I hate colds

Shea's been suffering for a week with a cold and on top of that he's got an absessed tooth that needs to come out. He didn't go to work last Monday, Tuesday he came home early, Wednesday he got rained out kinda. He was going to stay but he got sent home cause they've no work to do. But he wasn't feeling up to it as he'd not slept and he was in major pain cause of the tooth. We went to the dentist to get it pulled, but there was an infection. So he's on antibotics and taking some tylenol with codine if he's in major pain.

In two monday's he'll get the tooth pulled. The day after Easter, that will be a fun day.

And now I'm sick, been so since Thursday. Friday and Saturday I spent most of the day in bed or on the couch watching TV. Today I feel better but still awefully tired. I hope it's better tomorrow, but a bit to do.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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