I am so very proud of both of my girls. They are growing up so fast and I love the people they are becoming.

First with Sam, she's been going to school for two weeks. She's received outstanding every day for the past two weeks. Awesome! Her teacher told me she is the loudest in the class when they start the verbal repetition of things - days of the week, counting etc. Today she was playing with her food instead of eating it, her teacher said she was lining her pears up on the table and counting them. "At least she was counting," is what she said. My baby is growing up so fast.

Even though it's only been two weeks Sam has showed a marked improvement in her language. She's loving to tell us stories now and she's making more sense. I'm proud of her. We have scheduled an eye appointment for her, she was complaining of a headache, but now I think it's part of her cold she's got - a fever tonight it looked like. But she's in good spirits and now a sleep.

Kathleen is a much different person this year. We had no fights at drop off, she eager wanted to go. She even told me, "Mom, you can drop me off at the door." It hurt for a micro second that she didn't need me anymore, but the pride overwhelmed me. This is a girl who wouldn't stay at daycare without a fight. She loved it there, but she just didn't want to stay. She's gotten green on both days, she's doing well. She's not had any accidents either, so far so good. I'm very proud of my little Kitten.

I truly hope that my girls will enjoy school for the entirety of their life. I want them to be eager to learn, because no matter what you think you never stop learning. And you never should.

In other news, I have a job interview on Monday for a Web Developer. It's not a firm job it's specific for one company. I'm fairly certain it's a full time gig. I hoping it is. It's local. Did I say that before? No, well its local. It's right over the 14th Street bridge from the house that I pass every trip to Walmart. Wish me luck, cross your fingers and pray. We really need this job. No pressure right! I hope that it works out at least it's an interview. Oh yeah, and I just applied for it today. So yay! It had only been posted for 2 days too, so yay! Maybe that's a good sign. I'm praying and crossing my fingers and thinking good vibes.

Kathleen had her discovery day for Kindergarden today. I went in with her at 7:45a and she ate breakfast, she did fairly well on her biscuit, but with out her bottom two teeth, eating an apple wasn't going to work. She ate lunch and a snack at school.

We went to Walmart and got a lunch tote for snack and another jumper so I can make sure she has a change of clothes for school. After breakfast she went with her teacher with out an issue. She came to me after her half day of school with no issues. No crying nothing. We had a good day.

Sam is got all O (outstanding) for the week, she did really well. Though we had an issue leaving, she wants to eat lunch with them, so we'll pay the $10 for her to eat each week. Which is fine with me.

Kathleen has free lunches at school and free breakfast (they are free to everyone yay - lunches not though). a

She has a lunch number she'll have to remember in order to get lunch so we got her a card with it laminated so she can have something easy to take with her to lunch. I will have to pay close attention to the lunch menu though there are several things she just won't plain eat ie: hamburgers of any time, sloppy joes, basically anything with ground up meats.

It was quiet while they were both at school. Shea was even gone, he went to pick up the lawnmower at his parents house. I put all the laundry away and did some work for a website before I had to go get Sammi. It was productive.

I'm highly impressed with the girlies. I made a point of starting the girls early on their school routines. I know I've posted about it before. We've gone nearly two weeks with NO TV at bed time. They alternate nights of choosing the sounds they get to sleep to. Kitten likes the birds and Sammi likes the bubbles. We've only had one night of issues really, but I think it had more to do with Mommy being sick than them really not wanting to sleep in their beds.

I think we have to adjust bed time as the weeks go on. Some days Kathleen says she needs more sleep so she goes to bed a half hour earlier. She never was a morning person though. But 6am is working, I think a shower helps her wake up too I know it helps me. Sam not so much she's pretty much wide awake once she's up lol. My morning kid that's for sure.

They adjusted well. Hopefully Kathleen will do well enough for school as well. She has half a day tomorrow and then starts on Thursday full time. That'll be fun.

Sammi did really well today. I'm proud of her. She stayed with Miss DL (one of the other teachers of the younger children) while she waited for her teacher Miss BreEllen to come and take her to class.

She has her own little cubby, and she had a good time.

