Lost another pound

Had the follow up visit after my last OB appointment and I lost another pound. Though my regular OB doctor is now out on leave, she's having triplets I beleive we heard in the office today. My new doctor seems like a nice guy and I'll stick with him. Shea liked him too. We definately heard the heart beat this week! yay! This doctor didn't seem too overly concerned about the lost pound so I guess I shouldn't be either. I just hope the morning sickness goes away real soon.

I had my first real craving on Monday. McDonalds cheese burger. And I don't even like cheese burgers, but it tasted good despite the onions. Had another one for lunch today minus the onions and it was good. We were hungry, hehe.

I saw the neurologist today, I've got a prescription for tylenol #3 to hopefully help with some of the killer headaches I've been having. He suggested I see a physcial therapist about my neck and shoulder muscles. The therapy might help my headaches, anything to not have to take meds and I'm willing to try it. I'm a bit nervous about it though, I'm not sure what to expect. My neck and back have been bothering me, but I think it's mostly from not finding a comfortable position at night to sleep.

We are now in the second trimester, 14 weeks and 2 days along. 23 weeks and 5 days left. It's an easy count down. I'm excited and eager to get on with a new part of my life. I've been so looking forward to being a Mom for over three years now, and soon I'll be one. I hope this will help fill the gap I've been feeling with my need for family contact. I'm thankful for the times that Shea goes to see his parents, I hope with the little one coming we'll see them a bit more, but I won't push it. I'm happy here and happy with my own family. I just wish my parents and extended family lived closer. Maybe it's just the need for people I have since I've no friends except the virtual ones. *shrugs* oh well, my life is much better here, money could be better, but I'm not overly complaining. I'm happy and with out the move we probably wouldn't have gotten pregnant this time around either.

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