RP Temp Boards

It seems PHPNuke is acting up. There can be several reasons why it's being a pain in the butt, none of which are very good things. The database is becoming inaccessable on the nuke user database account, and the ISP said there was nothing they could do about increasing that limit permanently, so we are down until Wendy and I can finalize our plans to spread out the users over multiple boards with separated database user ids. So we've split them up into three sections hoping to eliminate the exceeding limits.

Though today Wendy tried to create a new user and we ran into a small issue, so I had to copy needed table entries into a new table and see if that would work. I had to go about it a round about way as I didn't feel like writing a script to do so. So I exported it to a CVS file for Excel, deleted the columns I didn't need, and placed in the SQL statement information in additional columsn, copied and pasted the excel file into work, removed the tabs from the file and then inserted it into the database, only ran into a few problems with unescaped ' but I fixed them as they came up. It was an interesting endeavor to say the least, but at least our registration problem is solved.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015