Well today I decided I would look into getting a job in the area. Not a web design job, engineering job or any of the things I actually went to school for, but something practical and something I could get a job with little experience. But first I had to a little bit of research in how much money I would need to make in order to make it worth my while to work. I need X amount of take home money in order to make it worth my while. I calculated the minimum hourly rate with out any thing other expenses coming out of the check. I hope to be able to get this minimum at the three jobs I applied for today.

I just hope they don't say I'm overqualified for the jobs, I can't get a job I'm "qualified" for on paper because I've not done the job for over 6 years. And web design is in limited supply here, so... hopefully with my self-employment being my last job they'll understand. I applied for a Teller job at Hancock Bank, a clerical job at medical facility here in town, I forget the exact name and a patient access representative at Singing River Hospital here in the system. So we'll see how things go.

There is room for Kathleen at the Eastlawn Child Development Center (where she goes to preschool) for her all day and there is room for Sammi with the 3 year olds. The cost for two of the girls there is $210/week.

Wish me luck!

Today I did some rearranging which meant a lot of cleaning too. Our bedroom looks much better, and I moved one set of dressers inside of our closet to make room for some more that we are getting later after they figure out what to do with the stuff that was in them, they were from Shea's Aunt's house.

I also rearranged the girlies room. I put there beds together in a "L" shape and moved the tv to another wall. It opened up the room better and will allow me to put in a dresser in there if it's stable enough to hold the TV too. Though I could always just move the little TV in there as we won't be taping much I'm sure but you never know.

We'll see how well it goes over tonight with them sleeping so close, they typically share a bed so I hope it's fine. But we'll see.

You will never know how much stuff was underneath Kitten's bed. It's a solid wood frame with drawers, but we pulled the drawers out to get a better fit of the drawers against the wall (the girls break the drawers stepping on them). And all the toys that fell down the crack fell into those holes too. It was a major mess to clean up while moving things around lol. But it's all clean, there are tons of cars to be played with now lol.

I've a bit more rearranging to do in our room to fit the dressers in here, so that'll have to happen another day.

I also have to go through all the girlies clothes to figure out where I'm putting their clothes and praying they don't take them out of the drawers in their room. Fun fun.

Well I'm feeling much better today. I have a headache but that really is nothing to worry over as it's not making it impossible to work yet. But Shea has what I had yesterday on top of his eye still bothering him, tho I hope the latter is better.

One thing I'm beginning to realize is Kitten is not a morning person. It takes about ten miniutes to coax her out of bed and into the shower in the morning. Then it's a fight in the shower lol. It's good we don't always have a shower, tho she will continue to get up at 6:30a regardless, it's easier to get her moving for school with an hour wait instead of half an hour.

Sammi didn't throw a fit today when we left. She wanted to color, so I told her we'd color at school, but by the time we got home she'd already forgotten about it. She wanted Kitkat but she's understanding she'll be home later.

We are off to take Shea to the doctor, and I'll pick the kiddo up if he's still in there when we need to get her and we'll all come back to get Daddy.

Friday Kathleen went to school with no issues. Tho she did come home and get sick again not sure what that was about.

Saturday we did the usual. We were suppose to go up to Lucedale to help with some plumbing for a friend of ours but our plans changed Thursdayish with the information that McL was going to be at Shea's parents house. So we had to cancel on that as it was not a trip we wanted to make two days in a row.

Sunday we went up to Shea's parents house, I had to drive Shea's eye was particularly bothering him a lot more than it had been before. The girls and I went to church, and the girls went to Sunday School. I went to Sam and Joyce's and we waited for everyone to show up. McL showed up around 11:15 or so and we spent the time together with the whole family. The girls really enjoyed their time with their brother. And I hope he enjoyed his time with them, they get to see each other so little it's really nice for them to get to play together.

But Sunday wasn't a good day for me either, I didn't feel 100% most of the day, but it wasn't until the night that things went for the worst, I got the same thing Kathleen had. What's bad is I still have it today and have only really eaten crackers and drank ginger ale today. I'm exhausted and I have so much to do. Hopefully I can get some of it done.

Kathleen went to school and enjoyed it, she didn't even fuss at all when I had to leave. She's starting to really like it I think. Yay for her.

We've recently started putting the tv on to PBS. While that it does have Barney we can easily change the station to something else for half an hour at 11:30am. But typically it's not an issue as the girls don't really watch tv too much. Typically when Kathleen isn't hope Sammi is playing or coloring. When Kathleen is home the TV is on but she tends to go off and do something with out watching it. But I've found several of those shows on Netflix.

