This year I've beat any other try at this that I can think of. I'm 2 days in with 10,000 and a few words.

The general idea of the story has been rattling around in my head for a few years, and I finally got the hook I needed to actually do it easily and with out feeling like I was messing things up. Killing off Matalina/Cari a while back was that hook that made the story go on.

I'm doing well this year. I hope my momentum stays this way. I'm hoping for about 3K a day, mostly to be written while Kitten is at school. I might get a few more words in tonight and this afternoon, but we'll see the girls are being a bit clingy this afternoon, which doesn't surprise me with Kathleen's meds making her tummy all funny. But thankfully we haven't complained about the ears so that's a plus.

We see an ENT on the 9th.

Friday was Trunk R Treat, we went down town and had a long wait trying to get candy. It was a mad house, but the girls got enough candy to do them some good. I took my camera but it was so busy there was no real good time to let go of the girls hands to take a picture. It was pretty much a fight to get what we did get.

Shea had Samantha and whenever there was a scary costume he'd tell her isn't that silly and she'd agree. I think it got her thru the scarier parts. The only thing Kathleen was really afraid the freddy krugar at the fire truck at the end of the event. Then we went home for the glorious candy they had.

Yesterday was suppose to be trick or treating around town but I don't think there was many out there, our door bell never rang, but then again we didn't have the lights on, nor did I have much candy to spare, I'd bought one bag just in case but we didn't even have those. We didn't take the girls out as we don't have anyone to go see. They've had enough candy anyway so they don't know the difference.

Today we are going to Shea's parents house for food/cook out family gathering type thing. It's their anniversary and his younger brother's birthday so the girls have spent this morning making pictures for them. I wish I had real paper for them to draw on, but all I have is off white yellowish paper which is hard to see much on with what they had to draw with. Oh well, Kathleen did write their names and her own so it's all good.

Kathleen had her Halloween fall party at school today and I forgot my camera. But I did volunteer to help out so I really didn't have time to take pictures. I helped with the bowling game. So I was all over chasing a ball and setting up pins and trying to help kids behave themselves in line and take turns.

I did manage to see Kathleen win the sack hop. She only fell once I was really happy.

On another note, Kathleen had a follow up ear appointment yesterday. It did double duty yesterday as she had a fever the following day and a slight one yesterday too. She didn't go to school yesterday either. Her ear infection wasn't gone, her antibiotics this round while covered by our crap insurance cost almost $100. If it hadn't been antibiotics I would asked for something else.

Kathleen is also on a daily dose of Zyrtec and Nasonex. Poor kiddo. But she's doing fine, she had a good time today and I'm happy. She played with her friends, tho I think she was a bit lost too. She did enjoy herself and that means I can volunteer more often for things for her. I really think she enjoys showing things off to me while I'm there, but I was busy working on the game so she was a bit lost. She did good tho I'm proud of her. Sammi too, but she's a social butterfly so she will be fine just about anywhere, and I didn't have to worry about her there so that made things much easier.

Kitten isn't doing so well right now. She woke up with a headache at 4am, so I gave her some tylenol. Then at 6:30a when I went to get a shower she wasn't "breathing" so well, so I gave her some Zytrec. She went to school no real issues, but she was at school complaining of a sore throat and belly and was nearly asleep on the table when I got there.

We came home I took her temp as she felt a bit warm, but she was wearing a sweater, it was a bit high, nothing major so I gave her some more tylenol, then let her take a nap. She's still napping.

Thankfully we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

But I really don't know if this allergies or her getting sick. If she has allergies she's like me with no real visible signs of having them, it's all in how I feel - my head is off, I have a headache etc. If do sneeze a lot when my allergy medicine is on the down ward spiral of the 24 hour medication. So I really don't know what's going on, I think she's sick with the change in weather, that's my gut feeling, her allergies don't make her sleepy in general.

Saturday was a busy day. We got up had left over pizza for breakfast and then went to the new donuts shop down the road called Hoops. The donuts are pretty good, they are busy too. So we were a bit off schedule as we were suppose to be up in Hurley to get our hair cuts, we did make it on time, but Shea had to push the speed limit a little bit.

