So I've got 6 forums that use standard phpbb unmodded or with a single mod to update when there is a new release of phpbb. No problem usually. Yesterday I updated the Aiel forums and couldn't log in to the Admin panel, I figured someone removed my acesss. No worries I can always reinstate myself as Admin in the database. So I moved on to Blood Raven Legacy forums and the same thing. Here I know no one has admin rights but me so that was odd. I check out for any help, not a single thing was up there yet for the error.

I waited and a few fixes presented themselves but most of them required alot of work. So I took the first one and installed a full install on top of my updated ones, as I had only used the changed files. My assumption is that there is a file missing from the changed files that didn't get included into the updating. I reinstalled on the Aiel forms and low and behold it worked. So I then went through all six boards: Aiel, BRL, AoL PSW, DR PSW RP, DR PSW OOC, and Warders Division.

Being that Shelved was out of date by 5 revisions I asked for FTP acess and updated that too. All of them work now.

I'm a bit disappointed in phpbb right now as none of the moderators or dev team has actually gone in to say or fix the problem. It makes me wonder if going with phpbb 3.0 for DM will be a good thing or not. I suppose we'll see once we get that far.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015