I took 1 Aleve at 8:10am so we'll see how well it takes care of it, if at all.

Yay! I can't say it enough, yay! First Federal accepted out counter offer.

Now all I need to do is find out what they need for me to do other than house insurance before we can close on the house.

They'd like to close on it by the end of the month, so in two weeks the house will officially be ours. We might get the keys earlier so that we can check out the electrical, heating and cooling, etc to make sure it's all working.

*does a happy dance* I'm so happy. I need to clean up the house a little as the realtor is stopping buy for us to initial the final contract so that it's official.


I'm bored. I've stuff I want to do but the information isn't yet available. I don't have any real housework to do and I don't feel like sitting on the phone waiting for the NY child service people to answer the phone.

I've already waited half an hour and I was still on hold. GRRRR. I will try again after lunch time is over in NY.

Oooh, First Federal came back with a counter offer, only 1000 more than what we'd offered but with an adjustable rate and more down than we'd offered. So after talking with Charlie Green (the realtor) and Shea we are countering their counter offer with more down than they'd countered with in hopes of getting a fixed interestate. *crosses fingers* I hope it goes through, I hope to know by the end of the day or tomorrow what's going on.

First Federal would like to close by the end of the month. So here's hoping.

I've been wanting to bake for eons since I've been out on my own. First place was too little, second place just never got around to it. But when Shea started working and taking his lunch with him I decided to buy the ingredients.

And today being Shea's birthday I wanted to do something a little special for him. He won't eat a cake so I made peanut butter cookies for him. And ya know what? I actually liked the peanut butter, I liked the cookies better. I wonder when I started liking peanut butter again, maybe it's just Jif I like, dunno.

I'm cooking him supper, Jumbalaya, I hope it's okay for him, he's not here to spice it, but maybe it'll be better, again dunno. I then have something special for him since it's all he ever says he wants, other than supper and cookies it's all he's getting. I hope he's not disappointed.

Yesterday we put a bid on a house. It's a forclosure but in relatively decent shape. It has three bedrooms, three baths, a room we plan to use as a library, an office, a large living room, and an okay sized kitchen.

Almost every wall in the house needs to be painted, the living room needs new walls as the paneling in there is warping. The kitchen needs to be remodled and Shea says the water heater needs to be replaced as it looks like it's been leaking. The roof has at least one spot that needs to be fixed.

We only have to add one fence in the yard, and fix the gate in order to make the yard Diamond friendly. It has a large covered car port plus patio and a nice sized shop in the back yard. There are a few trees so Diamond should be happy.

We hope to hear from the realtor today, but if not we should hear something back by the 19th of this month on whether or not we have the go ahead on this house. I'm more worried about the loan than anything. However I'm preapproved on a loan so I think we can get this no matter what, but I'm crossing my fingers anyway.

I hope all goes well, I really want a house to call my own.