Well my parents have come and gone as has my brother. We had a very good time and I'm glad they came.

I only cooked once which was surprising as I'd planned to cook more than that. But I did make hash and eggs, one of Shea's favorites and my Mom was amused by how I flipped my eggs over by just sliding them to the edge of the pan and flipping them.

I also made stuffed shells. My parents liked them which is good. I had plans of making Tamale's but in a way I'm glad I didn't they didn't turn out as good as I hoped when I made them last night. They were still good but not as good as the first time.

We didn't do much the entire time they were here, however the water heater blew up Wednesday night after we'd gotten home from getting Mig and Meg at the airport.

Monday we got my parents and Rick Flare was on the plane with them, that was the extent of the excitement there. Tuesday we went out to eat and went to go see Flight of the Phoenix in Mobile, that was a good movie. Wednesday we went out to lunch with Shea's parents and then out to the airport in order to get Mig. But his plane was late landing in Memphis so we turned around and went home to pick him up at 9pm that night. We came home and at 3am Mom woke us up and told us of the water in the hall. Shea replaced the water heater with my Mom and brother's help on Thursday, then we went up to Shea's parents house for dinner. That was fun and the food was good too.

Friday we slept in late and then went to the casinos for a little while and then came home. I think Mig, Meg and Mom stayed up to see the New Year in the rest of us went to bed. We took them all to the airport and that was the extent of our vacation with my family.

When Mig called me to tell me he was safely home he told me he had locked his cat in the linen closet, poor cat! But he's alright. Everyone made it safe and sound but Dad can't play his game yet. That sucks! I'll look into a new video card for him so he can join Shea and I.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015