The last few days I've been feeling a bit sick to my stomach. Some foods setting it off. I've been taking my Basil temperature for two cycles now to help me determine whether or not I ovulate or not. Well I'd not taken it over the weekend when my period was suppose to have started, I generally have such an off time between when I get up and when I take my temperture I just don't do it. Well, I took it today, no big deal right?

Well, when I plugged into my software a new little symbol showed up over the weekend. So I went to see what it was. It said "Congratulations! The extended length of your luteal phase indicates that you might be pregnant." So having seen that I pulled out the last pregnancy test I have and low and behold there are two lines.

I will call Shea this afternoon at lunch, then I'll call the OB/GYN to set up an appointment to confirm. This would explain 100% why I've been nauteous for the past week. *crosses fingers* I really hope this is true.

According to the estimated date of ovulation, the baby will be due on Jan. 3, 2006. According to the date of my last period the baby will be due on Dec. 31, 2005. I will post doctors appointment and results as soon as I find out. OMG! I'm so overly happy right now.

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