Doctor’s Appt.

Today was my second visit to check on my pregnancy. I lost three pounds and the Doctor is slightly concerned about that. So I'll be going back in two weeks instead of 4. No big deal. She also told me that the morning sickness should soon dissapate, I sure hope so, being sick sucks.

We heard the baby's heart beat today, so all is well in that department despite my worrying. Except for the needing to eat more. I thought I was eating better, dunno. So I'll start drinking more milk and trying to add more protien to my diet, but most meats are making me queasy and not sure that's a good thing. I drank a large glass of milk after coming home from the doctors office and attempting to eat crackers and peanut butter, not one of my favorites, and it's a bit too dry for me. Might have to move to just sandwiches, I can live with that.

I had two questions this month, ones I probably could have asked earlier, but I never got around to it. Headaches are a normal thing in my life, at least since highschool anyway. I asked if it was normal to get one regularly. By regularly I'm meaning almost every day. It can be from a few different things. 1) not eating well enough, 2) hormonal changes, 3) Perscription change for my glasses is needed. So I'm trying to at least rectify the eating issues, tho I don't think I have one, but maybe I do . I hope to talk to an Eye Doctor and see about a persciption change (which was my second question) but if I can't get them by the end of the month then I probably will suffer until after the baby is born cause of all the changes going on in my body, it would be a waste of money. If I can get them by the end of June then I'll be able to get another set of lens (hopefully) after the baby is born.

On a headache note, I will be seeing a nuerologist in two weeks as well to make sure that there is nothing else wrong. Slightly worried? who me? Last time I went to a Nuerologist to rule anything worse than migraines out, it turned out to be a brain tumor. Though I had an MRI about a year and a half ago and all was clean then, I'm not too overly concerned. The headaches aren't all that unusual and they appear to be migraines. Flashing lights then a headache. Though as much as I try finding the triggers have become nearly impossible. I'll see the flashing lights in the middle of the night and then wake up with a headache, or I'll see them in the morning and in 15 mins have a headache. Sometimes they come on all of a sudden while I'm watching TV. I'm not eating anything I think can cause them, the only thing I can think of is allergens and the like, but those are generaly sinus type headaches and these are not. Pain on my right side of the head in the temple region. Regular Strength Tylenol which is safe to take won't work. Actually Aleve doesn't even work on these types of headaches, but I can't take that anyway. So I've been suffering through my headaches which cause nausea, and that nausea on top of morning sickness doesn't help in trying to eat. I guess I'll just have to make myself eat, never been real good at that. Guess I need a schedule of when to eat and what. so complicated. On a good note going to the nuerologist might be a good thing, might finally get rediagnosised with migraines (last diagnosis wasn't migraines as explained earlier) and potentially a pregnancy safe pain killer. We'll see tho. I'd rather suffer than take meds, particularly right now.

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