Waiting Game

I just filed the paper work I needed for a work at home variance with the Code Enforcement Department of the City of Pascagoula. Now I have to sit and wait for mail to be sent out to see if there are any objections to the opening of a non-traffic business being run from the area. I think it was fourteen letters that needed to be sent out to my neighbors. I don't forsee any objections if they letter says that no customers will be coming to the house. Which is in all rights true as I will be getting a PO Box tomorrow while I'm out tomorrow for the mailing address purpose.

I will then print out my business cards with the PO Box number for the mailing addresss. Finalize my Tax information that needs to be sent to Mississippi State for Sales Tax stuffage. And when I get all this done then I can go to City Hall and get my Business Liscense.

Not too terribly much to do, but it's all a waiting game. I'm going to inquire as to how much an add would cost, create a few letteres of interest for potential clients and see where that takes me. Maybe a few flyers that I can post in strategic places and/or mail out to local companies.

So here's to starting up my own Web Design Studio, keep your fingers crossed.

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