Family’s Notified

Shea wanted to call my mom and tell her. He mostly wanted to harass her *smiles* so we put it on his phone and used the speaker phone as he asked her "Do you prefer to be called Grandma or Granny?" Mom had to ask what? Are you pregnant? lol, Shea said no, I'm not but your daughter is.

She's so happy.

We also called my brother and told him he was going to be an uncle. His reply was maybe Mom will stop bothering me now ... hehe. I'm sure he had a few more sarcastic comments to make but we didn't have it on speaker phone cause it was acting up while talking to my mom.

We called Shea's parents and I think they were happy. His mom wants another granddaughter, she's only got one, so I hope I can help in that department but I'm not sure I want to know before the baby is born. We'll see thought, Shea and I will have to discuss it.

Shea also called Granny and told her. She sounded happy as well.

So all in all everyone's happy. I can't wait for morning sickness to pass. I'm going to have to go back to walmart and buy more of the Clear American Sparkling Water stuff as it seems to be the only thing that settles my stomach. Carbonated Water with out the caffiene and sugar I can live with drinking that for 9 months lol since I don't particularly care for plain water.

And I have to change my eating habits, more to the point I actually have to eat now. I've a feeling I'll be snacking through out the day. I bought some folic acid fortified cereal to eat as munchies and breakfast, some raisin bread and salad fixings so that I have some veges to eat since that is generally lacking in our house since Shea's allergic to 90% of vegetables. But I need to eat healthy so I'll start with that, might try soups and stuff too for veggies. We'll see when I go shopping on Wednesday.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015