Lie asked me to play Lyv's parents for her return home, so here is a small exceprt of me getting into character.


Lord Garyk Tylin of House Palomar is a broad man with blond hair and grey eyes. Garyk is typical nobleman with a thick mustache underneath his thin veil. He wears his house colors - silver on deep blue. Typically he wears a dark grey blouse under his deep blue coat with silver scroll work embroyedered on the collar and sleeps. His trousers are the typical baggy white, generally made of silk. He tops it off with black boots, black belt and a black cylindrical cap.

Lady Asyr Tylin of House Palomar is petite in size and has deep red hair with green eyes. Asyr wears a thin veiled bejeweled heavily with deep garnets to match her hair. Asyr is known to change clothes two and three times a day depending on her mood. Her dresses are always of silk and never leave a man to his imagination.


The morning air was scented with the fresh blooming flowers of the Palmar gardens. Asyr woke late in the morning to a robin singing it's beautiful song outside her window that a servant must have opened before she woke. Asyr moved to the window to take a look, drawing in a deep breath of fresha air. Today they would make official the bethral for her daughter Lyv to another noble man, Tomas was a good man whom Lyv liked. It was going to be a glorious day, and maybe Tomas would break Lyv of her unruly habits.

Asyr saw her husband walking back from the stables from his morning business. She couldn't see his face and soon returned her view inwards to let the servants prepare her for the morning breakfast. A deep red silk dress with gold embroyderies running the sleeves and the hem. Yes it would do nicely for the morning meal.

Garyk meet Asyr, his lovely wife in the dinning room where they waited for their children to join them. Katie was prompt as usual and dressed to perfection. Garyk helped his lovely daughter to her seat and told her how beautiful she looked this day. Garyk sat back down as they waited for the rest of his family. Kean and Davyd arrived with their lovely wives, Reina and Velia, respectively. The boys were here to visit on this momentus day. Lyv was going to make them all a proud family.

Garyk began to be concerned, perhaps Lyv was sick today, that would be no good. "I do wonder what is keeping Lyv." He continued over his shoulder. "Go check on my daughter." A servant quickly went off in the direction of their daughter's quarters.

Conversations mingled about the activities of the day as well as what was keeping Lyv. Several minutes later the servant came back in a hurry and whispered to Garyk. No one else could hear, but they could see the man's face turn bright red with anger as the servant spoke in his ear. Garyk stood up promptly and his chair fell backwards crashing to the floor. "Mount up and find my girl."

Asyr looked at the servant who had relayed the message as Garyk stalked away in the direction of the stables. "Tell me what you told my husband."

The servant curtsied, "Yes ma'am. The Lady Tylin is not in her rooms, and her horse is gone from the stables."

Asyr frowned deeply and turned on her feet to go look herself, she couldn't beleive her own flesh and blood would betray them on this day. Of all the things the little ingrate could do, today was not the day.

Hours passed and no one found trace of Lyv Tylin of House Palomar, too many hours had passed already and they didn't know which direction she had gone. Garyk and his contingent of men returned home with dire news just in time to deleiver the message to Tomas' father. An Alliance between the two families was not going to happen now, and all trust earned had evaporated because on child ran away from her duties.

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