Super Why! is really good for Kathleen right now as I think it's helping with her alphabet and reading. Sid the Science Kid teaches them about science type stuff. These are two really good ones that they've been watching a lot lately and I'm glad we found them. There are a few others that they watch but these are the ones that stick with me really.

It's definitely a break from Dora or Sponge Bob. Though I could deal with Phineas and Ferb all day lol.

Well it turns out Kathleen wasn't faking her headache. This morning she wasn't feeling well, but when I asked her if she wanted to go to school she said yes. So I watched her and made sure she was functioning and she was up until we got there, and then her breakfast ended up on the ground.

Since we were at the door I rang it to get in and told Kathleen's teacher she just got sick so she wasn't going to be making it today. Apparently two others were sick yesterday with a stomach bug as well. So hopefully it'll be over today with out much issue. I picked up some children's pepto which had a dosage for 2 to 5 year olds and that with some orange juice seemed to make her feel better so hopefully she's not gonna get sick again. She had a few crackers we will see if they stay down.

She asked at 9am if she could go to school now she wasn't choking. I feel bad she can't go but she doesn't need to get other kids sick. She's coloring now so hopefully she'll forget easily enouh.

I know I mentioned it breifly in my last post but I spent most of yesterday in pain with a headache. Today is not much better, though today's headache is not incapacitating so that is good.

However I am not the only one complaining of a headache, so is Kathleen, after school today she came home and passed out in the bed for a few hours. She is acting a bit better but still complaining about having a headache. I feel for her but there isn't much I can do about a headache, if Tylenol didn't help any.

We are not exactly sure what it is, but it has to be something otherwise it wouldn't have progressed like it has through the family.

I just hope she'll be fine in the morning.

Today Kathleen woke up with a "headache". Not exactly sure if this was an excuse to stay in bed, or from school. But once she got ready and dressed and all that, it was "Mommy it's time for school." She went with Ms. Tammy with out complaint as I signed in. It wasn't so tough today with Sammi as Shea was sent home because of an eye injury from yesterday was making seeing hard. So she stayed home with him. And he had to calm her down and she was when I came home. She sat in my lap for a while on and off through the day, and now she's coloring in her book - more like drawing since it's not actually got pictures in it.

I bought the girls some composition notebooks (as they were $0.25 for them during school sales) and they don't tear out the pages easily so they aren't scattered all over my house. Which is mostly what the floor gets covered with so they've been drawing and writing their names and letters in them. Well mostly Kathleen, Sammi won't copy but that's okay.

I'm not sure if Kathleen's headache this morning was real or not but I gave her some Tylenol just in case and took her temperature which she didn't seem to have a fever. I told her teacher she had a headache and to call me if she was not "better". I've not gotten a call yet so that means she's at least feeling okay. But I am concerned she might be sick. Two days ago Shea had a headache and his stomach wasn't feeling well. Yesterday I had a headache and my stomach wasn't feeling well. However my headache morphed into a full blown migraine by the middle of the day. So today it's likely she has one and really isn't feeling well. So hopefully it's not really her being sick and just her not wanting to get up and go.

Day two of preschool is going pretty well - except for the fact that I don't feel good. My head and stomach aren't feeling too hot, not sure if it's the heat or something else. My allergies were a bit heavy last night so I don't know, and on top of that I didn't sleep well.

Kathleen didn't really want to go, but she seemed pretty happy once we got there and I got a preview of what it could be like. One of the little girls in Kathleen's class showed up at the same time and she didn't want to leave her dad. She cried and screamed but I asked Kathleen if she wanted to help her, so she went pretty easily. I am glad we don't have that, even Sammi doesn't do that when we leave. She did of course cry and she was very clinging, meaning I've just now gotten some un-cling time from the kiddo. She's wanted me to watch Phineas and Ferb with her and I did, now she's happily playing her art game again. She doesn't get to do this very often so she's having a good time.

Kathleen is going on a field trip today. They didn't get me the paperwork to let her go until this morning but I have no problem they are just going down the road to the old high school gym to play for an hour or so. I hope she has fun.

Last night after we got back from helping Shea's parents load some things into their truck from Aunt Johnette's house we had a visitor stop by. The door bell rang and I just figured it was Shea's folks, we or they had forgotten something. But it wasn't when I opened the door McL was standing there. I gave him a hug and invited him in and we went into the back of the house - where it's cooler.

