Bid on a house

Yesterday we put a bid on a house. It's a forclosure but in relatively decent shape. It has three bedrooms, three baths, a room we plan to use as a library, an office, a large living room, and an okay sized kitchen.

Almost every wall in the house needs to be painted, the living room needs new walls as the paneling in there is warping. The kitchen needs to be remodled and Shea says the water heater needs to be replaced as it looks like it's been leaking. The roof has at least one spot that needs to be fixed.

We only have to add one fence in the yard, and fix the gate in order to make the yard Diamond friendly. It has a large covered car port plus patio and a nice sized shop in the back yard. There are a few trees so Diamond should be happy.

We hope to hear from the realtor today, but if not we should hear something back by the 19th of this month on whether or not we have the go ahead on this house. I'm more worried about the loan than anything. However I'm preapproved on a loan so I think we can get this no matter what, but I'm crossing my fingers anyway.

I hope all goes well, I really want a house to call my own.

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