We had a few issues when leaving. I'm not sure what it was, mostly having to do with missing me and sissy I think not actually having a bad time at school. We cried all the way home. And we cried for about 20 mins at home (and so did her sister). It was almost a take a nap moment, but I knew she had to be hungry and I didn't want her to sleep then. But she was fighting me over food so we got her to watch some TV and snuggle in my bed for a few minutes. I showed her the 3-ring binder I bought her (and her sister and her Daddy) and the notebook she could write in. All her own. I showed her the box of colors, both crayons and pencils and she seemed to perk up and settle down. She colored for a little while, while I made lunch.

Miss BreEllen told me that her only issue was waiting her turn. Which is something we know she needs to work on. Hopefully this will help her out. They are having a more structured class for which I am grateful, not that last years was bad, I just think Sam needs more structure than Kathleen does. She's a bit more out going and more prone to lose track of her train of doing at that moment lol.

I look forward to seeing this school year with Sammi and am a bit frightened about Kindergarten for Kathleen. Not worried so much about her, worried about the drop of process, how she'll do with that and all the fun unknowns we are going to encounter with the start of a new year and a new school.

I am so proud of both of my girls. They are so wonderful and smart. Love em to death.

This Sunday started the beginning of our morning routine. Well bedtime on Sunday. On Sunday the girls went to bed at 7pm without the TV and only an alarm clock that played bubbles for two hours. With a few issues they were asleep with 40 mins. Chalk one up on the yay list lol.

We woke up on Monday at 6am, me and Kathleen took a shower - Samantha got a bye. And we got dressed and did everything we need to before 6:30a. We need to be at school around 7am for Kathleen to eat breakfast. Samantha will have 15 mins to eat breakfast before school. We will drop her off on the way home from dropping Kathleen off. Her school doesn't start until 8am. But it'll give her time to play with the kids before school and all that fun stuff too.

We did the same bedtime wakeup routine this morning. Samantha had to take a shower but we did no hair washing. Tomorrow everyone has to wash hair. That will be the test. See if we can still get ready by 6:30a with everyone showering and washing hair.

A few adjustments to the routine is going to be me setting out clothes for the next day so that I don't have to hunt them in the morning. But other than that I think we are doing real well.

I do know that I have to take a shower every morning or I will not be awake at all for the rest of the day. I was totally exhausted this morning but perked up with a shower. Thankfully, I was gonna be worried. I'm gonna have to start going to bed a tiny bit earlier cause I need a bit more sleep lol. Either that or some adjustment is needed. Probably a bit of both lol.

But so far so good.

I think I am one of the few people who isn't overly upset about the change. Yes the change means I fork over more money than I currently have, but as far as entertainment value goes, it is still the cheapest of our diversions.

We were getting 1 DVD at a time (down from 3 DVDs at a time) and Unlimited Streaming. Both of these are things we are currently using well. But with the price jump of 6 dollars, we actually jumped up 10 dollars and change to get 2 DVDs at a time now. It made sense. Now we can possibly get 4 to 5 DVDs a week. Since mostly what we watch are series we didn't watch over the last season that's great for us. We are pretty good about putting out the one we watched the next day. We were doing 2 DVDs a week.

We aren't currently paying for cable, so $23 for the "idiot box" is far cheaper than another $50 plus streaming and DVDs we were going to get anyway.

We get our money's worth out of it. It's by far cheaper for us than buying the movies we want to see. If we really like it it goes on our Christmas list for things we want.

If Netflix had all the things we wanted for Streaming we'd easily drop it, but there are still tons of shows we can't see the newest episodes of. We'll survive I'm sure lol, but for now Netflix is still far cheaper and worth it's money than other options.

I know I am not the greatest of parents when it comes to the TV. Yes I let my kids watch it without much limitations. No they can't watch whatever they want. They are regulated to Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, PBS kids and possibly Cartoon Network. But mostly they watch the Disney Channel with a few exceptions. But right now we are with out cable TV, so they just watch what shows we let them that stream on Netflix. Yeah we get into a rut of watching endless Dora and Deigo. But they've watched some pretty cool cartoons too - Speed Race:The Next Generation, Dino Squad and currently we are doing The Jackie Chan adventures. Of course that is on top of Dora, Deigo, Backyardigans, Phineas and Ferb and several PBS kids shows.