We talked about the situation with him and his wife and son. We offered moral support and told him if he needed a place for Gabe we were willing to help while he was in the army until he could do it himself. He joined WoW but couldn't seem to get into things so I helped him buy his full subscription and hopefully we'll be able to help him out in his game time.

I am thankful that he has some good friends that stopped him from doing something he shouldn't. They are good friends and I'm glad they are supporting him. He has some good support and that's going to be key I think.

It was very good to see him and I hope we can spend more time with him before he goes back to Virgina to deal with his life and get back to work in the army. He got to spend time with the girls, Kathleen and him wrestled around for a while before we went looking for Mam and Pawpaw. He spent the night up there, we just don't have a place for him with only living in two rooms and he'd be more comfortable up there. Hopefully he'll come down later today. Maybe we can get him to stay to get the group together, we don't know yet. Hopefully tho.

Today was the first day of the next fourteen plus years of Kathleen's life. This particular phase is something that she'll have to endure for that long and hopefully longer through college too. But we'll get there when we get there - hopefully not too fast.

Our schedule started at 6:30 this morning. As both girls tend to have accidents at night we decided that it was best to give them a shower first thing in the morning just to make sure they are clean and not smelly. Last thing we need is for someone to pick on Kathleen cause she sticks, we want her to go back to school and like it. So we showered and ate breakfast (and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Then we got ready for school - getting dressed, brushing our teeth and our hair.

Kathleen really didn't want to go but I prodded her along to get going. Once we got there, she saw other kids and started to inch in more towards one little girl the ladies introduced to her. I think she wanted to join in. That was the end of that for her. Sammi on the other hand wanted to stay with sissy and she wanted to go to school too. But she can't so I carried her out hugged so close to me she was afraid I was going to leave too. In the car she insisted she wanted to go to school, but when I told her she was too little she changed her tactics "I want to see Kitkat". She so relies on her sister.

We came home and she had some root beer or I attempted to give it to her but she didn't want it. But I had to go to CVS to fill my prescription and change our insurance to the new one since it went into affect Aug 1. Sammi got to ride in the push cart car that CVS has for the little ones. She never gets to ride in it alone so it was a treat. We came home she finished her root beer and sat down at their computer and played their little art game until we had to leave.

All in all they did really good. Kathleen's teacher told me that she counted well, which is good to hear. She busted out into tears as soon as she saw me and she told me that she missed me and clung to me like I was gone for a long time. I feel for her and this is a big change for her. It is for all of us.

I guess I'm not like most stay at home moms or even most moms in general because there was no crying, or OMG my child is going to school moments. My biggest fear is forgetting to pick her up. I think it has to do with already dealing with that anxiety by leaving the girlies with their grandparents for overnight stays or even a day while we go out. I missed her but I'm more proud she went and did so well then I'm worried how things will go. Yeah I worry but they have my number and I put stay at home mom as my employment so they should know I'm there but I doubt it'll be needed at all. As I told my Mom earlier I'm more "OMG I'm glad she's out of the house for half the day" than I am "OMG she's gone what will I do", lol.

But today was a good day. I even got real work done. A logo near finalized for a client, their coming soon page and a custom post portfolio working with my 3.0ified WordPress layout.

I am very unmotivated this week. I don't have the energy to do my work outs so I don't do them. This is going to be a bad week for it and next week isn't going to be any better either. This week is pre-preschool week and I'm attempting to set schedule with the girls, tho for Kitten 7am rolls around too early for her and she's not hungry so I'm not sure what I can do about that. The only good thing is she'll have a snack in preschool, but I fear she'll be hungry most of the morning. I have a new cereal which we will try tomorrow at 7am. We'll see how it goes.

I am a 7am alarm and an 11am alarm set now, I hope I remember to set them on Monday after I turn them off for the weekend lol. I don't think I'll forget but it's one of those lovely fears I have about this.

Next week will be a big adjustment with Sammi and that isn't going to go well, she doesn't do well with out her sister around - she's very clingy. So I doubt I'll get much done until she adjust fully.

I need to redo my portfolio for my freelancing but I can't find something that I've created that reflects my work and me at the same time. The creativity for personal projects isn't there right now. But I need a look I'm happy with so I can finish my brochure as I've got the last of the testimonials I was waiting on so I can finish that up.

