Static Pages done – mostly

Today I got most of the static pages finally completed for the new Warder site. I have to do all the the Armory insie pages, the world lore pages and add in all the administrative type links as well as add contact information to my staff pages with out showing the email addresses on the page will be the next trick.

Though I do know a way to do that it's just a matter of adding in what I need to in order to make it work well. I might even know how to add php to my pages with out putting them in the template files. See what learning about the system adds to ya.

After I get all this done, I will then work on formating the Message boards themselves so that they look nice instead of just tablized as they are now. It will remain in tables more than likely as that's the easiest way to save me work. But I need to modify the graphics and do some minor work to it. I've some ideas on what I want for graphics.

And I'll have more graphics soon I hope. I think I need to bump my post lol.

If you'd like to see the work in progress you can go to the Warders Division Website. Register and Log in. Then click on Profile and change the Board Style to "Warders"

You will then get a new screen showing you the new layout and theme on the message boards. Remember tho that the message boards need some work. They are functional right now, they will be pretty later.

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