I was telling a friend of mine that I had wanted to find a granola recipe that I could do regularly as it's so expensive in the store. And I really don't want all the nuts and fruits that go with it. I'd rather put what I want with it.

So today when I went grocery shopping I purchased the ingredients I didn't have specifically honey, cinnamon and vanilla. (I also picked up flour which I ran out of the last time I made pizza which was probably a month a go lol.)

I have a few things that I need to change with but I think it's a working recipe.


Preheat the oven at 325 degrees.
Combine 2 cups rolled oats, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon of salt in a bowl.
Combine 3 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, 1/4 cup hone, 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Whisk until blended well.
Pour dry mixture over wet and mix well. Using your hands to mix if necessary.
Pour mixture on to a baking sheet (I used a cooking spray on the pan before hand.)
Bake for 10 miniutes and flip.
Bake for an additional 5 miniutes and flip.
Bake for an additional 10 minutes. (This is where I went wrong, I think this is too long for this recipe with out any nuts in it the granola got a bit too dark for my taste. So I would watch it from the 5 miniute flip and you may not even need it.)
Cool and store in air tight container.

After I took it out of the oven I added some additional honey as it wasn't sticking together like I wanted. I didn't want loose oats, I wanted more clumps. I put the mixture in a bowl and put it in the freeze. That was probably a mistake as it solidified pretty quickly. But knowing it was the honey that was making things stick together I filled a bowl with hot water and put the bowl with the granola in it to melt the honey a little on the sides so I could get it out of the bowl.

I then crumbled the granola onto the baking sheet and used my meat mallet to break it up a little more. I probably did it a bit too much as it's a bit too loose, but it isn't as bad as it was before.

I then put three heaping tablespoons into snack sized Ziploc bags. It yielded 11 servings at about 136 Calories.

Even though it's a bit burnt it's still good. I'm happy with the recipe and will try again when this batch is gone for a less time.

Well we still won't be going on vacation but the major problem from Thursday has been remedied, won't know how well the solution is until Monday but it's better and we should be okay.

Good news first - wordpress 3.0 has been released, bring on the new goodies, tho I do have other things to worry about and do before I can really get into a lot of it.

Bad news - no vacation for us. I really don't want to get into it right now, but shit hit the fan and now we have to cope, we are going to save this money and hope we can get by until things settle down.

We miss everyone at home and maybe we'll see ya'll again sometime soon.

Shea just told me I was banned from redesigning my websites until I finish my project.

This said project Shea believes could make some money. What I've been calling Cooks Cart. I still have a lot of work to do. I guess I'll have to push myself harder on it. Probably after I get back from vacation. 9 days till we leave, yay!

Well Samantha found us a cold. We all have a cold of some sort.

Samantha had a fever for 3 days then the sniffles. Kathleen started with sniffles and a cough yesterday, right when Shea started with the sniffles. I have a cold too but not sure if it's allergies or not, I think it is. That's what it feels like. I took my Zyrtec this morning instead of last night so I think that is making it better.

The girls got some Nasonex and come cough syrup. We'll see if it helps anyway.

Sammi has had a fever for the past couple of days and we really didn't know why. Allergies, cold, heat exhaustion? We really have no clue, we've been doing all we can to make the fever go away, it tends to show up when she's clothed or when she's been bundled up at night.

We've taken baths and showers and kept her inside, this morning we didn't have a fever to any real extent, but now we are irritable and have the sniffles. I think it was a cold starting in on her. Though we are limiting the outside time to zippo as right now it's WAY too hot for anyone to be outside, much less my child who turns red after 20 mins outside in the shade lol.

I hope that it is just a cold and nothing else. She's behaving normally and doing well so I'm not overly concerned the fever seems to have gone so I'm much happier, we'll see once Shea gets home.

Well, headaches are once again in my life. BUT I have an idea how to stop them this time with out so much medication. Though sometimes I think the medicine route would be cheaper.

My headaches are not migraine well at least not so much as the typical migraine, I've never really seen auras or had sensitivity to sound or light, so not really typical migraines. But migraine like in many cases as Imatrix does work to fix the really bad ones.

Here's the progression of headaches. A week and a half after I stopped PT my neck started to get stiff and at the base of my skull it hurt a lot, but no headache. A few days later I started getting a bit of a headache nothing major but still a headache. Yesterday and the day before I've had some pretty major headaches that originate at my neck. So I think my neck has been causing most of my headaches.

Short of DTM (deep tissue massage) regularly I'm not sure how I can help it. I will be calling PT again on Monday as I really couldn't do it today and see about getting in for another massage and see what I can do in between sessions to help.