I know I shouldn't let them watch as much as they do, but honestly they don't watch as much of it as you'd think. More often than not they will watch a few minutes and then go off an play something, come back in a few mins and then watch some more. They rarely just zone out for hours on end watching TV. The TV is good background noise.

Phineas and Ferb was one of those shows I was worried about when it first came out. Two boys who are always doing things that they shouldn't at least according to their sister. When it comes down to it Phineas and Ferb are about making the most of the days you have, having fun while doing it and using your mind to get things done. They never cheat, they never steal, they always have the proper permission, even if it's not the permission you'd think - building permits etc, but not always mom and dad's express permission to do exactly what they did lol. It sends a good message. It's a fun show and it's a show Shea and I don't mind watching for hours on end. We like it - we actually stop to watch it if we've never seen it before. It's a good family show.

I recently found out what a show was and was pretty much appalled that some parents let their children watch that show and wouldn't let them watch Phineas and Ferb. Disney has it's set of standerds, if it doesn't fit it doesn't show on Disney. Disney may be a commercial business but it is pretty family oriented. If it's one Disney I don't question whether or not I let my kids watch it. I have yet to find a show that I'm repulsed by or find that sends a bad message to the girls, regardless of the age range for the show.

Nick doesn't fall into that range. But the main reason we are dedicated Disney Channel household is mostly because I hate all the cereal commercials and the toy commercials that are all over other children stations. My kids don't need any help with their toy choices and they sure don't need the latest and greatest toy out there to be happy. Sometimes a cardboard tube make the light in my children's eyes go on - that's a lot of the time for Sammi lol.

Each parent has the right to do what they think is best I get that. Hehe, I have one friend who is pretty adamant that she is only going to let her kiddos watch the stuff she grew up on. She has a great DVD collection going to provide that entertainment. I'd love to see her collection but le sigh, she's too far away hehe. We have the right to raise our kids the way we feel best. Sometimes I just feel like I'm out of the loop on things. Things in the long run make me wonder if I'm a good parent, and then other times I know I'm doing a good job. My girls are loved, cared for and they love us right back. It's an awesome thing

The people who do NaNoWriMo in November are doing one in July AND August. I'm gonna shoot for July and maybe August to write one of the stories stuck in my head. You can see my progress to the right here on my journal. First day I'm above the minimum balance needed to hit the deadline, tomorrow I'll probably be able to do more since Shea will be doing some sanding.

Sanding you ask? Yes, while we have time we are going to redo the girls bedroom with some help from the in-laws. We are redoing the walls - putting in sheet rock, painting and generally just redecorating the room. I think we'll be doing a butterfly/flower theme. Mam bought the girls some butterfly clip boards to hang their art work on. The walls will be pink. we haven't decided what shade yet but pink is what is. We need to try to get some of Sam's choice in there which right now is blue. It could change tomorrow lol.

Kathleen has been having some pretty good nightmares over the past few days/weeks.

She was laying next to me just a few minutes ago on the floor. She yelled Mommy like she was lost or scared or something and woke herself up. It seems she dreamt we'd left Sammi somewhere.

While Shea does tease her about leaving her places I'm pretty confident that this is not why Kathleen has been dreaming about it or even thinking about it while awake. A few weeks ago, I don't remember exactly when, I went looking for Samantha, and couldn't find her. We looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Shea was at the point of wandering the neighborhood when we found her just standing in our bathroom afraid she was in trouble, so she was hiding and keeping quiet. She scared the living daylights out of all of us. Kathleen was in hysterics. She was crying and really upset that Samantha had gone missing. This isn't the first time she's had issues with her sister being "lost". Sammi and Kathleen have never been separated. I will say that first off and they have never in their lives been lost. But even the thought of Kathleen being with out her sister makes her go into hysterics. She has no problem going with out her, but someone leaving Sammi or doing something with Sammi with out her scares her to death.

She is tied to the hip with Sam in a very emotional sense. I think she is her back bone sometimes, the strength she feeds off of. Kathleen is a smart girl, but she's really shy. She has been for a long time, and I just hope that school this coming fall will go well. Thankfully she'll have one little girl from daycare at the same school, so maybe that will help out. If they are in the same class even better!