After that we went to Mam and Pawpaw's house and the girls had a bit to eat before heading over two Seward's Farm for the activities there. We probably won't be doing that again anytime soon as it was highly expensive. We didn't do the corn maze, but the girls got to jump on the big air pillow. Poor Sammi had a lot of trouble, but she made a few friends. A little girl helped her, and a woman and her son - she was having that much of a problem. The girls got to ride a Cow Train, and they also got to go on a Hay ride. I went with Sammi as Kitten didn't want to go, but after we got back she did - go figure. They rode ponies and then Shea and Pawpaw took both the girls on the Hayride again.

The hay ride set off my allergies big time with the hay and the dust it stirred up.

We then went back to Mam and Pawpaw's house for a few hours for lunch and some down time, then we were off to Jacob's house for a Pumpkin Carving Party. It was a fun time. Shea carved the pumpkins with a simple jack-o-lantern face, everyone else had dramatic and cool ones. But the girls did pick their faces out, and I'm more than happy they did simple. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and smacked around a pinata. The girls had a blast but they were drained they both fell asleep on the way home, but it was well past their bed time. My sinus' were killing me by the time we got home, the fire smoke and the cigar some one was smoking set it off even more. I don't think I could have done more damage to them on Saturday.

But it was fun. Next weekend is going to be overly busy too.

Today was Kids day at the county fair. Kathleen got to go twice. She went with the her preschool class this afternoon and we took them after Shea got home from work. We went mostly for the gumbo, it's a once a year treat we get. It was good to not have to cook tonight.

Then we went on rides. First off was the slide. Then the roller coaster for little ones, then the cars that go around a track slowly. And finally the strawberry tilt-a-whirl that I went on with the girls. I could have done with out the tilt-a-whirl, my stomach was not happy.

But I do have a funny story about the tilt-a-whirl. It was one of those ones where you have to turn it yourself, well it was me and 4 other little kids. Sammi decided that while we had a good spin on it NOT to let go as she was helping. So she scotted over two other kids seats on their laps until I was able to unlatch her from the wheel and sit next to me. It was kinda funny, dangerous, but she didn't get hurt no big deal.

We had a good time, saw a very little pony and the cows, goats and chickens and the lone pig named Lunch. We got them some real Italian Ices and then left to go home. We didn't have as big of a fit as last year, but there was still minor temper tantrums over leaving.

We have another eventful day tomorrow, with hair cuts, maybe the crop maze and then to Jacob's Pumpkin Carving Party at 6pm. Will be a very long day tomorrow, hopefully the girls sleep well tonight.

The weather is changing and it's making things difficult for me sleep wise. Its at the stage in the weather where if I keep my extra blanket on I'm too hot, but if I don't have it on I'm too cold. So that induces a night of tossing and turning. Friday night had it's own issues too but they shouldn't have affected my sleep. I slept great Saturday night despite the early wake up call by my girlies and one who decided it was a good idea to sleep with us - Daddy let her I ignored her lol.

Last night I didn't sleep well and I can feel it this morning. I probably should have gotten up and taken a shower but I didn't. But I took one last night to wash the girlies hair too so I didn't really need one, except to wake up I guess lol.

I've been told that exercise would help alot of my ailments - headaches being number one on the list of remedies lol. BTW, cutting my hair seemed to have helped a lot, I've only had one (well two) major headaches since doing so. I seriously think an exercise bike in our bedroom in front of the tv is going to be the best solution to both losing weight and the exercise factor. Now to get the money to buy a recumbent bike to be easy on Shea's knees. So time to save for it I guess. I've done my looking around (Walmart, Target, Academy and a few other places), but Walmart still seems to be the best price for what we need. Though I don't think they sell that particular one in stores and tho I could have it shipped site to store for the same price as buying it there I guess. Just more of a wait.

