Oiy, OMG

Why can't people just go with the flow for once in their god given lives? Why? So what if it's not 100% possible or 100% beleivable? Who cares? And why do some people think they've got every right to be bossy when it's not even their forums their being bossy on?

I've let a situation sit for two days as I was going to pull rank on my staff. And then the person making the request makes these over-the-top We are going to do this statements and sets me off again. This time however I did not wait to post as I do not want them to begin flaming and fighting yet again.

How hard can it be to give a little in order to RP with a division you wouldn't normally have a chance to do it with? *sighs* And yes I know some of you read my journal, and I'm sorry if you take offense to my comments, but I need to get this out before I sit and idle with it and it burns me up until the next outburst *sighs*

This situation brings back so many memories of pulling rank and being a bitch when I was Org Leader. Do you realize how hard it was for me not to swear more than the word hell in my post? I've a temper and that just set it off. And I remember now why I was such a bitch when things got out of control, no one listens to a single thing and no one is willing to compromise, all people want to do is bitch and complain until they get their way. What good is it doing them? Can't they offer up solutions to the problem they see? Can't they think outside the box? I know I've been accused of being a harsh ruler and setting some pretty high bars on rules and stuff. But I think I've learned a little bit from my past exercises as Org Leader and I've given in to some of the things I created and built for the Warders long ago, and I've let the users have their way, one that I was willing to give them. Maybe that's one reason why people think they can get by with out listening to what I say? Cause that's exactly how it feels.

It's not a discussion, it's a requrest for your help in creating the RP. *sighs* Okay rambled enough, anger is gone. Again appologize to those reading this who are part of the thread on the staff board, no offense and please don't take it personally it's not directed at anyone.

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