Working on my own homepage

Today to kill time and add to my portofolio I've been working on a personal portal type area at So far everything looks to be okay. I've written a calendar script from scratch that will link into a schedule/to-do list on every day. But the schedule part isn't complete other than to display the date of the listing.

I've also got a login feature. I have no registration feature and don't really intend to either, it'll all have to be done via mysql or myphpadmin. Thought I don't know I might add it later on.

Currently everything functions off the index page with most of the code separated and included via the include() function. This way I can read the code easier and my index page isn't cumbersome. But I'm sure it's going to look bad in view source.

I've only done minimal formatting, just enough to make disticntions of stuff. I think I've got a few issues with my style sheet as my links are all not underlined. I probably need to check for /div tags in the calendar section to make sure I've got everyone closed as right now I beleive that is where the problem is coming from.

I want to add a blog roll and finish the schedule and to-do list. And then maybe learn how to package the deal together so it can be installed by someone else easily. We will see.

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