For the past two days or so I've been working on getting my photo album back online since it went down like three years ago in a hard drive crash that lost everything. That was lovely.

But I've been putting it off, and I've learned a few things since I built the original. Namely I learned server side scripting and databases. This is my second attempted at doing this, the first one I had up and running but I didn't make an admin panel so that I could easily add pictures with out actually having to log into the server.

So yesterday I built the sort by date and category functions, the name page, the thumbnail preview page for each sort and a photo page all of which took me about 3 hours to do and debug and test. Then I started in on the admin panel which only lets you add pictures to the database, not change them. I don't expect I'll have to make changes once they are in the database. So I didn't do it. I beleive the login is secure and there is no way someone can input wrong data to foobar everything in the database so that's one thing I've less to worry about.

What's neat about the admin panel is that it shows all the files that are in a given folder and displays them as [add] or (in database) so you know what's done and what's not. So adding new pictures won't be a chore, just look for [add] click the link and add it to the database. Simple.

The only thing I have left to do is actually go into my PCs and get all the photos, resize them, save them with none dupliate file names and then add them to the DB. Of course I still have alot of cosmetic work to do on the album itself, but the scripting is ALL done. I'll have to see how long it takes me to do the rest. The cosmetic stuff shouldn't be too long in the coming since more than likely it'll be "Creating Ripples" theme like all of my other personal sites are from my journal to my portfolio, so it shouldn't be too long.

When it's done I'll post the link, and you'll also see it up above where the Portfolio link is.

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