Diamond has Allergies?

It was time for that yearly visit to the vet that Diamond loves so much. She had blood drawn and one shot. She might get one closer to D*Con when we need to board her again, but she only needed one shot, which is good.

But I also went because Diamond has been itching like crazy and has a few raw spots on her, on on her back end above her tail and a few on her chest. The vet said it didn't look like hot spots as they are generally greasy/syrupy which this is not. He thinks she might have allegies, to what we dunno. She's got some antibotics to take, and a steroid (I think) that is suppose to stop the itching. If she starts itching again after the treatment the vet said to try an antihystimeine, basically benedril. So we'll keep an eye on the pup and see what's up. Poor thing itchy all over.

She's sleeping now, such a hard day for Diamond.

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