Friend Search

My ex-boyfriend contacted me via my own website after having found my name at Dragonmount. Yes, I had to ask as he didn't know I was married. But anyway, he asked me about my best friend in highschool and for a few of my college years. I've not spoke to her since after I went away to school on Long Island. It's sad.

Well today I had to urge to google her. It took me a long time to get the right information, but it was there, with enough cross referencing of materials and information that I knew of her last location, I think I've got a reletevly recent address.

I've contacted my best friends from Junior High, well I got one of them, and they had the contact information of the other, so for a while we were keeping in touch. It saddens me that we don't keep in touch better. But life goes on and childish things need to be put aside.

But my main question to myself is do I write her a letter and send it to her address I found? I mean if I really wanted to contact her it might take months, but I could send a letter to her parents, or even call them up, I'm sure they still live where they use to. Most of us small town folk tend to stay where they live most of their lives.

So now I'm posed with the dilema of what to do. I'd love to hear what she's up to and how things are progressing for her. Well see what I come up with. And Kel if you are reading this, shoot me an email.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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