Matalina found herself in the lavish rooms her grandfather had given her father when he came of age. Matalina had called no other place home and her father Richard had only be 16 when her mother had died, leaving him to care for a baby. But Richard didn’t mind the responsibilities, he looked on it with challenge. Most did not know who Matalina’s mother was, she didn’t know herself. It had been kept from her all of her life, and those who did know kept the Prince’s secret well.

Matalina removed the clothes she had worn on the practice yards. The shirt and breeches would not do well at the formal dinner table, and her grandfather King Merrick would frown upon such attire in the presence of guests. Matalina smiled at the thought of her grandfather getting puffy with anger, turning as red as the most beautiful rose in the garden. It was not laughing matter, but it made Matalina smile that she had such power over her elders.

Matalina’s servants helped her don an emerald green dress with a matching black leather belt studded with emeralds. Unlike other girls at the age of 16 Matalina wore a sword. It was unheard of for a girl or a woman to fight with the Knights, but Matalina did. She would never become a Knight in Selenia, but she hoped one day to fulfill that desire. Until then she was given leeway in the practice grounds and among the Palace grounds. Matalina sheathed her sword her father had given to her on her six birthday in a matching emerald encrusted sheath. The ring of steel on the metal casing inside the sheath made the servants look up. There were only two causes of it, one was Matalina’s fury, the other was her putting it away. They only hoped for the latter, the former would cause them to run with fear. Seeing her putting the sword away the servants eased.

Matalina placed two daggers crossed against the small of her belt tucked underneath the belt she’d choosen. Each dagger clipped in place over the belt to hold the sheaths in place for easy access. A servant placed a small tiara on Matalina’s head and brushed the remaining hair into long sweeping flows at her back. With a final glance in the mirror Matalina smiled, but it did not reach her ice-blue eyes, it rarely did when she wasn’t truly happy. And Matalina was only truly happy with her sword unleashed in the fury of a duel.

Matalina opened the door from her room and began her journey to the Dinning Hall, two shadows that stood on either side of the door stepped in behind Matalina and followed her to her destination.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015