Sad Day

Today I was checking through Nat's blog and saw the words "former guildmates" and Rino and Tink being those two who helped Nat get to 50. So off I went to go check out the message boards for Silent Redemption. A once decent sized guild has fallen. The people in SR were like family when we played Dark Age of Camelot, now to find out people have left and SR is all but dead is sad.

But then I kinda knew that day would come eventually. There was a cascade affect that started long before we stopped playing. I'm not going to point out when I think the start of the fall of SR is as I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or anything as we are all friends. As in all things on the internet people come and go, it's the way of life when your closest friends are far away from you.

But it's sad to finally see that SR is pretty much down and out. I wonder how many people actually will still remain friends after the guild is done and over. I can only guarantee that our friendship with Den and Nat will go on, but then we've got alot more than DA0C to keep us together.

Good luck SR members and do try to keep in touch.

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