I also have a sinus headache as I've only got one zyrtec pill left and I've ordered some for cheap from CVS but the order hasn't processed yet. So I wait. I did buy some aleve and benadryl today to get me through the wait. We'll see how it goes, if I break down and get more zytrec lol.

For the past few weeks we've been working on with Sammi and potty training. It's been a big problem with trying to get her to go, it's not something we could ever enforce on her nor was it something she was really interested in. Our biggest hurdle was actually getting her to wear panties. Basically we just had to go cold turkey. We started with pull ups for a few weeks. And now we are into pullups only at night.

The biggest push came when I purchased a clear, air tight, sealable jar that now contains starbursts. This has been the biggest push for Samantha and potty training. We implemented a Starburst per potty. We tried it with a timer but Kathleen would go every 20 miniutes and thus get a candy. That didn't work for me and Sammi never had to go when I asked.

Last week we had a break through, Samantha went to the potty with out prompting. The only drawback was she didn't take off her panties. BUT she did go in the potty. We've had some very good days these past few days with her going in the potty. She tends to run around completely naked now but it saves on cleaning panties all the time.

Now to master #2 which I've not seen her do except in her pullup in the morning. so not sure how that's going. But we are doing great but I really hate bribing the girls to go, but hey it's working on the little stubborn one.

Yeah yeah I know I change my themes alot, but it's my play ground and I enjoy doing so. I have another idea skittering around in my head so this may not last very long, but I liked it so I wanted to get it up and showing before I changed it yet again. This theme has been waiting to be converted from PSD to wordpress theme for a while now.

Not sure what I mean? lol.

Shea has been working 10 hours for four days a week for the past few years. We have really enjoyed this, it leaves Fridays open for a lot of running around that doesn't interfere with a weekend really. But this Friday will be the last one Shea has off.

Starting May 31 (next Monday) Shea will start working 8 hours a day for 5 days. He'll start work at 6am and get off work at 2:30pm. Which means he'll be home by 3pm to 3:30pm at the latest. This is very much going to through of my schedule. I think I'm going to have to adjust my working hours from 8am to 2pm for 5 days, instead of 8 to 4 for four days like it has been, with very little work I do on Fridays.

It'll be nice to have Shea home with more daylight hours, but not having Friday off is going to suck all around, at least we don't live too far away it's not going to affect our gas budget too much unlike so many others who work there.

One of Shea's favorite caffeinated drinks is an ice coffee with an extra shot of espresso. $8 for an iced coffee? Um, yeah, we don't get them that often and we are always saying we should find a way to make it at home. Well I did some research.

We had our first homemade iced coffee last night.

Shea's had a stomach bug for two days and yesterday I started his coffee as usual, but he decided he still wasn't feeling well, so the coffee sat in the pot the remainder of the morning and well into the afternoon. So I decided I'd ask if Shea wanted to try one while I had some coffee, that was just going to go to waste if I didn't find a use for it.

So the following recipe was what I used:

Regular Strength Iced Coffee

1c regularly brewed coffee
2c 2% milk
6T sugar
1T vanilla creamer
3c ice

Mix it all in a blender and let it whirl till ice is crushed well.

You'll never get the ice as fine as you can in the coffee shop but it's all good.

Today I bought a gourmet dark roast coffee and some sugar free (only one they had) vanilla syrup. So when I get a chance I'll be making the following recipe.

Double Strength Iced Coffee

.5 c double strength coffee (2X what you'd normally brew)
2.5 c 2% milk
6T sugar
1T vanilla syrup
3c ice

Mix it all in a blender and let it whirl till ice is crushed well.

I will probably go light on the sugar and test the vanilla at first but this is the basis of it. I'll post that final recipe once I get it down.

I was thinking of trying a chocolate syrup iced coffee sometime too (as I still have some left over regular strength coffee in the fridge).

My headahe's have been doing so well that they have put my PT on hold for the next two weeks. If I have a headache then I should call them, but if not they'll contact me.

So yay, hopefully it works, we'll see what happens if I go headache free for two weeks.

I was told that I would need deep tissue massage every two weeks to help alleviate tension/pressure caused by the scar tissue from my surgery. So we'll see.

Well PT is going well, I've not had a big headache since the day PT started. Zyrtec isn't quite 24 hours around 6 - 8pm or so I can start telling it's wearing off. Sinus headache starts but gone by the time I start taking Zyrtec again.

So I think these two things are working. Not sure if I ever had migraines at all.

Yesterday was physical therapy. The typical exam history discussion and then into a deep tissue massage. While I didn't hurt much yesterday and I did follow her instructions to drink plenty or I'd be sore today. I'm sore, but I'm more stiff than sore.

