css Zen Gardern

Once again I'm playing with my own visual display of CSS for the Zen Garden.

It looks decent right now (Sample.html) but it acts weird in IE and it's hacked up in order to do what I wanted.

Basically to get the positioning where I wanted it I had to use a border on all my divs. Not sure why it's happening that way. I guess it's mostly cause I changed my layout from it's original when I went into this instead of starting it that way.

And IE when you scroll shows a shows some weird affects that I'm not sure how they got there. Basically there is an extra purple line that when you scroll it past the top disappears and when you scroll it to the bottom it reappears and takes over the screen. It also tends to add a purple background when you open another window on top of it and close it. Really annoying.

I'll have to take a look at the code again and probably redo it so that it turns out the way it is suppose to.

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