The girls have been watching Speed Racer: The Next Generation for the past few days, Shea and I had finished the series a few days ago but the girls have watched it from start to finish again. And that got me thinking about being a kid and the cartoons we watched.

As a kid I only remember two shows that we ever pretended we were those characters, the most easily recognizable one was He-man. Not only did we pretend to be them, we had a billion and one He-man action figures. We got some hand-me-downs and added to our collection. Otherwise we'd probably never have gotten Castle Greyskull at all. But we had it because of family hand-me-downs. yay!

The other one I remember I didn't remember the name of the show. I've thought about it over the years and never really got around to actively looking. Mom had suggested checking Speed Racer out. I didn't think it was that. I've checked out Voltron and various other ones we use to watch but I could never put the names into those shows. I did a 70s 80s cartoon search and came up with a site. And there I started clicking the names of shows I didn't know or couldn't place. Lo and behold the first on I clicked "Battle of the Planets" had main characters of Mark and Jason. Bingo! Found it. And now that I think about it I do remember G-Force being part of the pretend play too.

It's not streaming on netflix or even out on DVD as far as Netflix is concerned so I can't show it off to the girlies. Tho I'm sure they'd not like it. She-ra and He-man didn't impress them, hehe, they really didn't impress me either.

As another note of nostalgia, Dark Age of Camelot turns 10 this October. Holy, wow!

My interview yesterday went well despite the power outage. A storm hit as my appointment time drew near and I was sitting in the HR office the power went out. The hiring manager had to hike up 7 flights of stairs to interview me. He apologized for being out of wind. I totally would have been as well.

Hopefully I'll be hearing back soon on whether or not I got the job. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we need all the good luck we can use too. Thanks in advance lol.

Good News! Finally! The girls and I went to the park today, and while we were there I got a phone call. It was HR at TeleVox a company in Mobile, that focuses on medical and dental practices. I have interviewed with them before I had kids - over 5 years ago.

It'll be a big decision but really not in a position to say no if I get the job. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts and your fingers crossed. My job interview is at 2pm on Thursday.

I'm not taking a class and I might if I can get through an hour of it on my on with the DVD. But I am very much liking Zumba. It's fun, not overly complicated and this is really the first time that I've felt good after working out. My knees are my week point they get weak and like jelly, which is good cause that means they are actually working.

I've gotten through 4 mixes on the cardio party disc of the set of 3 (disc 2). The girls even ask to dance, which is a very good thing, even tho they really don't do it long with me. But it gets me going and makes me get up. I try not to tell them later too much, but I do tell them. I have no set time today.

I was feeling a bit out of it and depressed and after my 20 mins today I felt pretty good. My worries didn't leave me but I wasn't worrying so much about them. I don't recall DDR or anything else I've done actually do that. So yes I like Zumba, not enough to pay for a class yet, but maybe, one day soon I will.

I am doing the whole "diet" thing again. Not so much as dieting, we don't have a horrid diet, I make nearly everything we have and ground turkey and chicken are our staples more than anything else. Yes it's not the greatest and it's not always lean but it's the best I can do on a budget. Health foods are so friggin expensive and vegetables are not really on the table for the most part - beans and potatoes and corn on the cob are about all Shea will eat. And if he doesn't eat it chances of it going bad is fairly high.

I am trying the Zumba DVDs this go around. I am shooting for 30 to 40 minutes every weekday, possibly on the weekends we'll see. I do enjoy it so that's a plus. Maybe my coordination will get better the more I do, right now I feel horribly awkward. There are a few local Zumba classes, the one in town is $5 a session. That's not too bad, but right now it's not gonna work.

I'm tracking calorie intake and burnt so we'll see how well things go. I'm a bit concerned that I don't eat enough as it is, but that's just the way I've always been. We'll see how it all goes, over the course of the next few days.

