A Stroke of Midnight

I don't think I've every finished a book so quickly as I did A Stroke of Midnight. I started it around 3pm last night and read until about 5pm and then maybe a little more than an hour after we got food.

I picked it up again around 5am and was done reading it by 1pm. The Story was great it picked up exactly where the last book left off and a murder right off the bat. It's not the typical who dunit type book as its really not the main plot of the story.

The gist of the main story is that The Queen of Air and Darknes, Merry's aunt, has set her son, Cel, and Merry against each other. They are racing to produce an heir and marry the man/woman that gives them that heir as their King/Queen. Currently Cel is in prision for giving humans a forbidden substance. So Merry has a lot more time to actually get with child. There were I think 4 sex scenes in the story. One with Mistral, one with a new face one of the old vegitive deities, one with Nicca, Galen and Kitto (yes at the same time) and one with Adrais and the vegitive deity from before. I can't spell his name and I'm not going to try.

Merry is sleeping with almost all of her guards. The only one in this book that she slept with that was not her guard was Mistral, and he more than likely will not grace her bed again, but having returned him to his powers he probably will feel little need, tho we'll see in the future books.

Of her guards tho my personal favorites are Frost and Doyle and they love Merry, and Merry loves them. I hope she doesn't have to choose between the two, and from one of the thoughts Merry had I beleive she won't have to if she becomes Queen of the Unseelie Court, maybe even if she doesn't.

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