Well not really the bad, there's nothing really bad to say but it felt like a good title lol. We turned our cable tv back on today. And can I say I missed the Food Network. (and the Weather channel). And finally now I can get the girlies to watch whats on tv instead of watching the same show for a week straight or whatever catches their fancy on Netflix that day.

Our Roku had definately paid for itself and then some. We have a bit of TV to catch up on before we are completely ready to watch live TV again, but for tonight we are golden. (Well mostly Haven's last episode isn't up ). But Smallville and Supernatural are good so we are set for tv tonight and Chuck on Monday and No Ordinary Family on Tuesday, Wednesday will have to catch up on two Bones so we can watch it on Thursday.

Everything else we watch we are doing so on DVD because we are more than a season behind - Fringe, House and the Big Bang Theory. Eureka is complete until winter.

The Bad and the Sneezy I guess are one in the same. I think Kitten has allergies. Though we'll have to wait till we can get insurance to cover some of it. She's a headache today and the sniffles. I gave her some Zyrtec and hope that it helps both, just have to wait a few hours to see if it's still a complaint.

I cleaned her room yesterday and it stirred up dust to the point that I had to take my Zytrec early cause I was just not doing well. So I'm pretty sure it's allergies for her, but we'll keep an eye on it. I kinda wish she was still on antibiotics so I was sure it wouldn't be a major cold, but eh, I am glad she's done with that.

One of my bestest friends posted her first memories. I'm not exactly sure what my first memories are.

I remember having to have an alarm clock tell me when I could wake up. I was always an earlier riser lol.

I remember my fourth birthday. It was a surprise party, and the best part of it was I got to spend the whole day with my Dad prior to the party. Of that day that's what I remember.

I remember the apartments we lived in up until I was four almost 5. The boys upstairs in the batman and robin pajamas, and the boy who lived across the parking lot, Ian I think was his name.

I remember a little boy giving me a little turtle stick pin. I still have the stick pin at home with my pin collection, but I don't remember his name.

I remember my brother in his walker tied to the stairs in the apartments while we were outside. This allowed him to walk but with out going too far into the parking lot.

I remember going to the fire department in preschool. I remember making paper gingerbread men.

I remember moving to our house in Denver. I even remember looking at the house before we bought it with all the dogs in the hall way - puppies galore.

I remember my brother being terrified to go outside, there was even a baby swing but he refused to go out in the back yard.

I remember the brown rings on my skin after climbing on the red shag carpet that was in our bedroom. And I remember the big freezer box we played in for a long time after we got our stand alone freezer.

Most of these were 4 & 5. I don't think I have many before that, at least not that I can think of.

Shea's folks got some free children's ticket for the circus in the mail and one adult free ticket, so yesterday after Shea got home from work we hauled the girls out for a surprise. We went to the circus for $24 dollars for seats and $50 bucks on junk (and dinner and more on food afterward).

We left the house after Shea's house, bought our tickets then went into the fall to eat it was either Pizza or Chicken. The chicken line was long and the pizza didn't have enough out so we had to wait, but we each had a slice of New York Style Pizza, and Shea and I got another pepperoni piece when it came out as we were still hungry.

Then we went to the circus proper. The girls road a camel - $5 each. We got a drink and cotten candy - $5 each. The girls got a light stick which is pretty cool for $8 each. They were disappointed when we ran out of cash lol.

We watched only half of the show, but we got to see the big cats and the trapeze - some clown acts and the ring/swing act oh yes and the camel/zebra/llama/pony act. The girls enjoyed it. We could have stayed for the full show the girls would have liked it but it was getting late and we were all still a bit hungry. So we left and stopped at Hardee's to grab something for the ride home.

All in all an expensive night out, but fun was had so it's all good. I thank my in-laws for the help with funds and the tickets, they really helped - other wise it would have been $17/adult and $12/kid.

I have some pictures I'll get up as soon as I clean them up as it was dark in the tent.

sorry for the annoying posts

I'm just testing a facebook feature on my website, hopefully I won't spam ya'll too much while I get something I want to work.