Yes more about my Memorial Day Dinner. I have not cooked chicken in a VERY long time on the grill. Why? Because it takes so long and I'm always worried about underdone chicken. I hate having to microwave it. But today I decided because it was Memorial Day and I was missing the family gatherings back home (as I always do on the big summer holidays) I was going to grill. I was having burgers and dogs so that is what I was going to do, but I have even less luck with burgers than I do with chicken so I thawed out 3 leg quarters that weren't part of my meal plan this week and made the old standby chicken bbq marinade. I had to look it up cause I didn't have my mom's recipe.

Needless to say it brought back memories and I definitely didn't make enough.

My burgers didn't stick too badly and they tasted pretty good.

I will be making this as a main dish one day this summer again. Lots of chicken. I'd invite the inlaws down if I thought theyd' like it. We'll have to see.

A while back I posted about having to make some decisions. While part of the decisions as usual still hangs in the air one I have pretty much made up my mind on.

It's a topic we've broached before and one I had made a decision on. And ya know what I ended up with the same answer again. The topic: Having another child.

Sure I would LOVE to have another kid - in theory. The thought of being pregnant and having another little one, possibly even a little boy just lightens my heart.

BUT, then reality hits and I realize that I'm finally at the end of one long tunnel and approaching the next one. Do I really want to put myself in that long hard tunnel for another 5 years? That tunnel being that of baby/infant/toddler/pre-schooler. The tunnel that holds numerous night wakings for feeding and changing. Years of more diapers and then the dreaded potty training years.

I finally got through the bulk of these issues. And I'm looking forward to the next stages of life. Maybe if the girls weren't going to be so much older than the new baby it wouldn't be so bad. But I just got done with all that. I really don't think I can handle that again.

I'd love to have another, but I'm almost 100% positive that would not help my emotional state, only prolong the issue and potentially even worsen it. And that isn't good for me, the baby or the rest of the family. So I'm confident this is the right decision. We are done with having kids at two wonderful little girls.

I've been writing again, and I needed some simple descriptions. I looked on the internet for some random character description generators, and I did find a few, but most of them added things I really didn't want. I just wanted a basic description not clothes or attitude or anything of that, just a basic description. Since I didn't find one, I wrote one.

It requires JavaScript to be enabled, but it does what I need it to do. I can easily add additional things and I'll probably tweak it more as necessary. It's Ajax using jQuery. Love jQuery.

Random Basic Character Generator: Check it out if you wanna play. If you have anything you'd like to add, comment or email me and I'll see what I can do.

I'm always sad when my parents leave or when I leave my parents. I miss having them around. Even on Long Island we could go up for a weekend and not be too much trouble, now we only get to see them once a year, twice at most. The only thing that truly helps is the fact that we talk every week via web cam.

But I love their visits. I had the house cleaned so Mom wouldn't be as inclined to clean it. She did mop my floors. I had a few projects for her, mostly Kathleen's projects - gardening. Kitten has been dying to plant things for months, and grandma helped out alot there, I just hope we can keep the plants alive. I now have basil and dill, yum!

Mom also covered my rocking chair covers. It looks presentable now.

We went to the library - twice! They girls really loved Grandma and Grandpa reading to them. It was nice to see them so excited to read hopefully they'll keep it up this summer.

We went to the beach park and Samantha didn't get hardly wet, where as Kathleen had a blast in the splash pad. Kathleen loved the park.

The week was rather uneventful for the most part, we had a few things planned. Like going to the skating rink, Grandma even got out on skates. Samantha didn't like the skates this time, so she ran around the rink with Grandma. It was cute. Other than that though we didn't have much planned.

Grandpa played cars with Sam and she loved it.

They both loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa, and I loved having them here.

I am sad to see them go.

My parents are visiting. Though you won't get any tales from that unless something really really good happens that needs it's own post. Like this one.

However one story is not funny and the other is funny in the context it was given.

My mom accidentally washed her cat. She put in a load of laundry and the kitty jumped in afterward she'd loaded but before it was turned on. The poor thing thumped around for a little while before my Mom heard her. The kitty's rear was a little worse for wear, but Mom says she's doing fine she just has a sore tail now. But they are still watching and the kitty is afraid of the washer. I would be too if I got stuck in it.