I didn't lose any weight this week. Lack of exercise I'm sure is the key to that. This week hasn't started any better either.

My brother and his fiancee are getting married this weekend so that also causes some unmotivated as I'd rather be there but we can't. We knew we weren't going but it still kinda disappointing we couldn't go even if we had planned on it.

On an up-note, Shea's son is home from Iraq. He to the last of my knowledge was on his way down here with his mother. Hopefully we'll get to see him while he's down here. I won't have his son with him, he hasn't even seen him yet *frowns* but at least we'll get to see him and he'll get to see how big the girlies have gotten. Hopefully they won't send him out again.

Today I made a few phone calls (I started on Thursday). The First Baptist Church on Pascagoula Street no longer has a preschool. This was my first call and kind of my first choice as Shea and his mom gave it good reviews. Next was the First Methodist Church on Market Street. Which was a good choice and the price was right last time I called but it's now $200 a month instead of the $115 a month I remember it being before. But they had no openings.

Shea found a daycare preschool on his way home on Ingalis Street. It is the Eastlawn Child Development Center part of the Eastlawn Methodist Church. This was Shea's grandmother's church and theirs when they lived in Pascagoula, many many many years ago.

They had one opening for a four year old for preschool only. So we did some running today and Kathleen is registered there and will start school next Monday. That's when their curriculum starts and that's the important part. The only thing lacking is the short record form the need from the heath department bu I can bring that in on Monday. But for some reason the Health Department was closed today, odd. But I will run their tomorrow and get the form.

We got the few supplies she needed and I will probably have to go pick her up a new backpack (and Sammi one too) on Tuesday so she has something to put her things in.

I am nervous, but not so much about Kathleen, Kathleen once she gets accustom to things she's an open book, it may take a little while tho. I am most nervous about forgetting, to drop her off on time or to pick her up. The latter bothers me the most. I'm going to have to have an alarm set to get Sammi ready at 11am so that we can get there early and be waiting for her.

She starts school a 8am and it ends at 11:30am. Half a day, a good start to going to school. Hopefully it won't be a traumatic experience for either of the girls. I fear more for Sammi than I do Kathleen, Sammi is going to be lost with out her sister. I will probably have to adjust my working hours to after Kathleen comes back from school so that Sammi isn't so lost.

Wish us all good luck even though I'm sure we won't need it. I am very glad to have found a preschool close to home and with in a price I think will be manageable on most occasions.

EA Sports Active arrived today around 4. I immediately set it up and the girls liked it. Kathleen really enjoyed the Inline Skating exercises. I didn't my poor knees could only accommodate her once on that after I went through the 30 day challenge exercises. So she is currently playing on her own profile. She's got an inline skating custom work out and and baseball swing workout going now. She is really enjoying it.

I will be doing the 30 day challenge and the two work outs I set up. One was cardio dancing and the other is sports exercises, tho I will probably change the latter one out I didn't like some of the exercises. I might through in some cardio boxing. We'll see I'll test those tomorrow, my knees are wobbly right now so it's a good idea to stop now.

And on the storm front Bonnie is looking to kit us as a Tropical Storm. We will be watching it closely and if it gets Hurricane status we will evacuate, but for now I will settle for just cleaning up the yard so things don't go flying around. But we look to be on the eastern edge of it. How much of it we'll get is still yet to be known, but we could sustain a direct hit as we are in the projected path cone right now. I'll keep ya'll updated on that if you aren't updated by the weather channel.

I know I've mentioned it before but The Girlies are doing really well counting. Rather Kathleen is getting better and Samantha is mimicking her sister. We have a set of flash cards that Kathleen can rattle off up to 13 with out a problem. The rest of the teens get her confused but once we get to twenty she is all ready to go again and she'll even count past the cards we have which tops out at 25 right now.

She's getting better at her letters but I don't know if it's actual recognition yet or not. Right now we are working in order as she has to learn their names and be able to say them. After we nail her letters and numbers in order I'll start shuffling them and maybe start picking up a book for her to go through each page with.

I did see a book for $25 on the tv the other day that might help. It wasn't one of those ones that had promises of making my child learn to read at an early age, while I did look at that, it just seemed kinda corny to me and I'm not sure that it really would work with my kiddos anyway. But this book is a flip book - it's a phonics book. You can set it to have a followed by t and then flip the first letter to make new words showing how the sounds work - bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat. oat and eat would work too but they don't have the same AT sound lol. But it also comes with books and sing along DVDs that could help too. But this isn't something that she needs right now, as she doesn't recognize her letters yet. But soon, very soon I think.