I still have the same headache as yesterday but I think that exercise she gave me I'm doing wrong. Cause I don't see much improvement or help so I'll have to ask on Thursday when I have a follow up.

Needless to say I hope that this and zyrtec help. I have not had to take Imatrix so that's good thus far, though this headache is annoying going on two days with it oh well.

Well, the Zyrtec seems to be working. I've not had any real headaches since taking it. I've had a nagging pain in my left side of my head that is almost always there.

Today I have a headache but it's just a typical one, nothing major like a migraine. The more and more as time passes I think I don't have migraines, just the "tension" in my neck making things worse. Today I go to the physical therapist hopefully something will come out of it.

I went to the doctor today to see about the next step of my headaches.

Well we have a plan of action however I'm not really enthused about one and while I'm getting prescription I don't think I'm going to start it right away.

Here is the doctor's plan of action. He's sent me to a physical therapist for my neck to evaluate and tread and see if this is what's causing a lot of my headaches through tension headaches. Since a majority of my headaches are also sinus related he told me to take Zyrtec. I bought the cheap brand and even that is surely expensive I really am not sure that's a good solution. And he's have me try Topamax. Not really keen on this idea right now, it's a well documented medicine for migraines, but what if it's not really migraines I'm having or that the tension headaches are what are causing the migraines (or what I think are migraines).

So what I'm going to do, get the prescription for the first month of topamax. I will start taking Zyrtec as the bottle says to. And I will go to the therapist on Monday as my appointment dictates. I'm not going to actually start taking topamax for a while. Perhaps I can get rid of my headaches with these too. I'm not thrilled about the migraine preventative right now, but I will take it if my headaches don't get better. So another month or so of tracking my headaches to see if anything is working.

Yesterday evening I got a call from the doctor letting me know the MRI was okay - no masses, no major abnormalities - just the scar tissue that remained after the last surgery. So yay! nothing wrong there, but it still doesn't answer why I'm having so many headaches.

Right now I'm thinking allergies are leading into migraines. I want to finish off this week of my headache journal, and then make my appointment for next week. Either which way I don't like the way the headache journal looks and something different needs to be done.

It's possible it's stress as well, but I don't know what I'm stressing over. And it's possible it's my eye glass prescription, or even the lack of caffeine in my system - withdrawal. I really don't know what it is but I do know that turning on the AC window units tends to spark a sinus headache and typically every over day or so I get a migraine when I wake up.

So hopefully I'll know what's up with the headaches or at least have some other remedy to make them go away or prevent them.

Today had the MRI with contrast on top of having had a migraine all night long. I took some migraine meds when I woke up this morning as I really didn't want to have a headache with the noise the MRI makes. Thankfully it was pretty much gone when it started.

There are some differences between this one and the last one that makes things a little brighter but not completely out of the fog of worry. An Open MRI is what I had on my last one, the one with the abnormal scan which prompted this one, which was in a "closed" MRI and with contrast. A regular MRI scan is much clearer than an Open MRI so that's a plus, the abnormal scan can just be the scar tissue at a lower resolution which made it not so definitive.

But with the fall and the headaches and the possible abnormal scan I'm still not completely unworried, less so and hopefully will only have a few more days to wait on results. But even if the doctor says it's a-okay, it still doesn't help me understand the fall and the headaches. I'm beginning to think that this past week of constant headaches is a sinus allergy reaction. Once I get the sinus pain, it has been turning into a migraine. The sinus headaches are typically from turning on the AC units, but we can't live with out those so I really not sure what to do about this particular issue.

Headaches suck I just want them to go away lol.

It appears that it's nearing CSS Naked Day despite not having seen much about it this year. My wordpress plugin has stripped my site of CSS for the next two days while CSS Naked Day goes on all around the world. I will participate regardless of the lack of the official page being updated etc. It's good to show off the structure of the site once and a while.

On the 10th my site will go back to normal.

My MRI was scheduled for Monday the 12th at 10am. Depending on the weather Mam is going to help out with the girls, either by playing with them in the back yard or by sitting with them in the waiting room at the office if the weather is bad.

I am still a bit "freaked" out about it. Not to the point that I'm worried, but still the doctor sees something he hasn't seen before. This isn't his first MRI he's seen of mine with out contrast, my last one didn't have any either, and he was the one who requested it. Ya'll are going to say he's just being through, but the differences are what bother me. Something is different or he'd not have wanted another one. Have to wait more and that's always the fun part. I've alot of cleaning to do so hopefully I won't think too much about it. That and I bought batteries for the Wii wireless sensor bar, so the girls and I can play on it later today. I really need to get a replacement wired one, batteries are too expensive.

