No surprise

I woke up with a headache this morning. Actually earlier it woke me up which it's not something it normally does.

Though as I get thinking about it I cleaned out my ears... and it helped alleviate some of the pain. Must have pushed wax deeper with the q-tip last time and it finally built up pressure. It feels better but it moved to the other side with a smlll ache on the original side.

I hope that it'll go away soon, it's just getting annoying. Peroxide helped earlier, going to see if that will help again. No not drinking it *smiles* Taking Sinus pain meds too to see if it helps. That's what it feels like.

With the weather change I think my ears might be the cause of the headaches. We'll see in a few days.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015