I really need to look into preschools I guess. Maybe in half an hour or so when more things down here are open.

Well I lost 3 more pounds mostly because of the less soda in my diet. What soda I have had MOST of the time has been diet. I've found I can drink Coke Zero with out getting too irked at the taste. I can do Diet Dr. Pepper, but don't really like it as much as I like regular Dr. Pepper so when I have Dr. Pepper I tend to not have diet, unless it's a fountain soda cause I really don't like Dr. Pepper from the fountain anyway.

The reason why I'm pretty confident in saying that this is from the lack of soda is because this past week saw little exercise. And I don't forsee that changing. Not because I don't want to, tho that is part of it, but mostly because the batteries are dead in the wireless bar for the Wii. I have rechargeable in there now so that might help. But the girls decide that they want to play too after I'm done. Gets a bit annoying cause Kathleen can do the sports things by herself but she doesn't normally want to play that she wants to play the one that requires you to read. I think we will have to get Dora or Deigo for them so they don't have to read so much. At least I'd hope a toddler show would not require them to read.

I did order EA Sports Active for the Wii a few days ago. We had a Dell gift card that came with Shea's computer actually I think it was part of buying the printer. It was going to expire in August and since I doubt we'll be doing anything computer related for a while, I decided to see what we could get that would work for us. Since I really wanted this one to begin with we ordered it. It cost us $14.19 to pay for the remainder of the product and shipping and handling. So all in all it's a good purchase. If we like it I might get More Workouts too but we'll see what we've got here first and if it'll work and is fun. It needs to be fun in order to do it.

I never thought I'd say this now, since I've not been to Colorado in many many many years (my god almost 20 years - holy!), but I think I miss some of the good times back then.

For years in high school I missed Colorado, but mostly because I wasn't with my friends, had to repeat classes I'd already taken and just wasn't real happy about the move. I don't regret the move now. I'm glad we moved, really glad we moved.

Now family is definitely in New York, yes in the town that I desperately wanted to get away from. It's really funny how life changes and how things you took for granted come back to haunt you later. While I don't miss the small town mentality per say, I do miss it in a way. But I do miss my family even those far far away whom I'm not likely to see much.

Colorado holds many good memories, and I've been reminded of some of them recently by finding a close cousin of mine on Facebook. We didn't see each other more than a couple times of year because they lived up in the mountains. But we probably had some of the most fun times ever every summer when we did go to visit. We did a lot of camping with them, but I remember most was the horses and playing out in the woods surrounding their house.

I was only really ever close to three sets of cousins - the ones I just mention whom I've found most of on Facebook recently, another set of boys who we spent a lot of time - several times a year we saw each other, and then one cousin who lived with us for summers during the day, and came home with me during middle school. Other than that we didn't see the rest of the family except during holidays and the like. But there are several on Facebook and I do like keeping up with them. But it's hard to picture some of them with kids and such because when I left Colorado they were very little and it's hard to get that out of your mind.

I miss my family, all of it. I'm glad I've got Shea and the girls with me and Shea's family around me, but nothing beats having your own family around. With Facebook comes the happy times and the sad times when I can't share in all the special events that I now get to see. But I wouldn't change it because now I can at least feel some of the happy times through pictures and words shared by my family.

Love and Miss ya'll.

I've changed my weight loss goals from 2 pounds a week to 1 pound a week. Mostly because the exercise may not come so easily it's difficult to get it in and 30 mins of ddr while okay kinda kills batteries on the wireless bar (stupid mice or dog ate the wired one's cords *sighs*). And I can only afford so many batteries. I do have rechargeable ones I'll put in today so that when Kathleen gets up we can play for a few. I'm going to assume I can get to do exercises 4 days our of the week when Shea's not here, it's difficult when he is here cause we've only got one TV at the moment. (Well only one TV hooked up to cable in a cool room. And I need the TV for DDR or even a DVD cause well it's too hot to work anywhere else in the house, I sweat more cooking some days then I do actually working out lol.)

Today I did a 10 minute session of Pilates and 10 minute session of cardio-dance mix. I'll do about 10 mins or more on the DDR with some faster songs later today. I tried some kick boxing bootcamp but eh, that won't work for me lol. I might start my Tai Chi DVD up too but we'll see how it goes with these things.

