Easter Adventure

Today we went up to Shea's parents house for Easter dinner and Granny's birthday. No big deal right? Wrong, Shea's truck has been acting up, so Friday we went and bought air filter, oil filter and fuel filter to try and fix the problem so that he could work on it in his Dad's shop as he has the proper tools. Well the truck decided it didn't like the distance and it stalled out four times before it finally stopped starting again. Thankfully though we'd called his Dad 20 mins before to tell him that we were having issues and might need a tow back to his place. We turned off the highway and low and behold we died and couldn't get it started. We waited for about 5 mins while Shea tried to get it to turn over again, but just as he gave up his Dad came and we got towed the rest of the way to his house.

The parts we bought fixed the problem thus far so it's good.

Dinner was good, Diamond is happy she's got a ham bone. It's good since she's been locked up for the past two days.

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