Started Branding and Identity

Yesterday I started a class at Sessions called Branding and Identity. I'm hoping that this class will help me get a feel for how corprate identities are created and understand how to propogated it through everything - for both my own personal use as well as to add to what I can do as a career.

Today's homework assignment was to create three different logos for three different companies but they had the same name "Superb". We had to do a ladies fashion line, a techno/house band and a plumbing company.

Here's my first submission for the lesson.

For the Ladies Fashion logo I used a light pastel color in 'facny' font (French Script MT) to highlight the fact that the women's line was elegeant and appealing to women with a femine taste in clothing.

For the Techo album I chose a more bold statement. One that reflected perhaps not a real techno type beat but something that reflected their attitude. The Gothic side of things. The red on black stands out and the font (The Blood of Dracula) adds to that statement.

For the Plubming logo I used of course blue font in order to relay the feeling of water. I choose Snap ITC as the font and then namipulated the outlines in order to create a wave feeling to add to the water theme of the company.

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