On the up note today was officially a weigh in day for me and I lost 4 pounds. That is mostly due to the dropping of soda from my drink of choice. I've been drinking a lot of Crystal Light. I've even managed a few glasses of straight water and some sugar-free sweet tea. I am going to attempt to keep Dr. Pepper out of my life, but it's my one true weakness, even Diet Dr. Pepper isn't the same. So I think I can splurge on it once and a while as long as it's not in the house. And I'm pretty picky about my Dr. Pepper. I don't like fountain soda, it never tastes right and I don't particularly like 2 litters either cause they go flat too quick. BUT, a 2 litter is cheaper than a 20oz so cost wise that's probably what willl end up happening lol. But eh, it's easy to limit to one cup a day if I have to, but I really don't intend to have it in the house.

[pfmeter id=3]

No I seriously don't think they are good for a diet, other than the fact that I didn't eat anything after lunch yesterday. Which in and of it self is not good, but when anything you put in your mouth upsets your already weak stomach you tend not to eat.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a nagging headache the progressed into a massive one by mid afternoon. I took a hot shower, took a pain killer, ate, added some caffeine to my "diet" and it calmed down for a little while, but an hour later or so it took off into major pain. I made iced coffee well 2 oz of double strong coffee with a cup of milk and vanilla creamer. But eh no help really. I took my allergy meds and put an icepack on my head and went to bed when the girlies did at 8ish. Sometime during the night it went away, thanks heavens as it would have sucked to have a headache again today.

I'm pretty sure it was a caffeine withdrawal headache, as I have been lessening my caffeine intake, apparently sweet tea is a lot less than a can of soda is. Hopefully I'm not in mandatory caffeine mode anymore and can have the occasional one with out risking headaches that kill me.

Today was the Wilkerson-Wilkinson Family Reunion. I made a potato salad early this morning which started our already late start. Needless to say we didn't get there very early like we were suppose to.

We had bad news once we arrived. Shea's Aunt Johnnette hadn't been doing well and was in the hospital. Shea's Momma called earlier to tell him that and that she needed him but we didn't get there to help much as we got a late start to our day to begin with. But when we got there I knew the news wasn't good with Shea's Momma in tears. Shea's aunt passed away the day of the family reunion. It wasn't a good day for that, but it was in a way as well. At least family was together to support the rest of the family. Aunt Johnette is in a better place and feeling tons better and we are all glad of that, but she will be missed dearly by all who knew her.

The girls had a good time, they colored and played with their cousins. They brought home balloons and butterflies. We brought home leftovers chicken and corn on the cob. I doubt the corn on the cob will last the night once the girls find out we have it lol. They love them some corn.

Needless to say today has been a rough and eventful day. I don't have the energy to do DDR today. I will have to pick up again tomorrow, though I my just cut my weekends out all together as it's harder to do that with Shea home and the girls home and I don't get up quite so early in the morning.

Keep our family in your thoughts and prayers, we've a rough few days ahead of us as everything is prepared for Aunt Johnette's memorial service. We will miss you Aunt Johnette!

Well it is not really diet worthy notes, but Shea and I love chicken wings. They aren't the best thing for the diet and I probably make more than we really need. But oh well, its one of few vices we actually have.

I use a Cajun Wing Sauce that is 4 calories per teaspoon. We use about a table spoon before it's cooked and 1 table spoon after it's cooked so that is a total of 24 calories for the whole patch. In the packaged of wings I buy there are approximately 17 full wings in them, cut into 3 pieces that gives me 51 pieces. There are 200 calories per 4oz of chicken. I use a 4.5 lb package so that comes to about 3600 calories for the whole batch. So each third of a wing is approximately 71 calories. That isn't so bad really. We don't use any additional fat and we drain it half way through to remove the excess fat. Below is the process I use.

Marinate 4.5 lbs of separated chicken wings in 1T of hot sauce mix. I typically marinate for at least 2 hours, today it will be about 4 hours before I start cooking. Toss on a baking sheet and put in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Then I take them out and put them in a bowl so I can dump the oil on the pan and clean off some of the sticky stuff so it doesn't burn too bad (burnt pans = icky cleaning). Then I put in in the oven for an addition 20 to 25 minutes to crisp up. Then put in a bowl, while it's still piping hot I pour on another tablespoon of the wing sauce and and mix it all up again.

