Yesterday I woke up as usual, made Shea's lunch and his coffee then set to sit down at my PC to make my internet run, as I usually do while I wait to see Shea off. Well, low and behold my PC was acting up, it wasn't connecting to any page and it was acting seriously weird.

After Shea left I went back to bed, hoping that the cable would be back when I woke up. It wasn't. So I called the cable company and got a busy signal. I eventually got through and they told me that their entire network was down. Oh yay!

I eveuntually got ready and went grocery shopping. It started to rain and I was glad I had left when I did. Shea got home about 1/2 hour after I got home, asking about going shopping which I'd already done.

We watched a movie then decide it was time to go out and get his hair cut. It had been raining all afternoon and the streets were flooded. We went to The Don's where Shea gets his hair cut but they weren't open, so we treked all the way to Walmart on flooded streets. It wasn't so bad, it was a decent ride even if it was slow going. It's not that far, but we were there for almost an hour or so and when we came home the roads were much worse.

We turned on to 14th street and went a few blocks before the water started getting worse. A car was stopped in the middle of the street and I mentioned it to Shea but he kept going. A car passed on the other side and sent waves our direction. And then the car stopped. We sat around trying to figure out what to do next and Shea eventually got out into the water and pushed the car. A while later we turned down Jackson where the street was a little drier. But still the car would not start. We called Saturn's roadside assistance and they called for a tow truck. It would be there in 2 hours. So we waited. Shea called his brother and he came and got Shea and they went to pick up his truck, while I waited with the car.

I don't know how long we waited, but the tow truck finally came and we got the car to the GM dealership.

This morning I had to call the dealership and the insurance company. Saturn's are finicky cars, meaning you need special tools to change the oil, so knowing that I didn't want to send my car to someone who couldn't even change the cars oil, so I opted to stay at the GM dealership. Well, they aren't one of Allstates premium shops and thus an adjuster needs to go see the car. *sighs* In one to four days the insurance adjuster will go out and see the car, there's nothing visibly wrong with it, but the dealership won't touch it until they come out. So we have to wait.

The only good thing is that if I need to I can get a rental car. Right now I don't need it, but if Televox calls back I will. And to top if all off, Shea's truck is acting up still. We've got his Dad's truck for a while, so at least we've reliable transportation around.

Such a crappy day. I just got my internet back up been trying all day.

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