Today I found the bug that was plaguing my work yesterday. A silly variable $_POST[c] was missing. I had copied the form from a previous snipit of code that used a $_GET[c] variable. *sighs* It took me quite a while to figure that one out.

But I finished lesson 5, read lesson 6, did the homework for lesson 6 and took the final today. I'm waiting on Lesson 5 evaluation before I hand in Lesson 6 though, sometimes there are comments that will help me in the next lesson. We'll see.

I've got an email in to see how many more credit hours I need to finish off the certificate. I know it's two more classes, but I'm not sure if I'm required to take two 3 lesson course or 1 six and 1 three. I know I will be taking Web Portfolio Design last, but I've got a few options on what I want to take next.

Branding & Identity would be good for a whole site design and graphic design perspective.

Flash basics will give me the basics of Flash, but I'm not sure I want to fork over the money to actually by the program needed for the class, current financial situation isn't going to allow that so we'll see.

Illustrator Advanced will help my graphic designs so we'll see, the same with Illustrator by Example. Or Photoshop Advanced.

I'd like to take Intro to Drawing but I'd think my time would be better spent in one of the other classes.

I'm leaning heavily towards Branding and Identity or Illustartor Advanced. Both are 6 lesson courses so we'll see what my advisor says when he gets back to me.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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