It's really really really yummy and much better than the stuff you can get at any fast food joint or wing place because they are baked and not fried. This is supper for tonight with crab boiled baby red potatoes and french fries (for the girlies).

Yesterday I started "working out" again using Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Grooves as my medium of choice. Yesterday I did workout mode for 216 calories - the recommended allotment for the day by Spark People. It lasted all of ten minutes and I really didn't even break a sweat. I did a little but not really enough to call it a work out.

So today I decided to try the other value of 30 minutes on DDR today. That is much better I burnt 711 calories according to their system and I worked up a sweat, my heart is beating nicely and it feels better than yesterdays.

My friend keeps reminding me to over do it and to take it easy, so I might do 216 cals one day and then 30 mins the next day. We'll see, 30 minutes doesn't feel that long or that hard so I think I can manage that. At least I hope I can.

Day two of dieting is going well. Not sure what I'm doing for supper yet but I'll figure it out.

Starting July 7, 2010 I am going to start trying to lose weight. The target date would be November 21, 2010 at about 2 pounds a week. I'm trying to go from 164 to 125, though I will settle for 136.

[pfmeter id=3]

I am using Spark People as a guideline (Username: Alikatia_). I'm not so much as going to track my calories, I might do a little of it, but not going to go overboard on it. I intend to cut out the junk food, portion control and cut out the regular soda. Chances of cutting out full caffeine is a bit small right now. Though that is a goal as well.

To exercise I intend to do my Dance Dance Revolution for my daily calorie count, but also track the neck stretches I need to do in order to help my headaches.

Exercise Regime: 216 calories on the DDR (30 mins??) and 10 mins of stretching my neck, back and shoulders.

You will all probably get tired of hearing about headaches. No PT means my headaches have returned. I sport a headache pretty much everyday. The only good thing is that I really do know what's cause them now. My neck/scar tissue is the culprit here.

My neck is always stiff and I never knew really now much until it stop being stiff. Now my neck hurts, my head hurts and I'm not sure which pain is really the cause anymore since my headache seems to hit my sinus' also ache. Lovely. But the neck is really the cause of this.

So if you know of any think that can loosen neck muscles I'm all ears. I've some other remedies to work with right now, but they are just going to be to alleviate the pain not stop the cause of it.

Yesterday we went to the beach park. We rode around for a while looking for parking. We eventually found some near the park itself and we got out and took the girls to the playground. There was too many people and not enough police and neither Shea nor I felt comfortable.

We got back into the van with a dismayed child. But we hit Sonic and got drinks and ice cream and we went back down to the beach and found some parking in a vacant lot no where near the actual park. It was quiet and windy so it wasn't hot to my liking.

We let the girls play in the sand for a little while, until Kathleen threw sand in Sammi's eyes. So we went back to the car until the fireworks started. They watched the little ones people had going and were excited. By the time the big ones started they weren't really interested. But we were far enough away they weren't overly loud. Yay to that.

Food worked out well yesterday. I "marinated" my chicken in a brine solution - salt, water, some seasoned meat tenderizer, a little honey and a little vinegar. I wasn't very familiar with my grill since I've not used it in a while, so I forgot which was hot and which was the cooler side. so my skin was a bit darker than I liked, but it turned out well. After it was mostly cooked I added the barbaque sauce and it was. The corn was wrapped in tinfoil with butter and put on the top rack of the grill. It was yummy. Potato salad was good too. The Watermelon was AWESOME!

Today I will be grilling some chicken and corn. This is the first time I'll be trying chicken since leaving home. I'm not very patient. But I've been doing a lot more with cooking that I think I can manage. We will also be having potato salad, which I made earlier. And watermelon. I think the girls are looking forward to the watermelon more than anything else we will be doing today.

We will also be trying to go to the fireworks tonight. I think we are planning on heading to the Beach Park for some live music and see how the girls do with the fireworks. It'll be an interesting day.

On another front, Kathleen is starting to count to 25. She has troubles with her teens, but she's getting better. If you don't ask her to count for you and she's doing the cards then she'll count to 13 with out a wrong number after you get her started with one. She's doing so much better now I think with some of the games she's had too. But this last set of flash cards I think have helped a lot. We've tried them before but she didn't really have the patience for it then.

When I purchased these flash cards I made sure they were one sided. Meaning that there were no pictures on the side with the letter on them. The pictures are distracting and they both end up saying the name of the object and not learning their numbers. I think that has been the biggest help here, no pictures - both numbers and letters with no pictures.