Samantha is such a clutz. She typically falls over her own feet. Friday as we were leaving the doctor office she went face first in the parking lot, skinned her knee pretty bad, but the blood was low and she didn't cry too long.

Today the girl does the same thing, trips and falls on the carpet and rips open the scab from her knees. And this child is one of those people who do not like to put anything on their booboos, bandaids for 4 seconds, cleaning it is a mess. Today I had to fight with her to stop the blood from flowing, we had several blood stains on the floor from her putting her knee on the floor, she doesn't care one way or the other. We got it to stop to a minimal trickle, her sister is now trying to talk her into cleaning the rest up. She is such a clutz.

Thankfully the blood came out of the carpet with ease. Silly child.

Saturday Mam and Pawpaw brought the girlies a get well present to the hospital. For Sammi it was a motorcycle and a crash test dummy that didn't make it out of the hospital room with all it's little pieces. But it was a big hit for Sam. Kitten got paper dolls, not the kind with the tabs tho, with double sided sticky tape and punch out not cut out so both things were pretty good.

The sticky tape is annoying, but it went over so well with Kathleen in the hospital, she played with them ALL the time. It was a great toy for staying in bed. She's still playing with it today lol. It's a good thing for her.

I also brought the unopened Uno cards with me figuring she knows her numbers and her colors now and it's essentially a matching game. She enjoyed it. We played by all the rules but one, and that was saying Uno when you only have one card. We also didn't play long game rules where you draw till you can play, or a few other house rules I knew. I didn't have the official game instructions.

But she enjoyed the new things. She still wants to stay at the hospital, and if it weren't expensive I'd let her but I can't do that for long and I really don't think she can either, the only plus to it is they gave her her meds so much easier than I ever will be able to. I'm not sure really what to do about it. I make sure to give it to her slow and I can't think how I'm going to manage to do this for 2 weeks 2 times everyday. It's a royal pain in the butt.

Friday we went to the doctor for Kitten's ear pain. We went in after school and she just went down hill from there. Fever just kept increasing throughout the next few days. She just didn't look right and I started having Mommy Panics so in order to find out something I went searching on the net Saturday night, and the thing that kept popping up in everything I tried was meningitis. Yes I read too much but usually my searches help me to process things. But when her fever reached 104 we called the on call pediatrician, he said he'd take a look at her at 11:30a on the peds floor, so we packed up and went to the hospital and we stayed.

He didn't like the sound of her cough and he wanted to run tests and start treatment of it. So we sat in the treatment room for a while. That was fun, they drew blood while Daddy was there but they didn't for the IV. Ms. Lisa rolled her up in a sheet and it was actually very simple at that point, but she had to poke Kitten 3 times in order for a vein to not blow out. Poor kiddo.

All in all it wasn't a bad experience, I'm not looking forward to giving her her antibiotics for the next two weeks. But we'll deal I guess. No school for the rest of the week. I'll call them and tell them tomorrow that she won't be in the rest of the week per her doctors instructions. But Monday she'll be in. I think the hardest part is going to be keeping her home.

Anyway, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and well wishes. We are on our way to recovery.

Oh yeah I forgot to post: Mycroplasma pneumonia is what Kitten has/had.

Kitten has been sick on again and off again for a while now. Complains of ear aches here and there and typically gets better after some tylenol for a few days. Today it was pretty bad, she was crying at school cause of it. Tylenol and some ear drops in and she's sleeping now.

But with out insurance right now (we will have it on Monday) it's hard to take her to the doctor, though if she's bad tomorrow I will go and pay the full price then and there and get her settled, including all the perscriptions that will go with it. I just hope that we can hold out till Monday. Though from the looks of her today not sure it'll happen.

So I'm in the middle of a mommy panic and probably will be for a while. Tho I think I will make an appointment for Monday that way we get in with out a walk in. We'll see. Here's to hoping.

*added later*

I made her an appointment for tomorrow. Without insurance it'll be $60. It's for the afternoon so hopefuly she can go to school tomorrow.

