Family Pic

My mom is a camera happy person. She loves to take pictures of EVERYTHING. And I mean everything.

Diamond has only been to my parents house three times. The first was when we first got her, well one week after we got her we took her up to my parents house and went to six flags. The second time she didn't fair well so she hasn't been back since. The last time she went we couldn't get her in the kennel on such short notice. (Shea had said we would take her and then decided a bit too late that it'd be best to put her in the kennel). Needless to say her and Smokey don't get along so it was an interesting visit, but I think she enjoyed being there with all the people to pay attention to her lol.

Anyway, on the second trip up Mom must have been camera happy as we've got an awesome family pic of me, Shea and Diamond. I don't know what she's looking at and apparently my Dad had just cut my bangs. Short of my bangs being messed up the pic is pretty cool.

So here it is. Picture taken 5/27/02 according to the time stamp on the camera.

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