I'm bored

I'm bored. I've stuff I want to do but the information isn't yet available. I don't have any real housework to do and I don't feel like sitting on the phone waiting for the NY child service people to answer the phone.

I've already waited half an hour and I was still on hold. GRRRR. I will try again after lunch time is over in NY.

Oooh, First Federal came back with a counter offer, only 1000 more than what we'd offered but with an adjustable rate and more down than we'd offered. So after talking with Charlie Green (the realtor) and Shea we are countering their counter offer with more down than they'd countered with in hopes of getting a fixed interestate. *crosses fingers* I hope it goes through, I hope to know by the end of the day or tomorrow what's going on.

First Federal would like to close by the end of the month. So here's hoping.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015