Shea and I canceled our WoW accounts a while back to save a bit of money. We started playing Dungeon and Dragons Online for a while as it was free to play, but it really didn't hold Shea's interest, and there was really no grinding to the game it was all quest, dungeon related like DnD lol.

But Lord of the Rings Online went free to play this past Friday. It's a grind game, we could sit and just kill things and move when the population was down you get xp for killing things which is typically more up our alley. There isn't any real PvP here at least not on a free or premium account. Or at least not something Shea's been interested in checking out yet, but I'm sure he'll try something at some point.

We are currently playing on Vilya with our Shady friends. My main character right now is Alikatia an Elven hunter. Shea's playing a Human guardian he's named Amtank. We are glad to be able to chat with real friends. Some of Shea's long time friends (Sin and Ara) are playing. Braille and Headstone have wandered over. Shards has a toon moving up as well. And my Dad is checking out and maybe McL will too, it would be nice to have that connection with him. But the bestest part of it is, I might actually get to spend time with Miss Rae. Not that I don't talk to her enough on gtalk, but it's nice to be able to do something other than chat sometimes. Her hubby has joined up too. We've a nice bit of a guild shaping up and that's not even recruiting. Maybe next weekend lag won't be so bad we can actually get a bit farther, we'll see tho, I'm sure the initial lag will drop down eventually as people spread out through Middle Earth and leave the game altogether.

A while back I had a cold, for a very long time it seemed. It turned out it wasn't all a cold. When I was sick I started taking Thera-flu, and when I took it at night it interacted oddly with the Zyrtec, so I stopped taking my allergy meds while I was sick. Probably wasn't a great thing to do. I think I got over my cold sooner than I thought, probably long before I went to the doctor to get on antibiotics.

I took the Zyrtec and low and behold my symptoms became manageable and not nearly so bothersome. I don't think I needed the antibiotics at all.

But everything seems to be back to normal for me.

I will get some pics up of the new hair cut soon. Just need to remember to take some decent pictures. Took some myself today but I don't really like them so I hope to have Shea take some at some point.

And on another note, Shea got a new job. He'll be working at Trinity over in Gulfport, it's a longer drive so it's going to be an adjustment, but hopefully it'll be much better than over at Signal. It's also more hours, good on the pay check but hopefully not too hard on Shea. Two good things about this new job is it's inside and it's safer even if that just correlates to how high Shea has to climb up things. Insurance sucks, but we'll see. If Shea likes the company he might switch to Trinity (if their insurance is better) instead of the contractor he's currently with. So we'll see.

Today I got my hair cut whacked. It's the shortest I've ever had. It's an inverted bob cut. I originally went in with the idea of getting bangs with it too, but I liked it with out. Not one hundred percent happy with it. I think I need to get the front cut a little more, it's a bit too long. I'll get pictures a bit later, I'm cooking dinner right now and just getting this post in before I forget lol.

Living on the coast has been an eye opening experience from year to year we always keep an eye on the gulf and the tropics. Since Katrina we've only evacuated twice, twice in 5 years. It's really hard to believe it's been 5 years and we still see the destruction Katrina caused. But all in all things are recovering even if it's slow.

I have friends who tell me, well at least it's almost over since it started in June. It's just September and in the past two weeks there have been four tropical distrubances - One turned into Hurricane Danielle, which didn't threaten the US at all. Hurricane Earl which is looking to affect the East coast - my brother and sister-in-law will be be affected it looks like, Fiona looks like it's going to follow the first two, and now there is TD 9 is up on the list, that one is a wait and see for us it looks like.

So needless to say Hurricane season just got started. Lovely. Here's to hoping...

Today I kept Kathleen home from school and I'm particularly glad I did. We went to the doctor today for both the girls to check up on their colds. Sammi has a sinus infection and Kathleen has an ear infection. They are both on antibiotics and a cough syrup. And all are different with different dosages and different times. Thankfully only the cough syrups are on a "regular" schedule. Sammi's antibiotics are once a day thing, and Kathleen's is twice a day (12 hours).

Kathleen should have some ear drops but CVS didn't have any and she's not overly complaining about the pain, if she does I'll just give her some Tylenol as that seemed to help.

