Warder Revamp

Not sure why I was engrossed in working on the Warder Divs website last night. But after talking it over with Nat, I decided that installing PHPnuke was not such a good idea.

It's way over board for what we actually need and it takes up too much space. People want the message boards they wanted a photo gallery. The boards I don't have an issue with they are actually being used and on a regular basis so that's good. I however don't want to start putting up things that people really don't care about, like the photo album, so instead I created a board for them to post links to their pictures. This way we aren't storing the photos and taking up space and we are sending them someplace else to view them.

But since I want everything to look alike and work together I've started transfering the pages over from general php pages to templated phpbb boards. I hope that this will encourage new members to sign up for the boards as well as keep all our resources in one place. And the boards needed a new look.

Nat requested some time ago for a new pic, and since no one answered my request I took to creating a new theme. So far so good. I feel bad about taking Nat's work down, but I think it will help in integrating the sites features. Though all of Nat's database work will still remain as is with only a few modifications so that we can accomodate the changes we've already made. I'll probably let Nat handle that since it's her code and she'd understand it better than me trying to figure it out.

Stage 1 of the Design

Stage 2 of the Design

Stage 3 of the Design

Design converted to HTML

Now my next step is to worry about what I'm going to do with the menu. I could do php script that reloads the page but I'd have to modify the phpbb system to allow php in the template files. Not hard to do however with phpbb.com down it's rather difficult to find since I know I don't have it on my PC anywhere... or if I do It'll take some time to find.

Or I can use javascript for the menu. The only problem with that is what if people don't have javascript enabled? How would I handle that. Other than creating pages for each menu that would make the person lose their place they were on and I don't like that idea either. I hate making the assumption that everyone has javascript enabled but it is the easiest course of action at this moment in time.

I've still got a little bit to do before I need the finalized system. Like converting all the old files to the new ones and modifying the boards so that they will work inside the new template. That will probably be my next graphical design attempt.

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