My doctor is in. I got a call either yesterday or this morning but my phone was dead and I didn't know it. He's reviewed it and he wants me to have an MRI done with contrast to check for any blockages. Not exactly sure what this means.

But my doctor knows my history and I'm prepared to have records sent over from all locations that may or may not have the history. I'm not sure if the office on Long Island has the MRI films from Cooperstown or not, but I have all the addresses needed for the medical reports to pass on over to them if necessary. The more and more I think about it the more and more likely I think it's going to be that they will want these things.

Anyway I wait for them to call me back to make an appointment. We will try for a Friday, but that may not be possible as the doctor wants another MRI with contrast done and that may or may not be done regularly. We'll see. I wait with my charging phone lol.

Slightly freaking out, but not to the point of OMG, just concerned.

The weather is getting warmer, not quite as warm as my parents house, but warm enough that last weekend we installed the window units and sleep with them at night. The girls have slept much better as have we for the most part. We are still working on the door, the planing Shea did on Sunday wasn't enough, time for plan B next weekend, not sure what plan B is yet, but Shea will figure it out.

Today I moved the PCs to the bedroom, and I need to clean the house in totality, including the play room. We will be bringing a toy shelf into our bedroom for the girls toys they can play with this summer in our bedroom.

I have a lot of running around to do today so not sure how much cleaning I'll get done today, but we'll see. I really need to make sure the office is cleaned up and the living room but that's not likely to happen today. I have to go to staples to get some pages printed off, to the bank to deposit a check and hopefully pay off a loan with it, and also going to hit Big Lots and Walmart with Samantha's birthday money.

I've made it this far with out freaking out about the abnormal MRI. I have had a few late night thoughts I've had to push away, mostly really bad what ifs which aren't good for me. Though this weekend was as promised busy busy busy so I really was tired when I went to bed this weekend so the most "thoughtful" time of the night was pretty much not there. I did wake up a little and have to push away thoughts, but it wasn't difficult I was rather tired still.

It's nearing 9am when the bank opens so I should start getting the girls ready to do our running and then we can be home sooner. Maybe I'll let the girls play their baseball set up that Mam and Pawpaw gave Sammi for her birthday. I guess they want to eat first lol, so we'll eat first then go.

Well I got through my first night with out freaking out. I tried not to think about it but as always it creeps in unannounced. But I'd quickly push it out of my thoughts, thinking of other things to write or do.

The day was good though I think it was a bit distracting as I had this "I don't want to do anything" feeling. But I managed to push all the mess from the living room into a big pile in which I will clean up when I get a chance, I didn't earlier because the girls were outside and I didn't want to be that far away from them.

Shea is home for 4 days, so my days will be better spent with something to do anyway, even if it's WoW. Friday we hope to get to Lowe's to buy the materials to install our door in the back of the house. Saturday, I have to dye Easter Eggs and make Monster's out of them with the girls, as well as make cupcakes for Dinner on Sunday. Sunday we will be going to church as well as Easter dinner and a mini party for Sammi for her birthday with the aunts and uncles. Monday will be a chill day. I think Shea wants to mow the lawn on Friday as it's suppose to rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Then there will be only one more day before my appointment. So hopefully busy enough not to think about it.

This is just a test to see if facebook gets the links from the new posts. I know the article shows up later, but I'd like the status to update too.

I got a call just a little while ago from my doctor's office. My doctor isn't in but another doctor at the clinic took a look at the MRI report. There are no definitive masses but it is abnormal. The MRI report suggests an additional test of an enhanced MRI - another "better" machine or dye's the receptionist wasn't clear on what was actually suggested. We made an appointment for next Wednesday morning with my doctor to go over the results and see if the test really is needed.

Now this can mean many things!
1. The MRI reporters don't realized I had a brain tumor removed already (despite the fact it was written on the test referral, told over the phone when the appointment was scheduled and that I had mentioned on my own paperwork when I filled it out).
2. The other doctor didn't look into my past MRI's to compare results.

However this doesn't mean I don't feel that sort of panic that sets in after you've gone through one of these things already. Waiting a week is going to be killer on my nerves. I'll have to tell Shea when he calls or comes home and hopefully that will be the last time I think about it. At least that is my hope, chances though of that happening are pretty slim, I don't expect to sleep much.

So we wait in a state of unbalance until next Wednesday. Thankfully today is a lovely day out side and I can go outside and watch the girlies play while working a little on my laptop if it's behaving today.