Mardi Gras

Well Saturday I went to my very first Mardi Gras party. We left the house around 9am and met up with Shea's brother and sister-in-law so that they could show us how to get to the hotel.

We had a good time before the first parade, however our room was not ready when it was suppose to be. And even after it was it didn't have towels and had only one working lamp. Oh well.

They drinking started just about as they got there, I don't think I had my first drink until welll after the first parade that day. It was Jack Daniels Countrytown punch I think. I don't know how many I drank, but my stomach is still paying for it today.

The ball was fun, danced alot, mostly with Shea, but I did dance with his older brother once and his younger one a few times as well as with their dad. It was a good time. And we'll see about going again, thought I don't think I'll be drinking as much but we'll see as I had no real plans of drinking then.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015