Now to the funny story. Samantha got a Bullseye stuffed toy for her birthday, she got him dirty and he needed to be washed. So into the washer he went. We were telling my parents about bullseye being washed and very seriously Kathleen says to us, "Now his tail hurts." Her logical conclusion since grandma's kitty got washed by accident and her tail hurts means that Bullseye's tail must hurt.

The mere fact that she remembered and understood the consequences is amazing, but what makes it funny is that she said it so seriously. It wasn't a joke. If it had come from Samantha I'd have thought she was trying to be funny, but Kathleen not really. She was dead serious and I think her feelings were slightly hurt that we laughed about it. But she started to giggle too about it, so it didn't last long. She is such a bright little girl.

Today WebAppers linked to a very interesting css file called Holmes.css. Basically it's an inspector for your HTML to tell you what's wrong with it visually. A great idea. And I'll probably throw it try it out on my own webpage and see how horridly bad it's coded since I know I was getting lots of errors and warnings on things cause of the ampersand and I'm not sure where it's being coded wrong as I'm pretty sure it's a plugin that's doing it.

But as the designer appears to be in the UK I don't know if they took the Holmes name from the HGTV show Holmes on Homes or Holmes Inspection. It's probably not a coincidence. But you never know. This is a really good show, it's even one of the building type shows that I enjoy watching. Shea learns a lot from him as he's really up on the new construction technology. Shea's found a lot of things he wants to use if he ever gets to build a house.

I wonder if the author has sent his script to Mike Holmes. I'm sure he'd get a chuckle out of it.

I know you all don't notice but I've been avoiding journaling for a little bit now. Now I can share the bad with the good.

Shea was laid of mid-April. We had no income and we had no prospects for jobs. Everything was not hiring. Shea told me he'd never seen it this bad before. But today Shea finished his interview with BAE and he got the job. So yay! Unfortunately it's only a 90 day job, but hopefully by then things will be looking up. But for the short term we will be okay again.

I turned off our cable TV and until we catch up on the bills for the past two weeks or so I'll probably leave it off too. We still have the internet as the only way I can help make money is to have reliable access to the net. And it was the easiest way to look for jobs etc. And it keeps the girls entertained with our Netflix streaming instead of boring us with the same DVDs all the time.

But we are going to be fine, things are okay now and I just wanted to share the past two weeks with you now that I'm not going to worry anyone anymore than we already do lol.

On the job front for myself I have applied for a Computer Lab Teacher's Assistant job in Gautier - College Park Elementary. I don't know if I want or if Shea will let me work there if I do as he says its a bad neighborhood. But it's there. I have others too but nothing is never as promising as this one. No I've not heard anything but my background leads a lot more into this than other jobs I've been looking at.

As the title states, my parents are coming! yay!

I talk to them every week and they see the girls on the web cam every week, but there is nothing better than sharing the joys of the girls with them even if it's only for a short while. They will arrive about 1pm on May 5th and leave here at about 11am on May 12th.

I always feel like an odd duck when I get over excited about seeing my family. But I can't help it. Even though there were times in the past that were not great and that I didn't enjoy parts of my childhood, I love my family. I even miss my brother. (And I'm glad that Stacey has a Facebook account so that I can see Camyrn grow up too, I wish they could grow up together but thats not likely to happen.)

I really love going back home. And no matter were I live home will always be where my parents are - specifically where my Mom's family is. I didn't grow up in Edmeston, but it feels like home the most to me. The family is tight and that is really what I love about. Nothing wrong with my Dad's family. I love them to death even though I've not seen them in over 20 years ... holy crap that's a long time.

But back to the matter at hand, my parents are coming! I'm excited, the girls are excited and my parents are excited.

I have a week worth of meals planned. I sent it off to my Mom to make sure there was nothing overly bad for Dad on it. I don't want my Dad to go into a diabetic coma or something cause I fed him something he shouldn't eat. I don't get to cook for someone other than my family, so this is always a treat. I do alot of the cooking when we visit but it doesn't turn out the same when up there, so getting to use my own stuff will show off more of the goodness that I am trying to show off lol.

As a basic idea these are my plans thus far for foodage: Hot dogs and Hamburgers, Pizza and Wings, Taco Soup, Mexican, my mac and cheese, a cookout and either fried or roasted chicken.

