Ideal Job, *sighs*

Mythic today posted some job openings on the Herald, one was for a web developer. Can I say, that would just be an awesome job to have.

Web Developer Job

Too bad it's in Fairfax, Virginia. I'm really not up for a big move again, and I'm not sure if Shea would be either. I guess it would all depend on the money. But because I've no paid experience I'm not sure anyone would higher me. I'm a bit doubtful in my own abilities, despite having done some good work, in my opinon anyway.

The thing is they want php, mysql background. They are one of a few companies that do want open source programmers. It's just cool to see, that there might actually be work to do. Again, too bad it's in Virginia. If I thought I could make an interview I would send in my resume, but alas, no extra money to be found.

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