We’re having a girl

We had the sonogram yesterday and we found out the sex of our baby. The technichian said we are having a girl. Shea's a bit sceptical about it as he didn't see any indication or lack of indication that it was a girl or a boy, but I'm prone to trust the tech as they do this all day for a living. Thought I'd still rather not have a bunch of pink stuff lying around if it is a boy. Paranoia I guess, lol.

We have a few pictures of the baby. This one is I beleive a front view of Kathleen. You can see her little face in the picture.

This one is a picture of her profile. She has her little arm up in the air by her head.

She had her legs crosses most of the time while we were looking at her. We saw her mouth open and her heart beat and she was kicking. I couldn't feel them, but she was definately moving.

It's sooo cool to see her.

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