We are only planning two things - Going to the skating rink with the girls and going to the beach park for Mother's Day but that really depends on the weather.

I'm excited it's getting closer to them being here. Thankfully I only have didying to do so I don't feel like my mother will be inspired to clean my house...

I've been trying to think of some kind of easy to make snack foods that would cover my savory crunch wants. I've been trying to think of cracker type breads to make. Today I did a cracker search and came up with with a recipe for Cheddar Crackers. I followed the recipe to the T, but unfortunately my dough didn't stick together it was all crumbly so I started adding milk, I'd say about 4 tablespoons of milk to make it stick.

I made a quarter of the cracker dough by rolling out with my rolling pin on a floured board and then put on my cookie sheet and baked at 400 for 8 mins before I started to worry about the cheese burning and the smaller crackers getting overly brown.

I sprayed them with butter flavored cooking spray and sprinkled some salt on them.

Everyone loved them. I will be finishing them off for supper with our chicken/ham cheese spread to use up the leftover ham we got from Shea's folks Easter dinner. Should be a good dinner.

Here's my modified recipe for Cheddar Crackers.

1/2 c Butter Or Margarine
1 1/2 c Flour
1/2 t Salt
1 t Baking Powder
1 dash Cayenne Pepper
2 c Grated Cheddar Cheese
4 T Milk

Mix dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder and cayenne pepper) together. Cut in the butter until cornmeal texture. Add in Cheddar Cheese. Add milk slowly until dough forms sticks together. Roll into a log and put in the freezer. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. When preheat is done, roll the dough thin and bake for approximately 8 minutes.

For those curious the Chicken/Ham Spread is as follows, there really is no amounts.

Boil a few eggs. We typically do 4 to 6 eggs. Cook the chicken and/or ham if it is not already cooked. Grate some cheese (or used the store bought grated cheese). Put the chicken ham and eggs into the food processor. Grind until small, not a puree, but chopped pretty finely. Add the cheese. Add mustard to taste and enough mayo to form a spread. Add spices and seasoning to taste. We like to add dill. Mix throughly.

Great with Ritz Crackers and as a Sandwich.

Shea is applying for a new job. It's located near where he currently works about an hour away from us. But this new job has a few pluses:

  1. They have a van that will take him to and from work.
  2. They have health, dental, vision and Rx insurance
  3. They have paid vacation

The only thing we don't know for sure is the pay. As long as it's comparable to what he was making before at Ingalis we'll be okay.

I am also applying for a couple of jobs. They are secretary type work - one is for the city as Parks and Recreation Assistant and the other is a File Type Cleric at the hospital. I doubt I'll get the work as I don't have any real experience in being a secretary. I have no doubt I could do the job and do it well, but it's hard to make my engineering experience work towards these jobs. I did to typing and filing and research and a ton of things that could be useful in these, but I don't think they work to well towards them. But I did the best I could to make sure my resume reads like that. It's hard though.

I am not looking forward to putting the girls into daycare full time if I do get a job. It's nearly heart crushing to think of doing that but they are both nearly in school full time. I'll survive and I know the girls will too.

I've had a keen desire to make something - rather to code something, I didn't have an inspiration but I knew I could code up a base template for WordPress. So I started from scratch. I think I have 3 iterations of various from scratch themes, but this one was truly from scratch. I started with no baseplate. I used the Twenty Ten theme to make sure I didn't forget things and to pull things out of but I didn't use the template as a whole, just some techniques in it.

My new theme is HTML5 compliant. It works in all modern browsers and I hope it degrades well in all the others. I haven't checked any thing other than the modern browsers as of yet, but I will. The theme is 3.1 ready with post formats for asides, links and images. I'm using a bit of CSS3 as well in border radius and gradients and a few other odds and ends. My goal was to make the site pretty with minimal graphics. I'm using google web fonts for all fonts on the site except the site name which is my standard graphic logo.

I've also used pages instead of Next and Previous Links on the index, archive and search pages to keep things a bit more accessible and to see how much you have left to browse through.

Not sure there is much else anyone would be interested in. But it's a new look one that I hope to keep around for a while. And it might change a bit as the times go on and I get bored, this will be an easy one for me to just change up the CSS to make the site look different.