I wasn't overly concerned about their cough, but I was concerned that Sammi was still sniffling, she's had this cold longer than I've had mine, and Kathleen's ear has been bothering her since Friday so I'm glad I took her in.

Hopefully the girlies will get better soon.

Well, there are a few updates to go through that I've yet to post.

I have heard back from only one of the several applications I sent out thus far. All the others are still out there. I did manage to get find a number for one that I wanted to call. And I'll look into the others I have out as well. I am not sure what all I applied for now so I'll have to hope they sent me something in automated reply so I can follow up exactly lol.

I am still sick. My voice is thankfully better, but I have a lingering cough and sinus issues. I'll probably have this for a while, I almost always do. The girls are sick with something too probably the same thing I have, nasal issues and a cough. Kathleen was complaining about her ears hurting I hope that it doesn't require going to the doctor's office. Poor Kitten is having issues with her voice too.

Shea got the bugger too but he seems to be doing better. He went to the doctor and he got antibotics and a decongestant pill. Hopefully that'll fix him up nice and good lol.

Kathleen has school pictures on Sept 14th, she's suppose to wear fall attire, what the heck is fall attiire? I just hope I can pull something together for then. Right now most her clothes are spring/summerish. I'm sure I can make a dress fall by adding a shirt underneath, but I don't really have any fall type colors for her. Yellow maybe, but it's kinda dingy from two summers worth of kid dirt lol.

I'm having regular headaches again. I now know where most of them originate from, or at least I know what the left side headaches are from. I try not to take my migraine meds for them but alot of the time that's all that really works. Ice, heat, Flex All with a massage vibrator thing to push and poke at the injured areas. It helps as long as I keep doing it. Hot showers help. There is a lot that helps but there is nothing that can heal this, or make them go away completely. The best thing is the massage thing, but it's hard to do myself, and it's hard to tell Shea where it needs to be done to get the best benefit from. At least they aren't brain issues or anything like that. While they are annoying at least I have a cause for them in most cases. It's all the other times I am not always sure, but these ones on the left side when they reach down to my neck are all about scar tissue.

Thursday was just the beginning of the adventure. My sore throat turned into a head cold and then into a chest cold. So bad that Sunday I could barely talk, today isn't much better, but thankfully I don't have to talk much in the morning. Tho it's hard to discipline the girls when you can't talk well. Or even ask them a question lol.

Kathleen had a stomach bug Friday night and Saturday morning. Sammi got sick Sunday, and now I have what they had. Thankfully it's like a 12-24 hour bug, But I'm worse off than I was yesterday. And I can't go lay down cause I'm afraid I'll miss the alarm on my phone to go pick up the little one from school.

I doubt I'm going to get anything done today

Sammi was not feeling great a few days ago. She was drinking alot and now I know why, her throat her like h e double hockey sticks lol.

I spent the better part of the afternoon in bed sleeping to the best of my ability with three other people occupying the same room. That's the price you pay when you live in two rooms. I went to go read, but I didn't even open my book I just lay down and closed my eyes, not sure I actually slept thoroughly but I rested and feel better, not 100%, no where near it actually still extremely tired, and my throat hurts.

Not sure if Kathleen got it and gave it to us, or if it's something Sammi picked up. You never know with kids lol. Hopefully Shea and Kathleen don't get it.

I've put several applications/resumes in online to several different jobs but I've not heard anything back yet.

I realized the other day if I do get a call in for an interview I really don't have anything I'd want to wear in. So I'll be going shopping soon hopefully. Not sure what I'll be able to get, but I hope to pick up some slacks and maybe a few shirts and a skirt/dress that I can manage to wear and feel comfortable in. Have I ever mentioned I hate clothe shopping? Well, I do, very much lol.

So hears to hoping something comes up I really would like to get something and that will pay for daycare and a few other expenses and maybe even be able to save something. I'm hoping Shea can find something too, he can't go back to Northrup Grumman until next year (December really but no point in going back before the 2 week break as he won't get paid for it.)