Two weeks later…

It's been two weeks since my interview with Televox and I've not been called back for the second interview? I sent out two emails and still nothing, not even a bounced email. Do I give up? Start working on what I had intended to be doing when they called me for the interview.

Shea beleives I can get extra money for our household by freelancing. I honestly don't think I can. I'm not an advertiser or marketer. I know what I know how to do but I'm not sure if I can sell myself as I'm always the person who will criticize myself the most. I dunno. I really want to do web design as a career, and I'd prefer the experience of a company before venturing off on my own, but the chances of that happening are kinda small now. Three interviews, one job offer that I turned down. One said they'd hired someone else, and the third well they've yet to call me back, so much for wanting to get this job position filled quickly *shrugs* oh well.

I guess on Monday I will look into getting a Business Liscense so I can practice Web Design from my house. I will have to get a PO Box in order to make it so it looks like I don't work out of my house.

I guess it's time to start working on my own coporate identity. Starting off with my portfolio will help I'm sure.

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